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    McCarthy Sells Out To Democrats, Uses Dem Caucus To Pass 45 Day Funding Bill, Ukraine Not Included

    September 30, 2023

    The Speaker will now likely face a motion to vacate the Chair due to betrayal of party

    McCarthy Sells Out To Democrats, Uses Dem Caucus To Pass 45 Day Funding Bill, Ukraine Not Included

    The U.S. House of Representatives today passed a funding bill to avoid a government shutdown, but to also continue the out of control spending that is destroying the nation.

    The Continuing Resolution (CR) will keep the government funded for 45 days at current irresposible levels, and passed 335-91.

    Speaker McCarthy had to use Democrat votes to get the bill passed as his Republican caucus would not pass the CR.

    This means McCarthy is working for the Biden administration and its deep state, not the American people.

    Massive out of control spending and debt will continue.

    The nation's finances will now collapse.

    There is no border security in the bill, but there is $16B provided to rebuild Maui.

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    McCarthy POTUS...came so close...but for an Anchor Baby and Constitional Electors


    What a shock! LOL! We all knew McCarthy's game. So did everyone in DC. The Uniparty would ONLY allow a Speaker who would help the DNC instead of Republican voters and Americans. And they got him.


    Vacate the Chair! McCarthy has proven he supports continuing to fund this illegal administration's anti-American policies which are destroying our country and bankrupting this nation. Thus, McCarthy is unfit to lead the Republican House. When one collaborates with communists the traitor deserves to pay the price. I will look at my representative's vote and if they voted to continue a budget set under Pelosi, I will vote against them in the primary. McConnel and McCarthy are POS RINO traitors.

    Ben Colder

    This guy is a DC swamp snake why did they ever put him in as speaker in the first place now they must get him out and that aint gona be easy what with the communists voting to keep him in .What a snake this bastard has turned out to be I think they ought to vote Gatz in as speaker one thing is clear they have to get McCarthy out the back stabbing jerk.


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