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    Hungary, A Conservative Benchmark In Europe And Next Destination Of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

    February 3, 2023
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    Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, Hungarian President Viktor Orban and Defense Minister Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky

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    Hungary has become a prominent benchmark for conservatism in Europe. Learn about the measures that have made the nation stand out and why they have become one of the international destinations for CPAC.

    Immigration and foreign policy.

    A notable characteristic ofHungarian politicians is the frankness when talking about controversial issues and moving away from the "political correctness" that we are used to in Western countries. The Hungarian Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjártó, is very clear about his country's immigration policies.

    In recent interviews, he addressed the issue very directly. Hungarians do not judge other countries' decisions and immigration policies until these countries attempt to force them to adopt the same measures.

    Szijjártó speaks out strongly about the wave of Muslim immigration that Europe received in recent years and the attempt by the European Union to force refugee quotas.

    “After our direct experience in 2015, we do not consider that these are refugees, they are invaders. We have seen 400,000 illegal immigrants marching across our country disrespecting the laws and enforcement, disrespecting the way we live, occupying public areas, disrespecting local authorities, and attacking the police, demanding issues that are not covered by International Law at all. These people passed through at least four or five safe countries until they reached Hungary and then violated our border. What is the legal or moral basis for someone to cross, violate the border between peaceful countries? These people came from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, all countries in peace and safety. It is not a fundamental human right to get up in the morning and choose a country in which you would like to live, like Germany or Sweden, and to get there you violate a series of borders, this is not the way it should work” he declared.

    Hungary claims to comply with international regulations but is not willing to have its sovereignty attacked.

    Also, in recent remarks on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the Prime Minister of Hungary criticized the European Union's sanctions imposed on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, saying they failed to significantly weaken Moscow and risked destroying the European economy. Last year, they opted not to send weapons to Ukraine, and to stay out of the conflict.

    Among the prominent figures in Hungarian politics, it is also worth noting Enikő Győri, former Hungarian Ambassador to Spain and member of the European Parliament for the Fidesz Party. Győri does not hesitate to use the Spanish language to point out the corruption in the European Parliament and demands the European Union take measures against the government of Pedro Sánchez in Spain for its continuous attacks on the rule of law and freedoms.

    Enikő Győri at European Parliament, speech in Spanish

    Culture and Religion.

    The country's position regarding the preservation of its identity is also notable. Hungary is not considered a country of immigrants, with less than 2% of the population born outside the country. They focus on preserving their culture and traditions. Likewise, the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has repeatedly declared that his objective is to preserve “Christian Hungary”. Contrary to other nations, Hungary does not accept multiculturalism as a value in and of itself but is committed to a homogeneous society. Hungary has been a Christian country for a millennium and they do not want to change their customs or history.

    Also, Hungary is the only country that openly opposes George Soros, his globalist vision, and his liberal policies. This stance has falsely earned them an accusation of anti-Semitism, which their leaders strongly reject.

    Hungary has maintained a "Zero Tolerance" policy towards anti-Semitism for years whic its history proudly demonstrates. Historically, it is the country with the largest Jewish community in Central Europe, located in Budapest, which plays a fundamental role in its cultural life. Likewise, they have the largest synagogue in Europe, a short distance from one of the largest Catholic cathedrals in Europe. Hungary is also the destination of the "Maccabiah", the famous Jewish Olympic games. They declare themselves a pro-Israel country and claim that Holocaust denial must be fundamentally opposed.

    The vision of the leftist tycoon is far from the Hungarian vision of the future of Europe and the sovereignty of their countries.

    George Soros would like to see a post-nationalist, post-Christian Europe, where borders are irrelevant, national identity is set aside, and at least 1 million immigrants a year should be allowed. He also openly attacks the Prime Minister, calling him a “maniac” and Hungary “a mafia state”. At the same time, Soros has been funding Hungarian opposition, controlling the media, and financing numerous NGOs against the government.

    George Soros poster in Hungary

    For all these reasons, the Hungarian government strongly rejects the accusations that its opposition to George Soros is fueled for religious reasons, but rather for political and economic ones.


    Hungary passed a law banning LGBT content in schools in 2021. The law also states that only persons or institutions registered in an official registry can carry out sex education classes in schools.

    “There is content that children under a certain age may misinterpret and that may have a detrimental effect on their development at a certain age, or that children simply cannot process and may therefore confuse their developing moral values or their image of themselves or the world,” a Hungarian government spokesman said.

    These measures were included in a bill against pedophilia. Pornography and content that depicts sexuality or promotes gender identity deviation, sex change, or homosexuality should not be accessible to persons under 18 years of age. This legislation is very similar to the one Russia passed in 2013 on “gay propaganda”.

    Also, in the 2011 Constitution, approved alone by Orbán's party, it was determined that marriage was the union of a man and a woman.

    CPAC Hungary

    Following the successful participation of President Viktor Orbán in CPAC Texas 2022, where former President Donald Trump also attended, along with many of the leading figures from the national and international conservative political world. CD Media had the opportunity to interview Miklós Szánthó, organizer of CPAC Hungary and Director General of the Center for Fundamental Rights, during CPAC Mexico 2022, about the challenges facing the conservative movement in Europe and what to expect from the next CPAC Hungary on May 4 and 5, 2023.

    Interview with Willie Lora. Miklós Szánthó, organizer of CPAC Hungary and Director General of the Center for Fundamental Rights

    Last year, numerous personalities from the international conservative political world attended. Among the American attendees were Tucker Carlson, Gavin Wax, Jack Posobiec, and Candance Owens. Former President Trump, who supported Orbán in the Hungarian elections in April 2022, sent a video to be played during the CPAC stating his continued support of Hungary and Orbán.

    This year 2023, the presence of great figures is expected in an event that hopes to be very successful, providing the opportunity to strengthen ties between the world leaders of conservatism.

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    Sady Chavez

    Hispanic-American political analyst and activist. Dedicated to driving change through education, advocating for conservative values, and anti-communist ideology by political activism and media outreach.
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