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Virus Will Fail To Destroy America, What Will They Try Next?

Virus Will Fail To Destroy America, Now Will They Try To Kill Trump?
25 November 1963 Procession to St. Matthew’s Cathedral. Caisson and casket, standard bearers, riderless horse (“Black Jack”), mourners. White House, North Front

I’m Worried About Our President

I used to think people who pitched the theory that the Deep State killed JFK were crazy. Not anymore. Not after the last four years.

I have to admit…I’m worried about Trump’s safety.

The Chinese coronavirus pandemic is a weapon, a weapon against POTUS, and against America.

If it happened in a vacuum, then maybe I would not think this way, maybe I would consider it just an act of Mother Nature. But it did not.

It happened after all the attempts during the election to undo Trump — the Access Hollywood tape, the women falsely accusing him of assault, Omarosa’s accusations of racism after the inauguration, and on and on and on.

It happened after Obama spied on the Trump campaign.

It happened after the Russia Hoax and the Mueller investigation failed (because it was all lies).

It happened after a ridiculous failed impeachment.

It happened right after Trump check mated China with tariffs and began the collapse of the Chinese economy which heralded the end of Chicom rule in Beijing.

It happened right before the election.

The virus originated in the city which houses the only Chinese high security bio lab in existence, built by the French.

The virus is destroying Trump’s greatest achievement — the rebirth of the American economy, which was only going to get better as November approached.

No, don’t tell me this is just some coincidence, an accident of nature.

All you have to do to confirm my theory is look at the coverage of the legacy, corrupt media, which is cheering the virus on, the calls for further shutdowns from Democratic Party governors, the refusal to admit chloroquine works against this pathogen.

Despite all of this, America is standing tall. We have begun to decouple from the communist monsters in Beijing. Trump’s poll numbers are going up, and up, and up. The media has resorted to halting coverage of his daily briefings. Joe Biden is trying to remember who his wife is. Trump’s re-election is assured.

That’s what scares me the most.

God Bless our Secret Service and may all the Deep State traitors stay away from our beloved Commander-in-Chief!

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Fatboy April 4, 2020 at 10:30 pm

glad to see someone else sees this

tinderbox April 4, 2020 at 11:05 pm

Fatboy. Not only has it been observed, but duly noted. The question is: What is all the true patriots gonna do, besides being inactive spectators as is currently the case.. We cannot dare to expect the POTUS to take care of the liberal traitorous affront himself. Otherwise the spectre of JFK, MLK, and RFK will rear its’ destructive shadowy essence again.

gkruz April 5, 2020 at 2:29 am

MLK was a communist puppet.

TJ May 2, 2020 at 6:30 pm

It’s not a coincidence, my friend.

Gallup, NM CV19 mitigation is to me a cover for isolating a major drug distribution hub of the deep state. Reminds me of military shutting down approach to Devil’s Tower in Close Encounters of 3rd Kind. Comes on the day Trump signs Exec. Order to acquire more military to help with going after the cartels. Take off your mask and breathe the air.

They killed all the Kennedys. Bush was supposed to take the helm after his ordered hit on Reagan. No legit president between 1988-2016. Romney and Clinton were clearly insurance policies. How did Romney vote during impeachment? Nixon was one of them.

What did Bush do in China as defacto Ambassador? Why is the CIA run by Bush at one time so deeply deep state? Bush on Nixon’s covert payroll? What’s up with that? Prevented VP on Ford ticket. Deep state eventually cleared him for VP on Reagan ticket.

GW Bush simply stepped back and let 9/11 hijackings happen-why do it yourself when someone else is willing to do it for you–all else is disinfo. Foiled FBI attempt in MN to expose terrorist operation. They knew the president wasn’t in danger at school from an attack on America, otherwise they would have moved him quickly to AF1. They knew where all the terrorists were.

These people are evil.

I think Trump is waiting to fully open JFK assassination archives until after the cartels are shut down. They no longer have their Fed Reserve credit card. Only so much the public can psychologically handle at one time.


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