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GOP Projected To Win House Of Representatives 219-216

U.S. House of Representatives

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According to the latest projection from NBC, Republicans are expected to win the House of Representatives by a surprisingly narrow margin of 219 to 216. Meanwhile, Democrats picked up an extra seat in the Senate in a midterm election that did not turn out as in favor of Republicans as originally predicted. With a December runoff election set for the Georgia Senate race, there is a chance that Republican, Herschel Walker, could gain a seat in the Senate for the GOP, but he did lose last week’s election by almost a full point.

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It is essential for the GOP to win the House in order to prevent full Democratic control of the government and the ability to easily pass any measures or laws they choose. With joe Biden in the White House and Democrats controlling the Senate, without Republicans in control of the House, there will be no checks and balances for the government which could prove to be disastrous. Regardless of which party wins, nothing is official until the Speaker’s gavel is in the winner’s hand.

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