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    Why Not Occupy Carnegie Hall!

    November 26, 2019
    Working Class Bulwark
    Working Class Bulwark
    Image by Jacob Burck

    “Let us wage a moral and political war

    against the billionaires and corporate leaders,

     on Wall Street and elsewhere”

    “…the full promise of equality

    that is our birthright as Americans”


    The street violinist was pathetic. He tortured his instrument every night near my hotel in Hawaii. How could I stop this inept solo? What kind of money he would demand to go home? My perfect pitch suffered trials and tribulations. Alas, not in silence.

    A huge banner of the loud national movement “Occupy Wall Street!” hit me on return to San Francisco. Strange threatening people in dirty tents on Market Street were calling for the invasion of national banks. They were obviously in acute need of money, considering their smell, dirty clothes and the use of sidewalk as toilets. 

    Remembering my out of-tune violin player, I assumed that all unsuccessful musicians, singers and composers also need to unite in the national movement “Occupy Carnegie Hall!” The real reason they have no money, no success, and no fame are those damn millionaires like Yitzhak Perelman, Lang Lang, or billionaires like Paul Mc Cartney or composer Andrew Lloid Weber. With his 13 obscenely successful musicals Andrew Lloyd Weber is worth $1.2 Billion. Paul McCartney claims $1.2 billion also. Damn rich 1% per-centers.

    How many people playing piano, guitar, singing end up teaching music in schools with meager salaries, while MacCartnies are  swimming in millions? How many people are trying to compose songs and music and results are as poor as they themselves! Such an immoral inequality this Weber’s fame! Where is Bernie Sanders, when we need him, cursing musical billionaires for vacuuming all success and money from unfortunate?

    While poor violinists are playing standing on the street corners, this damn rich one per center Itzhak Perlman is arrogant enough to play SITTTING on the stage of Carnegie Hall! Another millionaire - pianist Lang Lang brings to every concert HIS OWN signed grand piano!

    Furious Bernie promised revenge. He will share riches of musical elite with masses of the poor, un-gifted, and robbed of their success by those vicious evildoers, rich 1 per centers,  occupying  Carnegie Hall unjustly. Just wait, Sanders’ followers will wipe out Carnegie’s, richest man in America, name. It will be Disingenuous People Hall!  Bernie would make musical oppressors “feel the burn”, destroy them. He will kick usurpers from the stage and place instead  United National Choir of Untalented. He will force rich one per centers to pay for our free college, free medicine and free cheese in the mousetrap.

    People massacred by bolsheviks in late December 1918 or early January 1919 in Palermo forest, near Rakvere, Estonia

    Bernie Sanders also will go to fight for social justice in Hollywood! Do you know how much Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt make per movie? $20 millions! How much Tom Hanks worth? Or Mark Wahlberg? They are multi-multimillionaires. (Bernie’s beloved cursed word) What about the average salary of a Hollywood actor being less than $19.97 per hour? A Mexican cleaning lady now makes more. All actors are working as waiters in restaurants and carry tourists’ suitcases in hotels running between castings. Let’s “Occupy Hollywood!” Drag those 1 per centers out and make them to pay for our free college, free medicine and free cheese (sound of mousetrap).

    Finally, the crowd, Incited by Bernie for another pogrom, unites in the Movement “Occupy Yankee Stadium!” Why are some sportsmen are making millions per year, while others not at all? Where is social justice in sports? WE WANT EQUALITY! Sport is the real place, where all those billionaires are hiding. Grab them by their money! Why do Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have a billion each? Where did Coby Bryan take his half-billion? What a shame that Roger Federer was awarded a quarter of a billion, while other tennis players do not have money for their hotel bills and meals at the tournaments! It is all result of unfair play! They are obligated to pay for our student’s debt because no one of them even went to college.

    Forward to Wall Street! We, losers in finance (like me), will occupy banks. Shitty musicians will occupy Carnegie Hall. Baseball players, who suck, will occupy Yankee stadium, feeble actors will storm Hollywood! Forward to the shining future promised by Bernie the Crazy! “Losers of the World United” will rob the 1 % of achievers and divide their money among them. With one condition only. It will be Bernie Sanders, senile Robyn Hood himself, with communist slogans of Warsaw 1905, who will distribute among all of them the spoils of his mass gang robbery.  “Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Carnegie Hall, Occupy Hollywood, Occupy Yankee Stadium!” Let’s drag achievers out and turn them into sore losers. Healing the pain of envy - is the main accomplishment of socialism. When the envy of losers towards achievers will be eliminated with a strong hand, human suffering will disappear. (Like in every socialist country)

    Why are only giants in business and finance chosen by Bernie to be occupied and destroyed? All the damn one percent musicians, actors, sportsmen are the same as achievers in business and the money world, supposed to be the subject of Bernie’s war, taxed to nil, robbed, confiscated, extorted and destroyed also. Finally  - Justice in Equality and misery for all!



    Tatiana Menaker

    Tatiana Menaker is a business owner and a journalist, born in Leningrad, Russia. She has an MA in Philosophy. She lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Published essays and articles in FrontPageMagazine, the Jewish-Russian Telegraph, and Kstati.
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    Start slow and build up to Carnegie hall. I suggest that they start by torchinh Bernie's Dacha.

    Semen Spokojnyj

    Great point! I always enjoy Tatiana's articles. They should be taught in schools and universities rather than left anti American propaganda they poison young Americans with.
    Still as a person who lived under Soviets for years I want to mention that there is no equality under Socialism either. There was huge difference between communist officials and common people.


    As a cynic used to say, the difference between capitalism and socialism is that under the former man exploits man, and under the latter it is just the opposite. In any case, as Tocqueville wrote nearly 2 centuries ago, "equality" is always in contradiction to liberty - those who push for equality bring the end to free society.


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