• DNC Strategy: Back Bloomberg & Buttigieg As Biden Fades (Never Bernie)

    February 7, 2020
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    Tom Perez, DNC Chair. YouTube

    It's a chess board. The hand tasked with moving the Democratic pieces belongs to a vicious, horrible person, to borrow President Trump's words. That person is Tom Perez, stable boy to the liberal globalist elite: U.S. Davos representatives such as George Soros and friends, several former and current U.S. intelligence officers, a small army of corporations, and of course, resistance leaders Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Kerry, and their sitting deputies, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler.

    Perez's job: get a malleable figure into the White House. Four more years of Trump would be deeply damaging and perhaps fatal to the interests of the principals listed above. The outlook for a Bernie Sanders presidency is nearly as bleak.

    Get someone we own seated at 1600 Pennsylvania.

    The old way was to throw support behind a loyal candidate and hope like hell. This time, America is not the prize, but the linchpin, the domino that must fall to ensure the success of the perfectly laid globalist plans that were thwarted in 2016.

    With the stakes so high domestically (protection of free speech and the right to bear arms, SCOTUS, circuit court judiciary balance, and abortion legislation), and around the globe (centralized control of Europe, control of the global climate narrative, Westphalian national sovereignty vs. one-world government, and Chinese 5G and Belt & Road expansion), one chess piece on the board isn't enough, especially when the current king, frontrunner Joe Biden, looks like he might tip over at any minute.

    I claimed Biden was done in late August. I was wrong. Sniffing, fondling, bad parenting, casual racism, foot-in-mouth disease, the bloody eye, listless debates, Corn Pop, signs of dementia, poking reporters and voters(!), Hunter's encyclopedia of sins, the Ukraine and China cookie jars--none of this dissuaded American voters in the polls. Nor does it now in February, with Biden still up 5 points nationally.

    That said, heavy defeats in the first two primaries is a heavy load to carry. Biden finished fourth in Iowa, and New Hampshire, which votes on the 11th, has him at fourth again in all but one poll. B-b-b-but South Carolina is coming! say his handlers. A blowout win in the Palmetto State will underscore Biden's black support, a key demographic that only Biden can claim.

    If you're in Perez's shoes, relying on one shaky piece is too risky. Biden's still the slow-moving king, but the DNC needs another player or two. Money has been tight since the 2016 fiasco when the DNC was caught colluding with Hillary over super-delegates and debate questions. Is there some magic candidate who owns a castle? Yes!

    Mike Bloomberg

    The rook is Michael Bloomberg, shorter than the other dynamic pieces, but rich as Croesus. He moves in a straight, boring line. Sure, he's a white male, but he pays his own freight. Finally, he's a proven friend to corporate America.

    Bloomberg is amassing an army of paid ground game pawns ahead of Super Tuesday. The delegate-rich day will make or break his candidacy. In Florida alone, he sent 1 million letters to primary voters. He hired 500 bell ringers. That's expensive.

    But is it effective? Of all the hundreds of millions he's already spent, how much was used wisely? His Super Bowl ad was a dud, whereas Trump's was admired, even by the begrudging left. And now this latest bit of nonsense:

    Hey, Team Bloomers: ever heard of a .gif file? This thing goes on for 2:33, and there's no arc, no punchline. The burning gingerbread man theme (you can't catch me? Agreed: ACQUITTED!) is only tangentially related to the "Lies" verbiage. The voiceover is dull, a bit creepy.

    The overall effect: I think some of the campaign slush fund has been spent on Swisher Sweets, sticky green buds, and PCP. The producers are higher than Katie Hill on a weekend orgy bender.

    Then there's this.


    And this.


    Let's not even talk about the meatball, it's too disturbing. Suffice it to say, yes, his ad team are ripping massive bong hits in the production studio. And they have the munchies big time: all three "ads" contain crave-worthy food items!

    As for the ice cream ad, yes, there is a company named "Big Gay Ice Cream." They feature flavors such as "American Globs," "Dorothy," "Flüffernütter," and "Choco-Lit." Their logo is a unicorn with a long tongue licking rainbow swirl ice cream. It's subtle, so in case you missed it, there are hints that the brand celebrates homosexuality. Which is fine.

    The question: is this the billion-dollar Bloomberg brain trust's idea of courting the gay community? I have no way of judging its efficacy, but it looks to me like Millennial ad execs pandering to gays on behalf of an old, out-of-touch white male billionaire. Bold strategy, Mike, let's see if it pays off. Maybe for the black vote, your crack squad could do a retro spot of Buckwheat relaxing with a few slices of watermelon while Chevy Impalas with hydraulics bounce on 20s in the background.

    Bloomberg is operating on his own. That much is abundantly clear. He's trying way too hard to appeal to the young voter, and spending like mad. True, his poll numbers have gone up, averaging roughly 10%. But no amount of flashy media and snail mail to retirees will fortify his weak spot: he bought his way in. He has the charisma of a rain boot, and in non-coastal America, he's as relatable as a week-old bagel. And he's older than Biden (78 in a week). And he's whiny. And short.

    Other than that, great guy to have on the board. Mike the rook.

    Pete Buttigieg

    Stuck with two old white guys, each flawed in his own ways, Perez looked for a hipper, more versatile piece. A kind appearance, but secretly deadly. One that he can move in any direction. He needed a queen. Enter Pete Buttigieg. Young, dynamic, with a dream resumé: Harvard, Oxford, Rhodes Scholar, McKinsey & Co., naval intelligence officer (whoa, what?) deployed to Afghanistan (yikes!), Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (huh?).

