• Green Logic: To Save Earth, Kill Babies And Eat Adults

    September 10, 2019
    One of Francisco Goya's Black Paintings. Screenshot: YouTube

    In a pair of stunning revelations last week, two ultra-leftists called for beyond-the-pale plans to combat the ubiquitous liberal bugaboo, climate change. One of them is a known commodity, the other a wonky debutante.

    The first: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. For the almost-octogenarian candidate to say something outrageous is not surprising. Sanders needs an idea that will push him past Joe Biden in the polls. His handlers conjured an unholy marriage of two lefty darlings: abortion and climate change.

    If you're not asking "what the hell do climate change and abortion have to do with one another," you're just not paying attention, comrade. Everything must come back to climate change, it's Gore's Law. Here's how it works:

    Find a hot button issue, then figure out how to make it about climate change. Too many people in the world? Yes. Would killing some of them help? Probably. Should we just kill a bunch of them to help the, uh, environment? Too obvious. But what if they haven't been born yet, so no one sees the dead bodies? Perfect.

    Not for nothing, Sanders doesn't just want to kill babies to cure the climate, he wants the ones who got by the goal-reaper to pipe down already. He told the parents of a crying baby to "keep that down" at a New Hampshire event last Friday.

    To add insult to murder, Sanders wants NGOs around the world to promote abortion (currently illegal under the Mexico City Agreement), and he wants U.S. taxpayers to fund the effort...and the abortions...in poor countries! Ponder that for a moment: Mr. Bernard Sanders (D-VT) wants you to pay for unaccountable, globe-roving, baby-killing death squads. He wants you to finance the cult of infanticide. In the name of, uh, what was I saying...oh yeah, "climate change."

    The blatant abuse of this tired, loose, catchall--the consequence-free claims that climate change is at the root of every human ill--is a wheezing geezer. Be alert in your media comings and goings. Call it out. Embarrass your liberal relatives.

    SWEDEN: "Did Someone Say Climate Change? Hold My Beer"

    Across the pond and a few fjords, a second ultra-leftist, Magnus Söderlund, a professor of marketing and strategy at the Stockholm School of Economics, recently saw another heroic vision entirely: eat folks. That's right. Due to scarcity of food in the future, humans should learn to find nourishment from nontraditional sources, such as insects, our pets [sic], and each other.

    No, I'm not exaggerating. That's what he said.

    True: modern food production is responsible for a tremendous amount of waste. Feeding vast quantities of food to animals in order to kill and consume them is not the most logical way to feed ourselves. It's the tastiest.

    While it feels like Söderlund has jumped the climate change shark, or that perhaps he's trolling the masses, he's doing neither. He's merely an errand boy, sent by leftists, to implant a message. The more it is repeated, the less outrageous it seems. Söderlund is a professor, the perfect messenger. Smart, from the academy, and Swedish to boot. He can say virtually anything to further a devious agenda. He's the first of the gang to die on this hill.

    But note how he says it. When asked if he would eat human flesh, he says, "I feel somewhat hesitant, but to not appear overly conservative...I'd have to say...I'd be open to at least tasting it."

    In summary, not eating humans is "conservative." Oh snap!

    The Taboo Frontier: How/Why This Nonsense Takes Root

    Before I go any further, a disclaimer: I, and many other conservatives, honestly don't care what individuals do to their genitals, Adam's apples, chests, buttocks, faces, nails, skin, or hair. Our concerns are the underlying psychological issues that too often drive these same individuals to commit crimes against others and themselves--crimes that too often go unreported for fear of offending what Dave Chappelle calls "the alphabet people."

    Sorry, but if you think you're a girl and were born with a penis and testicles, you're crazy. First, Gender Identity Disorder (GID) was changed to "gender dysphoria" in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) due to PC pressure in 2012. Then, in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) relabeled "gender dysphoria" as "gender incongruence" and removed its classification of "mental disorder."

