• Trump Gives Donors Ultimatum - No More $ To Birdbrain

    January 25, 2024


    CDM Staff

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    Trump is THE MAN! MAGA!

    Mark Catalano

    Trump made no reference to “lose influence” in his post. Why then do you attribute those words to him? He doesn’t want dirty money from political flip floppers…..or political opportunists.
    You try to intentionally paint him as “for hire” politician…….. which he is not. Which is why he has such incredible support from the middle class and the real American patriots.

    Demanding Truth

    The first sentence of this article is a lie. Trump does not accept money for “influence”. Never has. You are purposfully conflating him with the demoncrat party. Keep your own politics OUT of reporting.

    James J. Troxler

    If not Trump, who. If not now, when. I won't vote for anyone else!

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