Bringing Minorities To Prosperity Could Unravel Obama's Globalist Treachery

February 16, 2020
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Bringing Minorities To Prosperity Could Unravel Globalist Obama's Treachery
President Donald Trump waves to supporters on Saturday, March 4, 2017, in West Palm Beach, Florida

Much is being made in the corrupt legacy media about the demographic change that is coming to America, and how it will be devastating to the Republic Party; the narrative is that the GOP is only for racist white people and will die a slow death as their numbers decline.

That is certainly one possibility; but there is another path which is much more positive for America -- bringing minorities over to the side of prosperity and success, which certainly is not the Marxist socialist Democrats, who only want to use and enslave minority populations.

The Democratic plantation is real.

Donald Trump seems to have embraced this idea of providing a path for minorities to also enjoy the American Dream.

It is no secret that the Trump campaign has aggressively gone after the black and Latino vote, with impressive results.

We have all heard the numbers -- lowest black unemployment in history, low Hispanic unemployment, help for black colleges, criminal justice reform, et cetera, et cetera.

The media, and the Left, try to ignore, or marginalize these facts of course, but it is not working. Multiple recent polls have shown a large shift among minority populations in support of President Trump and his agenda.

This is the way to destroy Obama's corrupt, seditious legacy of division, race baiting, and demonization of white America.

Many in the GOP are also worried about the future of the country due to the demographic changes. I say, in the end, Obama may have forced real racial change in our wonderful country, by highlighting the awful politics of division on the Left, and by forcing the inevitable election of Donald Trump after Obama's reign of horror. In the long run, Obama's legacy will be the movement of minorities to the Conservative party, and the generations of positive outcomes that will bring to the United States and her people, no matter the color.

This will happen only if future GOP leaders have the foresight to follow Trump's policies, rather than embracing corporate globalism and the agenda of K Street.

The jury is still out on that one.


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One comment on “Bringing Minorities To Prosperity Could Unravel Obama's Globalist Treachery”

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