• ElectionWatch 2024 - New York’s Special Election 3rd Congressional  Winner Is Democrat Tom Suozzi 

    February 14, 2024
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    Associated Press has called former U.S. Congressman Tom Suozzi the winner for New York’s 3rd congressional district's Special Election to replace disgraced former U.S. Congressman George Santos. 

    The district includes suburbs just east of New York City plus a small part of Queens. 

    The candidates tested their political messages to the suburban voters and the results may offer some insight into suburban voters during this politically volatile time as to how the rest of the country may vote in November.

    Former U.S. Congressman Tom Suozzi, a Democrat had represented the district for three terms before quitting to run for New York governor. His opponent, Republican Mazi Pilip was elected to the Nassa County legislature in 2021.

    Republicans have been hammering the Biden Administration on immigration and crime while Democrats have cast themselves as the savior of abortion rights.

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    Pilip’s personal story is noteworthy. She was born in Ethiopia and left at the age of 12 as part of Operation Solomon, when Israel airlifted almost 15,000 Ethiopian Jews as the civil war and famine raged across the region. She later served in Israel’s military and moved to the U.S. after marrying a Ukrainian-American doctor in 2005. 

    Pillip publicly identifies as a Republican, but registered as a Democrat upon arrival to the U.S., and still hasn’t changed her voter registration. Her spokesman has stated that she is waiting until after the election to formally change her party. 

    Pilip has called out both democrats and President Joe Biden over U.S. immigration policy. She is in favor of additional policing of the border and the construction of a border wall.  At one of her news conferences outside of a Queen’s homeless shelter for illegal migrants, she was very clear. 

    “This is a big concern for my district,” Pilip said. “A lot of residents very much worry about this. No one asked them if they want to have male migrants living next to their playground. They don’t like that.”

    Suozzi, a moderate democrat, distanced himself from policies that have damaged Democrats in the New York suburbs.

    “The Democratic brand has been decimated over the past three years,” Suozzi said. “It started with crime in New York City and the bail reform that took place and that was very effectively weaponized by the republicans.”

    “That crime issue now has been exacerbated by the migrant issue,” he added.

    Suozzi said recently that he would support a temporary closure of the U.S.-Mexico border to slow the flow of migrants into the country. 

    “This is serious business. This requires some ability and some competence to navigate the politics and the governing and the policy and the domestic and the international,” he said.

    Pilip moved to counter criticism from Suozzi and Democrats that she is anti-abortion.

    Pilip said that while she is personally opposed to abortion, she would oppose any attempt by Congress to ban it nationwide. She has also said mifepristone, an abortion medication, should be available nationally.

    “Abortion is a personal decision, a personal choice. Every woman should make that decision. Therefore I’m not going to support a national abortion ban and I’m not going to risk a woman’s health care,” Pilip said.

    This special election is the result of U.S. Congressman George Santos being forced out due to his double-digit charges of fraud. 

    There will be a new election in November in the 3rd congressional district. The district lines will be redrawn so it is not certain at this time who will be on the ballot in the fall. 

    Donald Trump also weighed in on the results that lost a seat to Democrats in the House where the GOP holds a razor-thin majority.

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    Looking at that grin makes me think, How long before we find out the secrets this Democrat is hiding.

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