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    If They Are Willing To Do This To Gain Power, Think What Else They Are Willing To Do...

    March 28, 2020
    If They Are Willing To Do This To Gain Power, Think What Else They Are Willing To Do...
    Image by Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

    Do you really think this is all just a coincidence? The Chinese coronavirus pandemic right before the November 2020 election?

    No proof you say? I don't need proof; I just look at the world around me, and make an educated judgement.

    We've had a litany of events over the last few decades leading up to this.

    We've had a Marxist infiltration of our education system. We've had the Obama Deep State installed throughout our Federal government, military, and security services, leading to a weakening of our institutions, our military and economic power.

    Obama was serious -- this was real change all right.

    We've experienced the ascent of communist China, a totalitarian state whose original leader Mao killed over 60 million of his own people. Today as we speak, the Chicoms are slicing open political prisoners alive to harvest their organs and sell on the black market. They have over 1mm people in re-education camps. They have militarized space, stolen our military secrets and are now a near-peer power, they are taking control of the South China Sea, a vital shipping lane for world commerce. They have spies all over the United States in our research labs, universities, and corporations, harvesting our intellectual property.

    They mean to control, dominate the world. The One Belt One Road project is designed to take control of global trade.

    Many in our government, in the Democratic Party, are working for them. Just imagine where this massive push for socialism is coming from...the answer is obvious. The UN is involved. The EU is passive in the face of the threat, preferring to live as slaves, than die as free men. Our big-tech titans are content to just sit on their wealth, and assist in the takeover; many of them are not American anyway.

    Trump has vowed to stop the change, and restore our nation to its founding principles. Having come so far, the globalists (just another word for communism) simply cannot let that happen.

    They will NOT let this happen.

    Hence Boom! the Chinese coronavirus outbreak. If you think its just Mother Nature, I have some oceanfront property in Wuhan to sell you.

    This is meant to destroy our country, destroy our economy, and prevent POTUS from winning re-election, since he is the only president in modern times willing to use the full might and power of the United States to right the ship.

    If they virus doesn't work, they will simply try something else.

    Today Fox Business News fired Trish Regan for having the guts to say what is actually happening. They are no longer even trying to hide it. The push for control is on.

    Be prepared. Buy ammo.



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Dan Janson

    100% correct-this is not the end ; it's not even the beginning of the end.China literally owns America and it's politicians and the CCP will never go away .


    Looks like China’s germ warfare is highly successful.
    1. It’s reducing China’s overpopulation problem, something several previous government controls over the years failed to do.
    2. It squelched those intolerable Hong Kong protests.
    3. By withholding vital exports to the USA (like drugs, for example), it gives China leverage to counter US sanctions and tariffs.
    4. It is destroying the USA economy and the economies of western nations, giving China an edge in its quest for world domination through its “Belt and Road” global supremacy endeavor.


    I like your style L Todd Wood !
    I think I'll be coming back !


    Psssive Americans are just sitting around oblivious to what is happening to them. It is truly astonishing to me what is happening in this country right in front of Americans eyes. They just don’t get it.


    You are correct Todd, the leftist through out the world and in America have become so brazen that is is easy to see what is happening to our society. Some of us are aware and have been for quite awhile, hence Trump was elected.


    The slimy DemocRATs are more than happy to see Americans die of the virus if that will help keep Trump from being re-elected. The DemocRATs like Nasty Pelosi, Chuck U. Schumer, Adam Shittface, and lying, cheating, crooked Hillary are pure evil slime. Just look at how lying, cooked, cheating Hillary, while SOC, let four Americans be murdered by a gang of rabid Muslims in Benghazi all for political reasons.

    Jack Savage

    In complete agreement with the author. The crimes of the left, in assisting the Communists, are galling and astonishing. More galling and astonishing is that they go unpunished. Do we have enough to beat Red China? We have to pray to Almighty God that we do. The falling away from God has led America to it's current predicament. Really, the only hope is a spiritual re-awakening in this country. The left has claimed victory after victory over the last 6 decades because of the sins of omission by the Right. But all that said, Christians take comfort in knowing the ultimate victory is ours.

    Welsh Warrior

    Absolutely 100% on the mark. No coincidence, but the guilty party/s will never be found accountable. American Patriots will be the last line of defense for this great country. Buy ammo, forget gold and be ready to defend our country when the anarchists start the fight. And believe me they are the useful tool of the deep state. Don't believe me... ask Clapper, Brennen and the rest of the communist bastards trying to take this country down.

    Lars Havard

    SARS-CoV2 is just phase 1 -- softening up the beachhead before the next attack. By itself, it might not achieve the desired effect. Count on seeing phase 2 before the election.


