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    California Introduces Bill To Prevent Schools From Suspending Disruptive Students Because It's Discriminatory

    February 14, 2023

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    At a time when schools across the country struggle with a return to the classroom after the pandemic, and it seems as though videos of school fights and beatdowns between students emerge almost weekly, the California Senate is considering a bill that would bar schools from suspending disruptive students because suspension is allegedly discriminatory.

    You read that right. Being held accountable for one's bad behavior is a form of discrimination.

    In a world where being white automatically makes one racist, it should come as no surprise that reprimanding a disruptive student would be interpreted as a discriminatory act.

    The bill, claims that holding students accountable for bad behavior by suspending them would disproportionately affect black male students. If the measure becomes law, it will apply to public and charter schools for grades 1 through 12.

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    The legislation was introduced by State Senator Nancy Skinner on February 1 and was referred to the Committee on Education on Thursday.

    If enacted, the measure would prevent students in first to twelfth grade from being suspended for "disrupting school activities or otherwise willfully defying the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, school officials, or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their duties."

    Skinner's bill not only targets disruptive and unruly students but also bars the suspension of students who are "truant, tardy, or otherwise absent from school activities."

    According to the bill, "California law concerning youth, their development, and punishment for their behaviors has been evolving," which indicates that to Democrats, removing the expectation of accountability and responsibility from students and the education system is a sign of progress.

    To call the proposed bill, 'absurd' would be an understatement.

    Expect backlash from parents, and, hopefully, taxpayers should Skinner's bill be passed.



    Jen Snow

    Jen Snow is a former paralegal turned freelance writer who has a passion for foreign affairs. When not writing, she can be found curled up with her dog and a good book or outside playing in the Florida sun.
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    Jane mariano

    and you wonder why the last 2 generations of Americans are so stupid, just like the DIMS want them


    I repeat, the slogan of the Lie-beral Demonocrats is, NO RULES, JUST RIGHT ! What ever happened to COMMON SENSE? So, now a trouble-maker is not to be disciplined because of the RACE CARD ?!?! CallousForlornYa is wallowing in Lie-beral Demonocrat policies and is sinking fast. The level of insanity is UNBELIEVABLE !!!


    Commiefornia once again proves it is the land of fruit and nuts.

    Bob Smith

    My daughter is a teacher in NY. She has taught classes with disruptive students. Even with the ability to have them removed, it makes teaching such classes difficult. To not allow their removal is just leftst lunacy.

    Reed Thompson

    Crime is the new black entitlement...


    California libs ensure that nobody who is poor and black or brown, can get an education equally.


    Just one more small step in the CCP planned cultural revolution designed to destroy America, and the fringes of society, the disenfranchised, and freaks (you know the useful idiots i.e. the democrat's base) support it 110%.

    Mark D Allen

    More moon battery from Sacramento. If black kids are getting the suspensions for disruptive behaviour, could it possibly because of the lack of impulse control by those students?


    Very TERRIBLE (but necessary) decisions HAVE to be made abouth "others", IF we wish to continue as normals...

    Choose wisely.


    The Globalists own California completely .... Sane people should leave the Latino Racist and Homosexual Sodomite shiithole as soon as possible


    This is better known as diversity creating mahem!


    It's funny that the idiots in California support this absurdity.

    John Doe

    Rather than acknowledge the inferiority (intellectually, emotionally, morally, etc.)of some groups they chose instead to blame everyone else or seek waivers for their obvious failures and inability to live in a civilized society.


    TITANIC comes to mind when you mention California sinking!


    CA is a one party state, and many here do not support the lunacy, however, the brilliant governor that we have here has allowed the EPA, Unions and illegals to take control. He empowers illegals, they are militant, they along the black militants and this guy just goes along, because I believe he doesn't have a brain of his own. We the taxpayers, and who have been stewards of this beautiful state count for nothing. The truth is never reported about what is really happening here.

    The state is overrun with litter, third world people, illegals committing horrendous crimes without fear of reprisal, unfettered shop lifting that is putting businesses out of business- all along we have to take it or not. No more for us, we have to leave this dark place, that once was the home of innovation, freedom of speech opportunity and truly a Golden State- no longer!

    Donald N. Baker

    Every day another insane policy comes out of California.


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