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    Climate Science: The Truth The Left Denies

    September 23, 2019
    Climate Science: The Truth The Left Denies
    Climate March
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    Edward Kimmel

    Chuck Todd at NBC decides his vast knowledge of climate science surpasses that of Dr. Willie Soon, Astrophysicist, and hundreds of other climate scientists who have debunked the fraud that human beings cause climate change.

    Back in the 1970’s, Maurice Strong was named the point man to create a global warming issue. There was a meeting in Colorado Springs that coalesced the view that climate change was caused by “us.”

    Then the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came into being and we all know about “ClimateGate.” Dr. Phil Jones at the University of East Anglia, head of that panel, disregarded substantive and meaningful scientific research from climatologists who demonstrated that global warming was not caused by human beings.

    Yet that scandal did not change the ferocious plowing ahead by these ideological radicals and they grew the movement. This, in spite of the fact that scientists whom I have interviewed say that over 90% of carbon emissions are natural and mostly created by water.

    And, there was recently a 17-year period when the temperature remained stable while carbon emissions increased, thereby debunking the fraudulent premise that there was a direct relationship between global warming and carbon emissions. Carbon increased during that period even when there was no temperature increase.

    The models created by the radicals who believe we cause global warming were also debunked. They have not held scientific integrity. That is why the left-wing crowd decided to change the concept from global warming to climate change. That allowed them to generalize the issue to such a degree that they could embrace any climate problem and blame human beings.

    Further, Al Gore and his “documentary” were debunked by numerous scientists and publications as well as think tanks like the Heartland Institute.  

    Now, of course, we have less than 12 years on this planet before we destroy it with our bad behavior. So, let’s destroy the fossil fuel industry, eliminate air travel (except Travolta and DiCaprio who fly their own jets without concern for the environment), commit genocide on cows due to their methane gas and rebuild every building in America to absurd standards to appease Ocasio-Cortez and her irrational crowd.

    Yes, for the left, ideology stands notwithstanding facts and truth. So, let us destroy our economy and appease the Warren-Sanders-Ocasio-Cortez led radicals and put vast sums in Al Gore’s pocket, give control of our environment to the UN, allow the billionaires behind this absurd move to further control us and give ourselves over a false premise.

    This planet has been here for 5 billion years. It has suffered through vast climate changes in its history, long before we were here.

    It is a living and changing organism. Does anyone believe that the last 50 years of human activity has caused the absurd results the left suggests? If you do, I have some land in the Everglades for you where you and the alligators can enjoy co-habitation.

    And, by the way, if we suppress the existence of CO2, what happens to the vegans who love a diet that is vegetarian? Last I heard, plants ingest CO2 for their healthy survival. 

    Best wishes to the next generation if the Left has its way.



    Mike Siegal

    Mike Siegel’s real world experience as a public school teacher in Newark, New Jersey; Professor of Communication at Emerson College in Boston; Consultant to a Drug Rehabilitation Program in Boston; Communication Consultant to Business and Industry have given him a breadth and depth of experience that he brings to his programs.
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    When Al Gore was born, there were 7,000 polar bears on the planet. After decades of his yammering that global warming was going to kill off all of the polar bears, their numbers are down to 25,000.


    How refreshing!
    I've read a few articles like this one.
    For every article like this one, there must be a few thousand extolling the virtues of human depravity!
    In truth, I think the reason why the crowd is supposedly lapping up the drivel of "climate change", is bc the controllers of Top Buzz, are the Chinese.
    That country has no reason to stop their pollution.
    When the godman, Obama signed The Paris Accord, his action required the American taxpayers to pay for China's pollution and all other countries as well.

    Francisco Machado

    Take an analytical look at Biden's "truth over facts" comment. Does that make sense? It does when Biden's "truth" is recognized as doctrinal truth rather than veridical (verifiable) truth. Doctrinal truth is sacred, is axiomatic, defies reason, denies conflicting reality and is endemic in fanatic religions like Progressivism, Socialism or AGW. It is altered only by ex cathedra pronouncement, e.g. the reversal from an impending ice age to global warming - and the denial that there was ever any valid belief in the cooling crisis. As with the Progressive gospel (of the moment), disagreement is heresy and the perpetrator is demonized by the true believers.


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