• RFK PAC: New Harvard-Harris Poll: Robert F. Kennedy Jr With Highest Favorability Among All Candidates

    July 25, 2023
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    Meanwhile, the Corrupt DNC Forces New York Society for Ethical Culture to Cancel Tuesday RFK, Jr. Meeting on Fighting Antisemitism

    “This shows the DNC’s fierce determination and awesome power to censor criticism of an embattled President.” RFK, Jr.

    Kennedy’s Meeting w/Rabbi Shmuley to Fight Antisemitism Back On! - New Location: The Glasshouse on New York’s 12th Avenue

    New York, NY - As a new poll by Harvard-Harris shows Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with the highest favorability among all candidates running for President, the DNC continues its campaign of Corruption, Censorship, and Dirty Tricks.

    Kennedy Shows Crypto Chops - Vows To Back USD With Precious Metal, Bitcoin If Elected

    “The DNC is terrified of Robert F. Kennedy Jr,” said Mark Gorton, co-founder of American Values 2024, a SuperPAC supporting Kennedy’s campaign.  “They are freaking out and pulling out all the stops to try to crush his campaign.  We have not seen this level of desperation in a long time.”

    A few examples of DNC censorship include:

    ·       RFK, Jr.’s meeting with Rabbi Shmuley to combat antisemitism gets mysteriously canceled by the venue - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Accuses Democrats of Sabotaging Event Newsweek

    ·       Kennedy’s April Presidential Campaign announcement was cut off by YouTube for no apparent reason. 

    ·       Online interviews with Kennedy are taken down because vaccine issues are discussed. 

    ·       Legacy media – Team Deep State – fabricates allegations of antisemitism when RFK, jr. cites an NIH paper on the Covid virus possibly being modified as part of bioweapons research. 

    ·       petition is launched to “BAN Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. from the ballot.”

    Last Thursday, Democratic House Members attempted to censor RFK, Jr. from testifying at a Congressional Hearing on censorship. The Democratic National Committee and the Biden Administration are desperately seeking to prevent America from listening to RFK, Jr. 

    Rising’s Robby Soave’s examined CNN’s Dana Bash’s criticism of RFK, Jr. RFK JR’s Comments MISREPRESENTED By CNN’s Dana Bash, Rising. Soave explained that Bash (who is aptly named) selected excerpts of RFK, Jr.’s dinner conversation about a theory, originating from an NIH funded paper by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic, that the Covid virus could have been manipulated as part of bioweapons research. Bash presented an edited version of the conversation that maneuvered viewers to believe that Kennedy’s statement had racist and antisemitic overtones. Soave said, “He (RFK, Jr.) was pointing to an argument and not a proof of concept. He has now explained this at least three times.”  Co-host Jessica Burbank responded, “This is the media intentionally misrepresenting what he said.”

    “Whether the DNC likes it or not, the American people will still get their say at the polls and they have a clear choice,” continued Gorton.  “Honest government, integrity, and reform with RFK Jr vs. the corrupt DNC machine - We’ll see what they choose.”

    Announcement: American Values 2024 on Twitter: "This coming Tuesday, July 25, Fox News’ Sean #Hannity will host an exclusive town hall with #RobertKennedyJr in New York City. #Kennedy24 #Rfkjr  https://t.co/24mlFBEjX1" / Twitter

    On-going Biden Administration issues:

    ·       Did Joe Biden 'Fall Asleep' During the NATO Summit? - 1945

    ·       Note cards and shorter stairs: How Biden's campaign is addressing his age (nbcnews.com)

    ·       Kamala Harris Is Torn Apart by CNN for On-Air Lie – OK! Magazine

    ·       Hunter Biden's friend to tell Congress then-VP Joe joined dozens of son's business meetings via phone: report | Fox

    ·       Fauci Referred For PROSECUTION By Senator Rand Paul Amidst Lab Leak, Proximal Origins Fallout - Rising

    Finally, podcaster Dave Rubin touched on the hope for civility that RFK, Jr. is presenting to the country. Rubin says he disagrees with Kennedy on some issues but stated, “There is something else brewing now.  I don’t know what we do with it but if we can piece this thing together it can become something that is really, really important, and powerful and can transcend politics.” Watch Democrat Have Her Attempt to Slander RFK Jr. Blow Up in Her Face | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

    I think that Rubin is touching on the feeling of unity and mutual respect that occurs when citizens engage in open discourse and exchange ideas in a respectful manner. That is Kennedy’s vision. That is the kind of country we can have again.

    Stay strong. Listen respectfully. Speak truth. Seek Unity.

    About American Values 2024

    American Values 2024 is a Super PAC dedicated to electing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to President of the United States.  The SuperPAC was co-founded by Mark Gorton, CEO of Tower Research Capital, and Tony Lyons, President of Skyhorse Publishing. Executive Director is John Gilmore. Learn more at https://americanvalues2024.org/.  

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    Scott Griffith

    Insanity. They are petrified of this guy.

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