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    Trump's Boy McCarthy To Give Away Everything In Debt Deal To Destroy America's Future-MAGA Prepares For A Fight

    May 28, 2023

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    President Donald Trump has been long known for making horrible decisions when it comes to personnel.

    We are seeing the results of those decisions once again.

    Trump was instrumental in getting Kevin McCarthy elected to Speaker of the House.

    This is a well-known fact which became clear after the GOP managed to barely retake the House of Representatives after massive nationwide election fraud in the 2022 election.

    Now McCarthy looks to be giving away the store in the 'debt deal' reportedly soon to be announced. The deal will give Biden two years until after the election before he has to reface the issue. It also allows government growth, adding trillions to our children's debt. It allows the continued weaponization of the administrative state against conservatives.

    However, much seems to be happening behind the scene.

    MAGA is preparing for the fight of its life.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Good...more anti-Trump nonsense. McCarthy is Deep State but you want DeSantis over Trump? You and Soros share that sentiment.


    Sorry, but Desantis is not mentioned in the article.


    There you go Staff. Ignore the elephant in the room.


    Which means nothing, really. Especially when you look at his donors who AREN'T MAGA. He's a no-go and a sure loser for 2024. He got too greedy too fast. So he loses. America loses too. But that's what his donors WANT.


    It makes me suspicious of Trump that he supported McCarthy as Speaker.


    McCarthy was a known dirtbag from the get-go. The names are FEW regarding those who Trump supported that didn't stab the rest of us in the back. I don't see a single candidte for 2024 that has made better alliances (except the same ol' same old) - which means they didn't make better alliances.

    You gonna eat that?

    So McCarthy basically gave the democrats everything they wanted. Not even a reduction in spending to 1% of 2023 increases that he said wasn't negotiable. Never mind since COVID spending has increased 6% over pre-covid. There was no actual cuts in spending proposed to begin with, they lied and played word games to make it sound as if a 1% cap was a cut when it wasn't. They should have defaulted like has happened in the past and renegotiated debt obligations like has happened in the past. The entire congress no matter the party play slick word games and people keep supporting them. When will enough be enough and we take back our country?


    McCarthy's new nickname is officially now "Butterbean". Those who get the irony will get it. I'm not about to explain it...

    F D

    He sent everyone home. No one was concerned enough to remain in D C and keep the guy reeled in?
    He was a poor choice for SOTH. While we are stuck with him, the caucuses and Trump should be MONITORING him in real time and keeping him on a SHORT LEASH. Instead you reps ran off for the weekend.
    You didn’t see this coming?
    Vacate the chair and elect a SOTH who can balance a budget and get a wall built already.


    RAND PAUL, son of Doctor NO (hell TF NO), to Speaker. He's got the cajones to cut the mustard on a deal - as in, our way (the Constitution) or the HIGHWAY. ZERO exceptions. Until the populace can get this idea through their thick skulls that WE DON'T NEGOTIATE with terrorists and organized criminals at the Federal level, things like this will continue into oblivion unchecked. SICKENING.


    Trump's "boy"? Hardly. Trump, nor any of his genetic progeny would have EVER said "ok" to this sucker's deal that cuck McCarthy wussed out and took. I CAN NEGOTIATE BETTER THAN THAT - and yes - that likely means a default. Too bad, so sad Lincoln Project stooges. The gravy train is OVER. And because people like YOU applaud this like it's some kind of victory tells me everything I need to know about you and the future of your childrens' childrens' children. To all the America-loving Freedom Caucus Repubs out there: call the motion to vacate and yank this human excrement by his Fing neck tie OUT OF THAT CHAIR. He is clearly unworthy.


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