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    HOUSE SPEAKER BLOG: McCarthy Becomes Speaker Of The House On 15th Vote

    January 3, 2023
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    This story is developing...

    1/7/23 0005 EST - Gaetz votes present but yes vote not needed by McCarthy at this point. Good votes present.

    2400 EST - Eli Crane votes present.

    2355 EST - 15th vote begins, Biggs votes present.

    2345 EST - expectation is Gaetz will vote for McCarthy on 15th vote and McCarthy will become Speaker of the House.

    2330 EST - House to stay in session and continue voting.

    2315 EST - Drama on House floor. Anger, agitation. Patriotism.

    2310 - McCarthy loses 14th vote. Gaetz wants to adjourn till Monday - likely to ensure deal goes through as promised.

    2300 EST - Gaetz votes present.

    2200 EST - Voting begins for 14th vote. Boebert votes present. Gaetz doesn't vote.

    1540 EST - House adjourn til 10pm est.

    1530 EST - 1 more holdout flips to McCarthy - but he loses 13th vote for Speaker.

    1330 EST - 13 votes flip to McCarthy - but he loses 12th vote for Speaker.

    1/6/23 1325 EST - Some members moving to McCarthy as rumors of deal in works.

    2100 EST - House adjourns till noon Friday.

    1855 EST - McCarthy loses 11th vote for Speaker.

    1715 EST - McCarthy loses 10th vote for Speaker.

    1655 EST - McCarthy fails in 9th Speaker vote.

    1440 EST - McCarthy loses 8th vote for Speaker. Trump gains.

    1300 EST - McCarthy loses 7th vote.

    1250 - Rep Matt Gaetz nominates Donald Trump for Speaker.

    1/5/23 - McCarthy nominated again for Speaker.

    2045 EST - House votes to adjourn. No more votes tonight.

    1800 EST - House adjourns till 8pm.

    1555 EST - McCarthy loses 6th vote - margin unchanged at 20 GOP against.

    1445 - McCarthy loses 5th vote.

    1230 EST - McCarthy loses 4th vote.

    1/4/22 0800 EST - Trump again endorses McCarthy.

    1500 - House adjourns for the day. May go into conference overnight.

    1600 - McCarthy loses 3rd vote by wider margin still; Jordan picking up votes.

    1450 - McCarthy loses second round with larger negative margin - GOP coalescing around Jim Jordan.

    1440 - Gaetz nominates Jim Jordan for second round of voting.

    1400 - 18 GOP votes against Kevin McCarthy, Andy Biggs gaining momentum.

    1/3/22 - 1330 EST - At least 8 GOP members defect and do not support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House in first vote.

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