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The Bush Presidency May Have Destroyed America

The Bush Presidency May Have Destroyed America

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

In the movie Conspiracy Theory, conspiracy theorist Mel Gibson finds out that every conspiracy he thought was going on in the world actually was happening. In short, his conspiracies became truth. He realized this as the enemy came out of the manhole covers all around him as he sat in his taxi.

Today, with the coronavirus epidemic spreading across America, we wake up to find out over 95% of our critical medicines are manufactured in China, a country who bragged in their state-run media this week about their ability to cut off our medicines and kill us all. In other words, the Chinese are coming out of the manhole covers all around us.

How did this happen? The globalist George W. Bush administration allowed it to happen by agreeing to admit the People’s Republic of China into the World Trade Organization.

That is a simple, brutal fact.

Of course George H. W. Bush was the architect of the ‘new world order’ but that’s for another column.

Think about that — Bush knowingly, in fact eagerly, admitted a totalitarian regime into the WTO, and furthered the process of hollowing out American manufacturing, and sending existential processes and technology to the Chicoms. Today we are left to deal with the consequences.

Of course this all started with the deceitful Clinton White House that signed NAFTA and sold missile guidance systems to the communists, and was enabled by the Obama administration who tried its best to damage the security of the United States. But those were Democratic administrations. We almost expect that type of seditious behavior from them.

Bush the son was a Republican, a war hero. He was supposed to protect us from this type of outcome. He didn’t.

It gets worse.

George W. Bush also invaded Iraq. Trump is right — this was one of the worst decisions made in the history of the republic. We lost thousands of brave Americans and spent trillions of dollars, sending our country into obscene levels of indebtedness, from which we may not recover.

There were no weapons of mass destruction, of course. But, the Deep State got its war.

I don’t think George W. Bush was a bad person; I just think he was naive, maybe not that smart, and got hoodwinked by those really in power in the bowels of the federal bureaucracy. What better way to attempt to take down an administration that you thought was illegally, or unfortunately, elected than to embarrass them beyond repair?

I was a Bush supporter in my youth. I fought hard for W’s election, and re-election. But, my faith in the Republican Establishment has been crushed, as wisdom has developed as I age.

I see that Bush sold out to the globalist corporations who didn’t give a damn about the American heartland.

In reality, not since Ronald Reagan have we had a president who did what was right for America.

Not until Donald J. Trump, that is.

November 2020 really is the most important election of our lifetime. It literally will decide the future existence of the American republic as we know it.

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The media does not seem to be covering any covid 19 numbers in Russia


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