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Racism Is Dead…Long Live Racism…America Is Post-Racist Society

Racism Is Dead...Long Live Racism...America Is Post-Racist Society

I have several ‘progressive’ friends who have long been in Joe Biden’s camp, hoping for the return of the prodigal Grandpa, who will bring Obama’s nirvana back to planet Earth.

Their world was shattered last week during the second Democratic Party presidential debate of 2019.

This was the moment when the truth was revealed. That truth being that it is not America that is racist. No, it is the leftist mob that has taken hold of the Democratic Party that is truly showing racism’s evil face.

All I had to do was send a simple text out to my political social media group – “I guess Joe Biden is now raycis!”

The response I received was encouraging.

“Yes, I am disturbed ‘they’ have turned on him,” one liberal person wrote.

“I hope you can see that it is those who are calling him raycis are the real racists,” I responded.

“Yes, I can,” came back to me.

With the highly visible and instructive debate, which showed to the world that all the Democratic Party cares about is the color of your skin, the new communist party of America did more for Donald Trump’s re-election than any tweet from POTUS could have done. It showed the Democratic Party only cares about racial division, and identity politics. This is the basis of Leninist teaching — divide the population and promote envy, which lead to violence, which leads to radical change.

The debate was a real ‘teaching moment’ for those who are still drinking the Obama Kool Aid.

The only way the Democratic Party can now gain power is to simply lie. They are lying about Joe Biden; racism is not his problem, at least not at this point of his life. They are coming after Joe Biden because he doesn’t have the right genetic code.

Think about it. The lies are so massive that it takes a real cult-follower to not notice.

Here we have the descendant of a Jamaican slave owner, Kamala Harris, pretending to be of African-American descent, and accusing Joe Biden of being raycis because he is white.

The American people are smarter than this. They see through this garbage.

America is a post-racist society, at least when it comes to discrimination against minorities. The debate showed this in unmistakable clarity.

But the horror! The Left needs racism so bad to further their narrative to gain power, so they will continue to lie.

Racism is dead! Long live racism!

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