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    Blue Wall States Lose Jobs

    March 27, 2020
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    The unemployment claims which had year long average or just over 200 thousand per week jumped to 3.28 million for the week of March 21. This rise in jobless workers resulted directly from the decisions made by Governors and business leaders to shut down stores, schools, public gatherings and restaurants in an effort to enforce recommended social distancing. This unprecedented halt in commerce for large segments of American industry is having a deleterious effect on the economy and civic cohesion.

    Wuhan Blue Wall
    You lost your job because of Chinavirus

    Some of the hardest hit states happen to be critical swing states vital for any presidential candidate to win the election in November. Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania each reported a jump in weekly unemployment applications that surpassed 2,300%. North Carolina also saw a spike of 93 thousand unemployment claims and Florida had 74 thousand people out of work. The targeting of these vital Electoral College States shows the diabolical planning that went into the slow and steady infection of the nation.

    The attempt to sink the U.S. economy and sabotage Donald Trump's reelection bid by unleashing a relatively mild, but still deadly and serious, pandemic on the world is a sickening example of heartless desperation by the Hidden Enemy. The $2T relief package approved by the Senate in a unanimous vote on Wednesday night will help keep businesses and families solvent in these weeks of crisis, but money will not be enough to win the votes of Michiganders and Pennsylvanians. They want their jobs back, their kids back in school, their diners open for business, their sports teams playing and a return to normalcy in their lives.



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