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    BANNON: The Republican Party Has Died Over The Last 48 Hours

    June 2, 2023
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    BANNON: The Republican Party Has Died Over The Last 48 Hours - Trump Doesn't Need Them

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    On War Room this morning, Steve Bannon declared 'the GOP has died over the last 48 hours'.

    "We now have a donor party.

    "They betrayed you, what are you going to do about it?

    "If you're prepared to roll over for this, keep sending money, keep knocking on doorbells, then you're part of the problem.

    "They think you're a moron. Let's say we are going to impeach 10 people, when you just gave away the hammer to save the nation. They think you are stupid.

    "We had all the leverage. Kevin McCarthy offered up the two years, give them full two years of spending for Biden's agenda.

    "Now the question is what are the people going to do about it

    "If you are prepared to accept this, then it's over.

    "This is quite simply gut check time with you. Because that's all that matters.

    "It's going to become clearer, and clearer, and clearer about what actually went on here.

    "Are you prepared to accept this? Are you prepared to support it? Are you prepared to finance it? Are you prepared to promote it?

    "If you are, and there are some people who call themselves Republicans, and conservatives, then go about it.

    "But what you have done, what you're supporting, you have signed off on, supported, and financed, the single most radical agenda in the history of this republic.

    "We've given all the money, and they've taken all your power.

    "So now, the question before us - Where do we go here. How are people going to be held accountable. Nothing else matters but the accountability of the 149, and the accountability of leadership."

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    Democrats, RINOs and establishment bureaucrats have pretty much kept the Republicans locked in a closet. The Republicans have been outnumbered a good five to one for the past fifty years.
    vigilante justice is not always injustice. sometimes the only justice possible is vigilante justice.


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