• BANNON: Rules Package As Is Will Not Pass Monday Night - Bait And Switch?

    January 8, 2023

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    War Room's Steve Bannon posted today on Gettr that the 'rules package' agreed to in the House of Representatives on Friday 'will not pass as is' when the House reconvenes on Monday evening at 5pm.

    Many were concerned Kevin McCarthy would say anything to get elected Speaker of the House after 20 MAGA holdouts extracted concessions which could lead to power being decentralized in DC and given back to the American people.

    It now all depends on the leverage mechanisms the 20 GOP Congressman say they have in place to force compliance with what McCarthy promised.

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    The 20 have to use their leverage strategically, now. Any bill the 200 want passed requires the 20 to vote in favor. Force the whole rules package, investigations package and preferred bills package to be passed FIRST, before the 20 agree to vote on anything of the 200.'


    Nancy Mace (R) said on TV that she may not vote for the package. How many more idiots will do the same? The rules package is the best thing to happen to the House in many years and if it doesn't pass then nothing else will.


    It's all our fault. EVERY Congresscritter has to be re-elected every two years. FIRE the bad ones!

    Jim Wildrick Jr

    Any gamesmanship used to dereat or thwart the rule package would be a disaster for the house leader now.I think he is smart enough to know what would Holden to him if he true to get slick with the freedom cacus.Voters and change and it's up to him to deliver or step aside.


    Pretty bad that they had to fight for something that should be mandatory, i.e. "read a Bill 72 hours before passing" way worse in commie wdc land.

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