• Happy 80th Nancy, You're FIRED! (We Need Term AND Age Limits)

    March 26, 2020
    Image: YouTube

    Nancy Pelosi turns 80 today. That's simply too old to hold a position of national political power. The job is public service, not tenure.

    This is not to suggest that octogenarians can't live vigorous and meaningful lives. Empirically, many do. If you're eighty and reading this article, well look at you, reading disruptive media, living on the sharp edge of the information era! Good for you, and I mean it. Most folks your age are content with "The Week."

    I have several family members right around 80. They're fine people, but I wouldn't want them running the country. It's time to get some sensible legislation around this issue.

    Mental Dexterity

    Dr. Kirk Daffner is the Chief of Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, and Director of the Center for Brain/Mind Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and a Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. Here's his take on the aging mind.

    "It's extremely common for adults over the age of fifty to be concerned about a decline in their cognitive abilities. Some studies have suggested that upwards of 80% of such individuals have these kinds of concerns."

    Fifty? Yes, fifty. Now add three decades, and it becomes clear why Pelosi and Joe Biden (77) flub basic words and struggle to convey simple information.

    Some common areas of cognitive decline:

    • Speed of processing
    • Ability to focus on two or more tasks at a time (multitasking)
    • Rapid retrieval of information

    Complexity of the Office

    In an increasingly data-driven age, these are premium skills for a decision maker. Politicians in particular are tasked with knowing a fair amount about various, unrelated fields: science, math, history, geography, law, political science, theology, and economics are but a few. On top of that, they have to synthesize and speak to ever changing modalities of the zeitgeist: movements, fads, and cults of personality.

    In other words, a good politician has to have a working knowledge of LGBT issues, identity politics, Antifa, Occupy, QAnon, pedogate, and various new forms of social media such as (Chinese spy device) Tik Tok. To be ignorant of any of the above is red meat to journalists and potentially offensive to some voters.

    It takes savvy, constant engagement, and a decent amount of bullshitting to cover such a range of topics. It's easier for Democrats to get by, assisted by a left-leaning or nakedly left media, what has come to be known as "liberal privilege." But beyond partisanship, it's a matter of performance.

    Moreover, lives are at stake. When the red phone rings at 3 a.m., do you want a foggy Commander in Chief on the line with Xi or Putin? How about a medical emergency brought about by stress? What happens when, during a crucial moment (think 9/11, or the Bay of Pigs), the president has a stroke?

    Is an 80 year-old as good as a 70, 60, or 50 year-old at quickly processing, multitasking, and retrieving information? Almost without exception, no. Are they as healthy? Almost without exception, no. And 80 is a fair finish line for holding national office.

    According to the CDC, the average life expectancy in the U.S. is 78.6 years old. 80 is a bridge too far. Pelosi isn't going to step down voluntarily. Congress needs to draft legislation that shows her, and those like her, the door.

    ps: Dianne Feinstein is 86!


    Court Anderson

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    Sonny B

    I totally agree. 80 is too old, but what do you recommend as an appropriate limit?
    75? Careful, because the bulk of senators above 75 is republican (ok.. I scanned a list in wikipedia without any actual fact checking). List as follows above 75:
    Republican: (8 senators in total)
    Richard Shelby - 85
    Chuck Grassley - 86
    Jim Inhofe - 85
    Pat Roberts - 83
    Lamar Alexander - 79
    Mitch McConnell - 78
    Jim Risch - 76 (really?? Mitch... you should ask this guy what his cleansing routine is and get on that.)
    Mike Enzi - 76 (who?)

    Democrats: (total of 4)
    Dianne Feinstein - 86 (and currently the oldest, wait.. is she still in office?)
    Patrick Leahy - 79
    Ben Cardin - 76
    Dick Durbin - 75

    Twice as many Dems in House than republicans.
    Let's check who's In Da' House! (the house is seriously old across the board)
    Republican: (11 in total)
    Don Young - 87 (damn don... )
    Hal Rogers - 83
    John Carter - 79
    Paul Cook- 77
    Virginia Foxx - 77
    Kay Granger - 77
    Jim Sensenbrenner - 77
    Peter T. King - 76
    Jim Baird - 75
    Phil Roe - 75

    Dem (Total 25)
    Eddie Bernice Johnson - 85
    Grace Napolitano - 84
    Alcee Hastings - 84
    Bill Pascrell - 83
    Nita Lowey - 83
    Maxine Waters - 82 (You're personal favorite)
    Steny Hoyer - 81
    Nancy Pelosi - 80
    John Lewis - 80
    David Price - 80
    Jim Clyburn - 80
    Lucille Roybal-Allard - 80
    Alan Lowenthal - 79
    Donna Shalala - 79
    Danny K. Davis - 79
    Anna Eshoo - 78
    Frederica Wilson - 78
    Rosa DeLauro - 77
    José E. Serrano - 77
    Doris Matsui - 76
    Susan Davis - 76
    Jan Schakowsky - 76
    Collin Peterson - 76
    Emanuel Cleaver - 76
    John Garamendi - 75

    I'll need to run some more math to determine the median age and std dev. in age by wing by party. I'll be back later after I invest in companies that make adult diapers.


    You're an idiot suggesting that age is the issue. If you were half as intelligent as you believed you would know that those with wisdom are your superior. You're suggestion nothing more than discrimination. Now for the matter of term limits. It's very much needed.

    Next, you will suggest that blacks don't see well in the dark and shouldn't be admitted into the military. Now where have I heard that before..


    IMO we also need to fire any Congress person who is secretly getting Alzheimer's drugs in the Rx. Otherwise we end up with peeps like Biden who can't remember what office he is running far or anything else.


    Nancy Pelosi shows all the signs of "dementia/alzheimers with her mispronouncing words, not being able to keep her place or execute in her own speeches, Face Freezes for several minutes, agitated gestures and facial grimacing.....I know these signs as my own Mother had Alzheimer's for 14 years. Pelosi is DEFINITELY showing the signs. She doesn't
    even speak the RIGHT President's name......She IS CONFUSED....IT IS OBVIOUS. Her family is going along with her BIG Ego and keeping her out in the world's spotlight, as she makes a fool out of herself. Sad her family doesn't Care about that, and only like the power/money she's accumulated(Ill gotten at that) from the world 'players'......Sad......


    They should retire at the same age as an airline pilot-65. Both have to make quick decisions.

    Ben Colder

    No wonder the country is in such bad shape it is being ran by senile old bastards they are all walking signs for term limits.Old Nazi Peelousy is one of the worst and she really is senile.I am an old bastard myself so I know what I am talking about you may be still all there but you just do not think as fast as you used to.

    Sheb Wooley

    There's noting wrong with age, so long as they are competent.
    That said, there is every thing wrong with age in regards as to the senile Joe Biden and the pinheaded 12 year old AOC.

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