    Let me guess, you still refer to Russia as the Soviet Union as well. The global communist movement has been dead since 1989, and with the fall of the Soviet Union, mare it a true relic of the past. Even China put a stop to most of its ideological foreign policy since the late 80s, even becoming, dare I say, nationalistic.
    Viruses, or pandemics for all that matter, are fact and trend of history. Given advances in medicine, their effects have been lessen and durations cut short, but still linger. Virus outbreaks are common in China as a large people live in close proximity to birds and swine (the source of the influenza virus) and its the same with this Coronavirus. China and Asia for all that matter, have weathered better with this Coronavirus because they have had to experience SARS in the early 2000s, another type of Coronavirus. To say that Covid-19 was manufactured in a lab and purposely unleashed by the PPC is unreasonable for two reasons. Domestically, a main objective of the Communist party or China is to maintain social stability, without it, given the mass of their country, would be impossible to maintain effective order and control or society. Internationally, China’s rise is dependent on economic growth which is sustained via international trade. So tell me, why would the Chinese purposely unleash a virus that would threaten to put the world in a depression and end supply chain capitalism as we know it? Yes yes the commies are the baddies, and with time this rivalry will surly mature. But to think that this is some massive Chinese plot is unfounded and unreasonable. Even the worst regimes are graced with reason. Reason is what ended the Soviet nuclear program in China and convinced Khrushchev to turn his ships around outside of Cuba. Reason, especially in light of Soviet economics, is what pushed successive leaders after Mao to open China is to proto forms of international capitalism. Is the media encouraging mass hysteria? Of course, they make money off that (and it’s no secret they don’t like Trump.) what we are witnessing is common historical trend. China no doubt tried to hide this, and likely are still covering some of the number, but the cat is out of the bag. Criticism is warranted because of this, but to infer that this virus an attempt to remove Trump from power is illegitimate

    Brad Lillmars

    Michael, I enjoyed reading your comments. I agree with most of what you said, but differ from your conclusion that this is not an effort to remove Trump from office. He is the first American President to "stand up" to China and their unlawful acquisition of American technology and expertise. They have done it well by allowing American firms to operate in China and copy the technology we bring. I don't believe the Coronavirus was a "planned" event, but they have taken advantage of the hysteria to further their cause to bring down America. They don't want to destroy us, just make the people Communist and servient to their ideology. Have no doubt that a determined multi-million person military would present a formable force for any patriotic group to face. When the majority of Americans turn Communist, it will be impossible to argue against the majority and they will control under the umbrella of our Constitution.


    Oh yes, this is highly suspect. Always done before an election they say. Their hatred of Trump and what they did to him for the last three years tells me I don't need no FRIIG'N proof of this Chinese Virus HOAX.

    For one thing the NUMBers are too small. Pay attention folks. The truth is hiding in plain sight.

    Timothy Beck

    Todd, thank you for your service to our country. DJT tariffs were working. Are working. The disclosure of the fact that all our medicine comes from an enemy, if that isnt a wake up call, it may be too late. I hope not. I not sure what America is going to look like after this.

    High Desert

    "If the virus doesn’t work, they will simply try something else"
    My thoughts exactly. I believe DJT thinks the same way and has hijacked this pandemic to improve our health care industry, ramp up production of vital medical supplies, improved personal, professional and social hygiene discipline. He has mobilized the entire country to a high level of alert and action when they do release something even more deadly such as Ebola (thanks a lot obama) or Marburg.
    It's a deadly game being played but we have a President that knows how to WIN.



    Right idea, wrong boogieman. Take a good, long look at who's in charge in Congress, and at our enemies within, bka the Deep State, and then tell me how we can point and accuse corruption and degeneracy, pure evil, at other nations.
    There is no DEEP STATE, there is only THE STATE, and it is rotten to-the-core. https://www.realhistorychannel.org/covid-19:-a-military-plan-to-save-the-world

    Gordon Freeman

    I agree with this article and had thought the same things myself before I even read it. I learned how Communists think by reading 'Witness' by Forrest Whitaker where he shows how Communists will do anything to destroy the West. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or someone in it, carried out this plan: Release a highly contagious virus into a Chinese city that has enough citizens that can and will travel to every Western Country, particularly the USA but certainly the EU and Japan. It only takes a few thousand infected. Then, once they begin to travel, surround that city (Wuhan) with the military, isolate it and quarantine it to keep it from spreading further. It does not matter to the CCP how many get sick and die. The citizens are just numbers to the CCP and all human life is expendable when the needs and goals of the Party are considered. Next, let the infected do their work of traveling while unknowingly carrying the virus to the West for 2 months before its even known to exist to the outside world. More than likely, several DO know they have it and they willingly go to infect innocent Westerners as loyal members of the CCP, like biological suicide bombers. As the CCP watches the West panic when they find out that nearly everything they need is made in China, the CCP smiles and says, "too bad for you." The next thing: Blame it all on the USA and use their influence in the WHO, the UN and the left leaning liberal media all throughout the West to spread the propaganda that China is not to blame, that China found and knows the Right way to handle the pandemic and that the world must rely on China to produce ALL the meds and medical equipment for the world so that they can recoup costs lost in trade battles with Trump. Further, deport every Western Journalist that might find out the truth after having first murdered any local Chinese whistleblowers in China that know the truth and do all of the aforementioned in the months leading up to the US Election where Donald Trump will likely become President and hamper the goal of world domination of the CCP and Xi Jingping. Sounds ridiculous but that is exactly what happened. And IF the West pulls through, and IF Trump gets re-elected and IF he continues to keep China down, they WILL not stop. The will go to any length to stop the West and particularly Trump who is NOT a part of the globalist CCP agenda. To what extent? We can only wait to see what they do next.
    Starting a pandemic, even in their own back yard and killing millions of your own citizens is nothing when you have 1.4 BILLION subjects under you.


    Very good article. I have plenty of ammo but I think I probably ought to go get some more.

    Gordon Freeman

    I just realized that the CCP does not have 1.4 Billion subjects, the number of citizens commonly thought to populate China. They have more like 3-4 billion or more subjects if you include (and you should) all those that sympathize with, support and/or are influenced by the propaganda, bribes, payoffs, loans and kickbacks the CCP has done for the last 20 years all over the world. The CCP is the world's largest Mafia. They are a gang of criminals in a giant Chinese syndicate that uses deception, fraud, force, violence and other immoral methods to get their way.


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