    Words, words, words. < Facts, facts, facts.

    Nothing changed. Malleable "science" alert, folks. The labels and longstanding classifications hurt the feelings of the politically ascendant clique, so to it was conferred the status of normalcy through an erosion of meaning and scholarship that will never make headlines.

    Yet trans people commit suicide at a rate of over 40%. They're CRAZY. And it isn't due to "discrimination," a.k.a. society trying to steer its wayward citizens back into the fold. They need help, not parades.

    Funny, Not Laughing

    While it may be darkly amusing to joke about these outlandish proposals and labels, the empirical data on the erosion of cultural taboos is sobering. In the recent past, encouraging a child to embrace a gender that didn't match his genitalia was considered psychologically unsound, even abusive. Now, in some virtue-signaling circles, it qualifies as open-minded, indeed, woke.

    Now we have trans children under the age of 5. "Trans story hour," where local transvestites read pro-trans literature to children, is not only a left-coast thing, far from it. Trenton, MI, Greenfield, MA, and Mobile, AL are but a few of 42 chapters--that's right, forty-two chapter offices--set up to facilitate local story hours that normalize trans behavior.

    A "furry." Screenshot: YouTube

    If you're asking, "When did this become a trans article?" I apologize. My goal was to demonstrate how the left inserts the thin end of the wedge into legitimate cultural debate through grassroots organization and proceeds to drive their twisted point home with numbing repetition...until the degenerate and/or damaged are embraced, lauded with inclusive rhetoric, and placed on the American mantle, newly affixed with the label of "normal."

    We came to accept gay culture, pinkwashing its often sordid, promiscuous nature and adorning it with rainbows. Legally killing babies has been the law of the land for decades. We accept trans culture now, more or less. The latest fusillade from the left: people who identify as "furries." People dressing up as stylized animals...sure, it's just cosplay, not a poorly camouflaged gateway drug to bestiality.

    Don't fool yourself into thinking it ends there. The leftist goal is the destruction of faith-based morality, and once unthinkable taboos such as mass abortion and cannibalism are now officially on the agenda. The weak excuse: climate change.

    It's Not Democrat Voters, It's Democratic Party Leaders

    Voters who pull the Democrat lever aren't the problem, they're zombies living in a mass media cocoon. Whites made to hate their whiteness, blacks who feel their blackness entitles them to "reparations" despite 50+ years of welfare. They are believers in social inequality, the notion that no social ill is anyone's fault (unless their skin is pale).

    The "carceral state," white privilege, Islamophobia: these are tools designed to silence you, to stop you from pushing back against leftists. Talking points provided by the academy, amplified by the DNC and its affiliates.

    Pedophilia, bestiality, and cannibalism are the next hurdles for extreme progressives. Call it out with righteous anger.


    Court Anderson

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    Paul Allen

    Court Anderson, Your comments are great and the way you said it is splendid. Really enjoyed your writing. Thanks.

    R J

    Would the dem/communists let one use a grill that they want to ban now to grill a leg of Grandma?

    Det. Scott Turner

    When I awoke from the cold, black sleep and found myself surrounded by shredded fuselage, scattered rugby equipment, and my dead teammates, it was really upsetting. Then I got hungry. I ate my chums. I had to. There was nothing but a few bags of salted peanuts at 15,000 ft in the Andes and they were frozen solid and it hurt my fragile teeth so I sucked on them and my dead friends. I survived. In the future, when there are no more bags of salted peanuts being distributed to us as snack, what will we do? In the future, when the ice caps have melted and the CHICOMS and SOVIETS have militarized the arctic trade routes, where will we go? In the future, when graduate school tuition will be free and we can all get doctorates in Newspeak to advance our careers in the division of garbage analysis, what will we say? Look what happened to Beverly S. Griffin, who is now a parapalegic suffering from Parkinson’s. The man can’t even tie his own shoes anymote. God Bless.

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