• RFK Jr. Calls Out DNC In Open Letter

    September 14, 2023
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    RFK Jr. Calls Out DNC In Open Letter
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    Today, I published an open letter to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). I invite you to read my letter and urge you to reflect in earnest, as I will, on what legacy of democracy we wish to leave for future generations.

    The Democratic Party is family to me. It is the party of my uncle President John F. Kennedy and my father, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who both gave their lives upholding its values. It is the party I have served my whole life. My love for its history and hope for its future is why I feel compelled to speak directly to the Democratic Party leadership to say that in my view, limited though it may be, the Party has lost its way.

    DNC leadership meets on Thursday in Washington, D.C. to decide on delegate procedures for the 2024 primary elections for President of the United States. I am asking the leaders of the Democratic Party to lead by example and hold the most transparent, equal, accessible, and accountable election that has ever been seen in this country.

    It is my most sincere prayer that the DNC will rise to the occasion and restore a greater degree of democracy to the party that calls itself Democratic.

    In service of a more perfect union,

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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    LOL! The DNC doesn't like Kennedy any more than they do Trump! They don't care what he has to say to them! They'll Arkancide him if they can!

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