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    EXCLUSIVE: Massive Tent City Outside Of Brazilian Military HQ As Millions Demand Election Justice - "We Are Not Leaving Until The Fraud Is Fixed!"

    December 11, 2022
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    CDM has a reporter on the ground in Brasilia, outside the Brazilian military headquarters. What she is telling us is amazing! Hundreds of thousands of Brazilian patriots have camped out and ARE NOT LEAVING until their elections are fixed after the attempted communist coup.

    Her comments are below.

    This is literally a village or small city- I kept walking and walking and it went on forever!

    “I am here for 34 days representing the good people of Carmo, Minas Gerais (state) who wanted to be here- don’t worry, I’m only leaving when everything is fixed!”

    “To ensure law and order”

    States I saw represented were ALL OVER BRAZIL: Mato Grosso, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, Tocantins, Goiás, São Paulo, Bahia, Rondônia, Para- many of these are very far away !!

    “If we had paper ballots we wouldn’t be here!”

    The whole place is a labor of love- built and maintained by charity, solidarity, patriotism- it is the cleanest place I’ve seen- no trash anywhere - everything picked up and maintained (remember the Canadian patriots?)

    “We authorize civil resistance!” And impeach Alexander de Moraes- the corrupt tyrannical STF judge

    Praying the rosary- they have mass too, as well as evangelical services and prayers and a center to collect donations

    “The power comes from the people”

    Some things I’ve heard:
    - Brazilians know they are fighting not just for their sovereignty but to prevent all of South America from becoming communist
    - they are learning from our (US) mistakes- esp. the Jan6 trap/fiasco
    -they are alert for infiltration
    -their code of conduct in front of military HQ is very proscribed and they are maintaining a decorum of seriousness and patriotism- it’s NOT a party
    -they are prayerful and respectful
    -they are completely our S American brothers and allies- this is MAGA South- or maybe “MBGA”? (Doesn’t really work haha)
    -no one is going away and they refuse to recognize a corrupt communist criminal as legitimate

    Cant confirm this but I’ve heard if Bolsonaro doesn’t invoke military today Indians are declaring war to defend their National territories- they are in a meeting (I heard) with Bolsonaro @ about diplomacy on this issue bc tomorrow the election is due to be certified- and just like Arizona/ only after certification can process against the crime/fraud be legally levied …

    People are singing they are prepared for war to save their country if the election thief ascends to the Presidency

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    CDM Staff

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