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Obama Communists Will Do Anything To Retain Power And Finish The Job Of Destroying America

Obama Communists Will Do Anything To Retain Power And Finish The Job Of Destroying America
Image by Steve Collis

The thin veneers of patriotism and respectability have now long faded away from the Democratic Party, which is now nothing but a ragtag bunch of Neo-Bolshevik communists, bent on finishing the job of destroying America as we knew her. They don’t even pretend anymore. Oh sure, Pelosi will say things like, ‘saving our democracy’ but we all know they don’t mean it.

The only thing these people care about is power and retaining it. They will do anything to get Trump out of office, who is systematically destroying all the ‘transformations’ Barack Hussein Obama put in place to remove our freedoms and turn us literally into slaves to the globalist machine.

This impeachment charade is the latest in this all-out war on the American founding. It is an orchestrated, and yes treasonous, attack on the leader we elected to represent us. It has been coordinated and planned by the Marxist holdover spies in our government, who are drunk on power and will not relinquish it.

If Trump goes, then our liberty goes with him.

Do you have any doubt these people would put Deplorables up against the wall for the ‘lead pill instead of the red pill’ as the ANTIFA thugs chant?

The Hong Kong Protesters Are Going To Die, But The Chinese Communist Party Will Die Along With Them

This entire effort is controlled and orchestrated by the globalist cabal, bent on implementing their will.

In China, they have a million people in concentration camps, and slice them open alive to harvest their organs for sale on the black market. These are the people these American communists emulate, and enable, supported by their seditious allies in big tech and the corrupt media.

I for one have had enough and will not let my children’s future be destroyed.

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Leo Smith September 30, 2019 at 2:01 pm

We must ROUND UP the COUP members and Conspirators and EXECUTE them on LIVE MSM.

bonnie somer October 1, 2019 at 11:43 am

i would just love to see them go to prison like the one the unibomber is in in florence Colorado. the GOP needs to grow a pair and subpoena some dems for their tax returns. what are they doing just watching. this is another sham russia part 2


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