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    Kari Lake Prepares For Legal Battle Over Fraudulent Arizona Election

    November 15, 2022
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    Kari Lake

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    Almost a full week after a brutal election in Arizona that had voters standing in line for hours only to be turned away or to have their ballots dropped into an ambiguous "door 3" box instead of being properly tabulated, the race has been called in favor of Democratic candidate for governor, Katie Hobbs leaving Republican candidate, Kari Lake, and her supporters, wondering what happened.

    According to polls leading up to the race, Lake was projected to win, but then a rash of inexcusable, and unexplainable, events occurred. Mysteriously tabulator machines that an election day judge said worked "perfectly" during testing the night before the election, completely malfunctioned on election day at 30% of voting centers across Maricopa County. The malfunctioning tabulators led to extensive delays and lines so long that two different Republican organizations requested that the Court extend voting by 3 hours, but the judge who heard the emergency hearing denied the request.

    There have also been numerous ballot drops over the subsequent days that should have seen Lake take the lead, but have instead caused the election to be called for Hobbs. Only 17 percent of election-day voters in Maricopa County were Democrats. Only 23 percent of primary election day voters in the same county were Democrats, but yet somehow Democrat candidate, Hobbs, won by more than 50 percent of the vote. The math just doesn't add up and Lake agrees.

    While no legal action has been taken at the time of writing, an anonymous member of Lake's legal team told TIME that the subject of a looming lawsuit could be "the counting of the ballots and the monitoring of the counting." It should be noted too that the counting of the ballots took an inexplicably long time. It should not take 6 days to count the ballots for a single county.

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    While Hobbs, in an effort to encourage more mail-in ballots, assured Arizona voters that the cures process would take place for any mail-in ballots that might have errors like not being signed, Lake's campaign indicated that it would deploy lawyers to watch the cures process. In Arizona, people are allowed to monitor the cures process to ensure faith in the system. Lake's campaign indicated that the campaign would take legal action if the lawyers witnessed any dishonest or questionable practices during the process.

    In order to ensure a fair election, the Lake campaign put $2 million into the creation of a "war room" to monitor the election and vote-counting process. Lake's legal team consists of roughly 40 lawyers working in a Scottsdale hotel conference room in addition to a team of "roving lawyers" who visited voting centers and now central ballot tabulating centers during the week.

    Despite all of these actions to ensure an accurate election, it appears that fraud has run rampant in at least Maricopa County, Arizona. There is already debate about whether or not to certify the election given all the issues. Some are calling for ballot recounts, while others are demanding an entirely new election. One thing is almost certain - expect to see legal action from the Lake campaign in the coming days or weeks.



    Jen Snow

    Jen Snow is a former paralegal turned freelance writer who has a passion for foreign affairs. When not writing, she can be found curled up with her dog and a good book or outside playing in the Florida sun.
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    Of course there was rampant fraud! Did anyone actually expect a clean election?! This was the plan ever since they got by with the 2020 steal! Court, lawsuits, or all the lawyers in the world won't change a damn thing! The judges are bought, the election boards are in on it, and it doesn't matter how much we show up in force at the polls! This is the permanent fix.... They will steal every election going forward....


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