• Political Goons Could Very Well Annihilate The Democratic Party 

    January 23, 2024
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    Politics is a contact sport with insults, rigging rules and filing false legal claims, and 2024 is turning into a mud-slinging legal mess from Donald Trump to Joe Biden to No Labels and whatever Bobby Kennedy’s campaign is doing because that campaign is pivoting all over the place. 

    Initially Kennedy ran as a democrat, then as an independent, and this week, Bobby Kennedy has launched the We The People Party to get on the ballot in California for a very basic reason. 

    If he runs on the We The People party ticket, he will only need 75,000 signatures as opposed to over 250,000 as an independent in California.

    But this flip flopping is only part of hurdles ahead for Mr. Kennedy. 

    Biden’s lawyers - the old-school democratic lawyers - skilled in political shenanigans are on the march and they deserve far more scrutiny than they have received.

    American Bridge is the Democratic Party’s primary opposition research organization. They have spent tens of millions of dollars to track Republican rivals and produce attack ads.

    Biden’s bidders are adding a new dimension to the presidential race though, and it is called third-party suppressor.

    Biden’s supporters have gone after Trump and he is still the republican front-runner on primary day in New Hampshire.

    The Biden campaign is worried and it should be. Americans are mad as hell at Biden and his surrogates and yes, it is over policies and how they have governed by executive orders and nuking those who stand up to them - from censorship, mandates, open borders, human trafficking, the economy, inflation and their globalists views with the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum at Davos, and Biden’s foreign policies on war from Ukraine to Israel to China. 

    Biden’s campaign also is worried that No Labels and Robbert F. Kennedy’s campaign will siphon off votes from Biden in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona. Both of them intend to siphon off votes from both Biden and Trump. 

    Hence, American Bridge, the group that does the so-called opposition research, has hired Marc Elias to help thwart these outsider bids.

    Elias has been around democratic politics for years.

    For months, No Labels has been under attack. Kennedy was under attack before he announced and he is sophisticated enough to know that the attacks will only increase over time.  

    Focusing on technical requirements that could lead to legal challenges is how Marc Elias rocks and rolls in politics. Elias was formerly with Perkins Core who concocted the Steele dossier that wasted taxpayers dollars and led to no where with the Mueller investigation. The political arm of Perkins Coie was created years ago by Bob Baeur, a close ally of Biden’s, who also served in the Obama administration. He is now Biden’s personal attorney while his wife, Washington DC lobbyist Anita Dunn, is back in Biden’s White House.

    The democrats are engulfed in a war to keep everyone off the ballot other than Joe Biden. 

    The democrats led the campaign to keep Trump off the state ballots based upon an insurrection argument. 

    In a statement to Reuters, American Bridge sounded more like a fascist group. 

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    "We're keeping an eye out to make sure they're dotting all their i's and crossing their t's, and we are not ruling out legal action with our attorneys if we identify a problem — and that applies for all third-party threats to President Biden," Pat Denis, president of the American Bridge group, said in a statement to Reuters.

    Within the confines of the national political landscape, Biden’s democratic allies have warned and threatened anyone who may cross over to No Labels or Kennedy’s campaign. 

    They are asking donors not to send No Labels and Kennedy money. 

    It has gotten so out of hand and over the top that No Labels filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice alleging those efforts represent an "illegal conspiracy to use intimidation, harassment and fear" against its supporters and donors, Dan Webb, a former U.S. Attorney and No Labels leader, announced last Thursday.

    Americans are sick and tired of the hold of RINO republicans and My Way Or The Highway democrats. 

    Unlike when Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate in 1992, or Ralph Nader in 2000, the 2024 election could be the year that upends the democratic national party. 

    No Labels and Kennedy are not connected but they are being heard, just like Trump is.

    No Labels will not choose their candidates, if they actually do, until spring 2024. So far, it has raised more than $60 million and has qualified in 14 states, including Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina - states that are likely to decide the election. It is willing to spend a boatload of those funds to secure ballot access across all 50 states.

    Two months ago, Kennedy and one of his political action committees announced that they planned to spend a combined $30 million to get Kennedy on state ballots.

    Democrats fear their party may splinter this time with a centrist third-party bid, while Trump's loyal base sticks with him.

    Larry Sabato, the University of Virginia political science professor, who has been around for years analyzing political races calls it straight. 

    The third-parties are “unlikely to win,” but they could “determine the winner,” and that is why the ”democrats are apoplectic about them.” 

    Matt Bennett, a co-founder of the center-left group Third Way, is front and center in helping Democrats block third-party candidates. The group has banded with the progressives at MoveOn and others to dissuade voters from having any association with No Labels.

    Bennett’s efforts are backed by more than $1 million from Reid Hoffman, the billionaire.

    Former Democratic Congressman Richard Gephardt, who was connected to No Labels years ago, formed a Super PAC called "Citizens to Save Our Republic" to warn Americans against supporting third-party candidates. He has raised $200,000.

    His efforts are supposedly to squash third parties to not put Trump back in office. 

    Have no doubt about what Gephardt is doing. He is working for Biden. 

    Americans really ought to ask themselves - why in this political cycle, which will set another historical precedent on money raised in the billions, are democrats spending so much money to politically nuke third-parties and Trump? 

    Is just because the Biden democrats knows Biden is that vulnerable or is because Obama is pulling the strings to push the policies he started during the Obama administration and Obama knows that Biden is nothing more than his progressive puppeteer?


    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    3rd party will destroy BOTH parties, and they both KNOW this. That is why anytime it's brought up, both of them are terrified, they know the truth there.
    Both R and D have outlived their usefulness and both are corrupt and need to go. Many parties have come and gone in the USA's history and it's time for two more.


    Yeah...but it depends on the 3rd party. A Democrat or RINO starting a watered down mini-Leftist "cross-the-aisle" party won't help anyone.


    "Political goons" are the Democrat Party!

    Make America Sane Again

    Search and replace the name Biden with Obama in this article to further your understanding of what's going on.

    David Smith

    There aren't enough jail cells in the US to house criminal RINOs, Democrat politicians and their lackeys in lawfare. They are 7 years overdue a reckoning.
    People want to see their pain.

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