• No Doubt Joe Biden Is Besties With Defense Industry And K Street Lobbyists

    October 19, 2023
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    One day after visiting Israel, and for the second time since he was elected president, Joe Biden delivered an Oval Office address to the nation moments after Israel gave the green light for the Israeli ground offensive into the Gaza Strip. Minutes before Biden spoke, the Israeli Defense Forces launched flares over Gaza’s dark skies as reported by NBC News. 

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    Biden’s address leaves no doubt he is a warmongering president as he tied one war theatre to another while simultaneously continuing to tell the American public that he asking Congress for a massive war package to contain these conflicts.

    In the meantime, Europe is in an uproar economically over the influx of migrants from Ukraine. Middle East Arab leaders are witnessing street protests, and hence, they refused to meet with Biden face to face in Amman, Jordan during his Israeli trip. The U.S. embassy was evacuated in Lebanon this week.  Palestinian demonstrators took over the Cannon Office Building on Wednesday, and U.S. university alumni are canceling millions of dollars donations because of what they see happening on college campuses. 

    Tying Putin to Hamas to Iran under the auspices of protecting US national security seems like a poignant seque, but when cross-referenced with facts, it is insane at best and incoherently illogical at worse. It was Biden’s administration which decided to release $6 billion to Iran recently under the veil of a hostage exchange. 

    If you know that Iran is supporting Russia, and know that Iran is supporting Hamas, where is the justification in releasing those funds? 

    Immediately, after the Hamas attack on Israel on Oct. 7, the Biden administration moved to block the release of those funds to Iran.

    Biden tied what is happening in Ukraine and Israel to Iran via Russia and Hamas directly by characterizing how Russian and Hamas want to annihilate their neighbors, Ukraine and Israel. 

    It was very cleverly woven but negated the 45,000 foot consideration by the American public. 

    Do they believe this rhetoric?

    Will they buy this argument?

    Is this too large a war package?

    Is tying Ukraine to Israel just because Congress refused to approve more money to Ukraine recently?

    Is this a “work-around” so Biden’s administration does not have to go back to Congress between now and the November 2024?

    Biden’s pitch to America was a sales pitch, and in the end, Capitol Hill ultimately will make the decision.

    No doubt, whatever is decided will be used as a 2024 election football on all sides. 

    The Biden administration is expected to submit the package request formally to Congress on Friday. It is expected to include $60 billion for Ukraine, $10 billion for Israel, and another $30 billion for unspecified projects.

    It has been reported that Biden will include an allocation for Taiwan and the southern border, but no mention of them were  specificied in his Oval Office address. He referred to “Indo-Pacific,” obliquely referring to the conflict between China and Taiwan.  

    Although the president justified his request for support based upon "national security," he made no mention of the out-of-control influx of immigrants being smuggled and trafficked across the U.S. southern border, and on a smaller scale across the U.S. northern border with Canada. 

    Since Biden became president seven million illegal immigrants have crossed into America; three million additional have legally arrived in America. It is estimated that by the end of Biden’s first term, another three million more illegal immigrants are expected to arrive in the U.S. Congressional members who have gone to the border have reported that many illegals from Arab countries are pouring across the U.S. borders illegally since October 1.  

    A White House source who refused to be named told CDM that there will be “global and domestic security asks in the request to Congress,” and there may be a request as high as “$60 billion” for Ukraine alone. 

    Biden said he told families of those taken hostage by Hamas that they are pursuing every angle to bring their loved ones home.

    Noting how Hamas unleashed pure "evil,” the president said “Israelis are in deep deep pain” and they have the “right to dignity and self-determination.”

    He reiterated the strike near the hospital in Gaza was “not Israel’s fault.”

    "If dictators do not pay they keep going," argued the president,“it is not worth it to turn America’s back on Ukraine and Israel.” 

    Biden stressed that his decision is based upon “a matter of U.S. national security,” and that we must not give up on “peace and a two-state solution” in the Mideast. 

    Biden reminded Americans that “Putin has turned to Iran and North Korea” and as president, he “will not send US troops to Ukraine.” 

    Cynically, and not in a presidential posture, the president reminded Americans that the stockpiles of ammunitions sent to Ukraine are "Made in USA" in Arizona and Pennsylvania. Translated perhaps was the notation - more jobs for Americans.

    His overall message was, “We can’t let Hamas, Putin win.”

    "If one of those countries lose, it could spill over to a wider conflict," said the president. 

    Obviously, President Biden forgets that Americans remember - 

    He pulled out of Afghanistan disastrously in August 2021 and Taliban has now taken over as China is expanding their Belt Road Initiative over northern Afghanistan. 

    Biden’s pitch was the strongest argument to support two major wars on two continents. 

    The remaining questions are:

     “Will Americans buy it?” 

    “Will Congress approve it?” 

    And, how much money is the defense industry giving to Biden and the Democratic National Committee, and to Biden's political action committees and his 2024 presidential campaign, and to the University of Pennsylvania Biden Center? 


    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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