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    A Message To Schiff: Keep It Simple Stupid

    November 7, 2019
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    The poppycock and balderdash coming from Shifty Schiff boils down to this:

    If you have a Quid Pro Quo, you have a similar model to a contract. You need consideration on both sides, so that both have a detriment and both have a benefit from the transaction.

    The simple fact is that President Zelensky of Ukraine had no knowledge that he would suffer a detriment of the loss of $391 million on July 25th when he spoke with the President.

    If he did not know the money might be withheld, which was the case, how could he participate in an alleged Quid Pro Quo. The answer is simple Shifty Schiff: He could not.

    We know that it was in early August before he knew anything about his funds for military resistance against Russia.

    And remember, Shifty Schiff, the President of the United States no doubt in every administration in our history has had quid pro quos on policy issues.

    And in President Trump’s case, as noted, there was no quid pro quo.

    If you do not believe that, I defy you to show the proof of an actual agreement to trade one thing for the other. Of course, you cannot because it never happened.

    The Quid Pro Quo was when Hunter Biden received $50000 per month from Burisma Holdings. He was an individual who was pure ignorance on energy and Ukraine and had been thrown out of the Navy due to addiction problems.

    Does that sound like a qualified Board Member or perhaps was that $50000 per month a payment for access to his father, the Vice-President? Any person with common sense knows the answer to that Quid Pro Quo.

    And, as far as the firing of the Ambassador to the Ukraine, let us remember she was an Obama appointee and despised Trump and had prominent supporters of Trump tracked in social media by her minions.

    Further, any President has Ambassadors who serve at the pleasure of that President. A President can fire an Ambassador at any time for any reason or no reason at all.

    So the salivating Democrats perpetuating these falsehoods should be held accountable and will be at the November 2020 election booths.

    They are desparate, un-American in trying to undo an election and are destroying the intent of the Founders regarding Impeachment.

    It was Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 65 who warned that the extreme measure of Impeachment could become a tool of partisan politics. Unlike Nixon and Clinton, Hamilton’s fear has come to fruition under Shifty Schiff.



    Mike Siegal

    Mike Siegel’s real world experience as a public school teacher in Newark, New Jersey; Professor of Communication at Emerson College in Boston; Consultant to a Drug Rehabilitation Program in Boston; Communication Consultant to Business and Industry have given him a breadth and depth of experience that he brings to his programs.
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