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US Demographics Are Changing, But Minorities Are Moving To Trump, Negating Globalist Immigration Scheme

US Demographics Are Changing, But Minorities Are Moving To Trump, Negating Socialist Population Scheme
President Donald Trump waves to supporters on Saturday, March 4, 2017, in West Palm Beach, Florida

America has woken up to the globalist plan to forever change election demographics by importing tens of millions of illegal, and legal, new immigrants, who end up having a lot of children, bringing their families, and changing communities forever. Since the Left routinely loses elections to the legacy American population, they decided to therefore change the electorate in their favor. Immigrants dependent on public services always vote Democrat.

The plan was working very effectively, and we are probably past the point of putting that genie back in the bottle. However, the Left didn’t plan on Donald J. Trump becoming president of these United States.

As minorities discover jobs, success, and prosperity under the Trump economic miracle, they are moving towards the Orange Man in droves. Recent polls have confirmed this shift with over 30% of the black population now approving of POTUS. It seems minorities like having money and the pride and self-confidence that comes with a job and economic success. They actually like having a future for their children, rather than a future of welfare on the Democratic plantation.

This is simply a game changer of epic proportions.

The Democrats know this of course, and is one reason they are so desperate to remove Trump from office. He is progressively destroying their decades-long plan to gain power and control over the U.S., the last bastion of freedom on the globe.

Having succeeded at destroying Western Civilization in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, Liberals were licking their chops at bringing communist control to our beloved country.

Hispanics are also moving towards the GOP and its promise of a future for their families. Trump could very possibly receive around 50% of the Latino vote in 2020, again a game changer for American politics.

With these types of percentages of Trump support among minority populations in America, there is no way Democrats can ever win again.

Black unemployment is at an all time, historic high. Hispanic economic success is resonating within the community.

Democrats are desperate to stop this prosperity. Hopefully minorities will finally see the Democratic Party for what it is — a bunch of power-hungry commies bent on using minorities to gain power and money for the elites.

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