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    Bolduc Overwhelms Hassan In Debate

    November 3, 2022
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    Maggie Hassan

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    In Wednesday's debate between Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan and Republican candidate, Gen. Don Bolduc, Hassan scrambled to respond to Gen. Bolduc's well-aimed criticism and to answer questions.

    In response to a question from the moderator regarding inflation at the grocery store, Hassan seemed to forget that she was the one running for the Senate when she replied that he husband "gasped" at the price of eggs. Gen. Bolduc was quick to note that Hassan "should gasp at it" rather than her husband. Gen. Bolduc went on to add, "That's her fault. She should gasp at it. She owns four homes from Washington, D.C., to New Hampshire. She is a multi-millionaire."

    Despite voting for excessive spending during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been determined to be a cause of soaring inflation, Hassan disregarded her role in pushing prices skyward saying, "Inflation is really hurting Granite Staters. We have to work as hard as we can to lower prices in the short term." Even though it was her voting for massive spending packages that led directly to the inflation that is allegedly hurting her constituents.

    When the debate turned to taxes, Gen. Bolduc told Hassan, "You can't even buy a house, you can't even rent property, you can't even feed your children, you can't even heat your home. That is the ultimate tax." Hassan has voted to raise taxes on constituents who make as little as $20,000 per year.

    Hassan also blamed "big oil" for rising energy costs and accused Gen. Bolduc of not holding the oil companies accountable. Meanwhile, despite being against "big oil," Hassan reportedly holds fossil fuel investments as part of her financial portfolio.

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    Among the closing inquiries from the moderator was the question of which world leader each candidate admires. Gen. Bolduc replied, "I'm not gonna say I admire anybody right now. The world needs a lot of work." Hassan's answer was that she admires Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. It should be noted that Ukraine has long been known for having a corrupt government. Perhaps Ukraine would benefit from some of the work that Gen. Bolduc said the world needs.

    Recent polling has shown Gen. Bolduc gaining momentum and overtaking Hassan by one percentage point. With the midterms less than a week away, Hassan needed a strong debate but didn't find that Wednesday evening. Perhaps we will see a widening between the two candidates in the polls as election day nears.



    Jen Snow

    Jen Snow is a former paralegal turned freelance writer who has a passion for foreign affairs. When not writing, she can be found curled up with her dog and a good book or outside playing in the Florida sun.
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    Amy Williams

    The General os a winner! Thank you, Sir!❤️🇺🇸


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