• Brazil’s Supreme Electoral Court Declares Lula The Winner Over Bolsonaro By A Slim Margin

    October 30, 2022
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    Alexandre de Moraes
    Image by Marcelo Camargo

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    Reuters is reporting former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, otherwise known as Lula, has defeated incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro. 

    According to Reuters, Lula has 50.9% of votes compared with 49.1% for Bolsonaro with 99.95% of voting machines counted.

    The Supreme Electoral Court said that was enough to “mathematically define” the race. 

    The official results will be updated.

    The raw figures as of the time of filing:

    Lula with 60,319,854; 

    Bolsonaro with 58,194,912. 

    Bolsonaro, a conservative Christian populist, was endorsed by former U.S. President Donald Trump. 

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    Diana Barahona

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    As strange as all of this seems, there are many eye-witnesses, dead and alive, who have given testimony about it. But all you really have to do is look at Whoopie Goldberg's daughter, Alex Martin, celebritiess such as Oprah and Chrissy Teigen, billionaires such as Jack Ma, and politicians such as Bill Clinton and Wes Moore. That ain't natural, folks, but it has already been done.

    Fortunately, the DUMBs have all been destroyed, the greys and reptilians have been driven out of our solar system, and the only lasting effect of the addition of grey DNA to our mix is that most of us have slanted or widely spaced eyes. Happily, no real harm was done to the human race, despite the evil intentions of the reptilians and their human partners.


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