    After his first mayoral election, Buttigieg came out as gay, making him immensely more desirable as a national Democratic candidate. Proof? He was reelected with 80% of the vote.

    Not to pull a Schiff, but here's my version of how the DNC's first exploratory call to Buttigieg might have gone:

    Phone rings.
    Pete: Hello?
    Perez: Hi there, Mr. Boot..Butt...
    Pete: Boot-edge-edge.
    Perez: Exactly! Tom Perez here, DNC Chair. So, uh, Pete, you spent some time in "naval intelligence," and you were deployed in Afghanistan?
    Pete: I'm not authorized to discuss any intel or missions I may or may not have been invol--
    Perez: [interrupts] Sure, sure. Great. One more thing, I heard you're gay?
    Pete: Yes, after a great deal of consideration, I felt like it was time to be honest with--
    Perez: [interrupts] Great! So how'd you like to be a Democratic presidential candidate?

    Buttigieg is the classic Manchurian candidate: came out of nowhere, underqualified, possessing a perfect Curriculum Vitae, and beneficial to a cause in a unique and timely manner. And upon first glance, Mayor Pete is the nearly-ideal liberal. In the age of identity politics, it would help if his skin were darker, or if he didn't have a penis. He's no AOC, but young and gay is pretty good.

    But, if you scratch the surface, cracks begin to show. It turns out that Buttigieg's senior strategist is Michael Halle, husband of Tara McGowan, co-founder of SHADOW Inc. The ominously named company produced the vote counting app that caused such chaos in Iowa, as CD Media reported earlier this week.

    Breitbart has updated the story as new revelations have come to light:

    Federal Election Commission (FEC) records showed that Pete for America Inc. paid at least $21,250.00 to Shadow Inc. on July 23, 2019, for “software rights and subscriptions.”

    A few months after that, in November and December 2019, the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) paid tech company Shadow Inc. more than $60,000 to develop the app that Iowa Democrat caucus leaders were supposed to use to upload their results, according to HuffPost.

    The app’s failure caused a massive delay in reporting the final results of the Iowa Democrat caucus, in which 2020 candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was expected to do well, according to polls and preliminary results.

    Precinct chairs reportedly could not log into the app, or after logging in, received errors when trying to report results. The technical problems led some chairs to call in results and in some cases, be placed on hold for more than an hour waiting for an IDP official to answer.

    Despite the delay in reporting results, Buttigieg delivered a speech around 11:30 p.m. in which he seemed to declare victory.

    “Iowa, you have shocked the nation,” he began. “With hope in our hearts and fire in our bellies, we’re going on to New Hampshire … to chart a new course for our country.”


    The timeline is the crucial part: Buttigieg invested in SHADOW first, then the Iowa Democratic Party, months later. McGowan is a big Pete supporter, and her husband advises (read: handles the inexperienced Mayor) Buttigieg. All of which made Buttigieg's Tuesday foresight about his victory all the stranger, especially when SHADOW claimed they didn't have results until yesterday.

    Mathematical errors and coin flips--all of which favored Buttigieg--have further plagued the results. #MayorCheat trended on Twitter Tuesday and Wednesday. Bad optics. More than a whiff of an intel operation, at a time when American ears are pricked to such things in the wake of the Trump impeachment. Names like Ciaramella, Vindman, Strzok, and Yovanovitch are still fresh in our minds.

    Mayor Pete is no longer the boy next door. He's starting to look like an operative. An agent. A plant.

    Much like we've witnessed with other intel assets, they become erratic when identified. Ciaramella wiped his social media and went into hiding. Vindman grew indignant and pompous. Strzok did his best imitation of the devil on the stand.

    For his part, Buttigieg has doubled down on the idea that all 63 million Trump supporters are racist. Hardly the "healing" attitude he has hawked on the campaign trail. Perhaps it's another lame attempt at courting the black vote: I hate racists! All Trump supporters are racist! Please love me now?

    That would be an unstudied stance, as black support for Trump is growing, not shrinking.

    "Republicans have been seizing, including in a new Trump ad, a statement you made that 'Anyone who supported this president is, at best, looking the other way on racism.' You've also said that on my show," Tapper explained. "That's almost 63 million Americans who you're painting with a pretty broad brush. Do you regret saying that at all?"

    Buttigieg didn't hesitate before he responded. 

    "No. I'm very concerned about the racial division that this president has fostered," the 2020 Democratic candidate explained. "And I'm meeting a lot of voters who are no longer willing to look the other way on that, looking for a new political home."


    Your move (out), Perez

    Given Perez's questionable moves during his three-year DNC tenure, it comes as no surprise that even Democrats are calling for a new chessmaster. As Fox News reported today, even sitting congresspeople are vocal about the DNC head's ouster.

    “Oh yeah,” Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, told Politico when asked whether Perez should step down. “We’re a party in chaos.”

    Maybe because MSNBC is a safe space for the DNC...? Just saying.

    As for long-suffering comrade Bernie Sanders, he missed another opportunity to strike yesterday: "...while campaigning in Iowa Thursday, Sanders called the Iowa Democratic Party’s management of the caucuses a “screw-up” that has been “extremely unfair” to the candidates and their supporters."

    Same thing today. Perhaps trying emulate NFL coach Bill Belichick's "On to Cincinnati" line, a famous example of relentless focus, Sanders said, “We’ve got enough of Iowa. I think we should move onto New Hampshire.”

    He ended up sounding like his usual ineffective, beta self. With competition as gentle as this, perhaps Perez will end up checkmating the loony Dem field.

    Regardless, in the general election tournament, we'll see how their candidate does playing the 4-D version.


    Court Anderson

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