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Leftist Violence Is Making The Case For The Second Amendment

With the video image being spread all over the internet today of Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims verbally assaulting an elderly woman holding a rosary outside an abortion clinic, and images of a masked thug attacking Pro-Trump demonstrators on the highway in Oregon with a chainsaw, conservatives are right to be concerned about their safety. These incidents are just a few in the long line of violence against Trump supporters and those opposed to the Leftist takeover of this great nation.

Many are choosing to arm themselves and carry a concealed weapon. They are justified in doing so and within their Constitutional rights.

To the horror of many on the Left, the violence coming from ANTIFA and other Marxists against the Right is making the case for the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms.

Many Millennials, homosexuals, and other minorities pandered to by the Democratic Party for votes have never had their thinking challenged on the issue; their blind loyalty to the gun control agenda is well documented. The Leftist violence is starting to change that. Many young females are asking how they would protect themselves from a stalker. Many a liberal teacher wonders quietly how she or he would protect themselves from an active shooter. Many Jewish parishioners are asking how they can protect their places of worship. Many gays are thinking about the Pulse nightclub.

Yes, there are the occasional right-wing hate crimes, but the majority of the gun violence in this country comes from the Left, from the streets of Chicago to the Trump-hating Jew killer in Poway, California.

In addition, the images of Maduro’s socialist shock troops in armored vehicles running over the opposition in Venezuela does wonders to answer the question, “Why would anyone ever need an assault rifle?”

The truth is the Second Amendment was not just meant for self-defense. The purpose of the amendment was to never take away the rights of American citizens to protect themselves against a tyrannical government.

Just by watching the internet our Millennials are getting an education for sure that the Democrat Party really doesn’t like.

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Carry and use…

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Breitbart is banning conservatives.


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