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    Pentagon Doesn't Want To Admit It, But This Is War

    April 18, 2020

    Attention In The Area. This Is Not A Drill.

    Fact #1 -- The Chinese coronavirus was created in a bioweapons lab in China. That is now mainstream consensus. It did not come from some food market near the lab.

    Fact #2 -- The Chinese coronavirus does not occur naturally in nature. Read here comments from the virologist who discovered the AIDS virus.

    Contrary to the narrative that is being pushed by the mainstream that the COVID 19 virus was the result of a natural mutation and that it was transmitted to humans from bats via pangolins, Dr Luc Montagnier the man who discovered the HIV virus back in 1983 disagrees and is saying that the virus was man made, writes Gilmore Health News.

    Fact #3 -- China allowed 5 million people to leave Wuhan for the Chinese New Year celebrations around the world in Italy, New York, California, and elsewhere in the West. This was weeks or months after China knew the population was infected, and right before they shut down the entire city through a massive quarantine.

    Fact #4 -- China, at the same time as they allowed the above departures, prevented anyone from the Wuhan region from traveling to other regions of China.

    Fact #5 -- Chinese-friendly media in the West, in conjunction with other American elites, pushed the 'lockdown' solution on the United States, knowing it would severely damage the American economy and the Trump presidency. These forces CONTINUE to attempt to keep America locked down and are fighting Trump's efforts to reopen the U.S.

    Fact #6 - China has now reopened for business.

    Fact #7 - This entire charade was implemented after the failed Russia hoax and Mueller investigation. The release happened concurrent with the impeachment sham. This pandemic is happening right before the presidential election.

    Fact #8 -- The Trump economy was the President's strongest ace-in-the-hole for re-election in November.

    Fact #9 -- The Trump trade wars had begun the disintegration of the Chinese economy, as Beijing had already lost 30% of its manufacturing prior to the outbreak. The Trump tariffs had the Chinese Communist Party in checkmate and their dreams for world economic domination had been abruptly halted. This scenario would put the CCP grip on power on the Chinese Mainland in jeopardy.

    Fact #10 -- Joe Biden is soft on China. China wants Biden as POTUS, not Trump.

    None of these facts can be disputed.

    There are further facts that are curious.

    For instance, it is now established the United States government was funding the coronavirus research at the Wuhan bio lab. Many players in the U.S. government have also been pushing the complete lockdown scenario. Many in the U.S. government have very questionable ties to communist China. Many in the U.S. government who are pushing the lockdown agenda have ties to Bill Gates, including senior health officials very close to Trump who advised him to shut down the economy. Bill Gates oversaw the gaming of a global coronavirus outbreak in October called Event 201. Many in the U.S. government are allied with the Deep State who desperately want to take down President Trump.

    It is also true that as information was strategically leaked to the press, confirming the Wuhan bio lab was the origin of the pathogen, many in the press coincidentally pushed the concurrent narrative, and alleged 'intelligence estimate' that it was all 'an accident' and not a bioweapon. I don't watch the Leftist garbage news outlets but even Fox New's Brett Baier went out of his way in a peculiar statement on Tucker Carlson Tonight recently to make sure people knew 'it was just an accident'. This was just bizarre.

    This is all just TOO coincidental. I don't believe in coincidences.

    This is biological warfare against the United States with the aim of preventing Trump's re-election and destroying our economy and our freedoms. It doesn't matter whether China released the virus intentionally or not; what matters is their actions afterwards, which were an act of war.

    What do we do about it?

    We open our economy as quick as possible. We force the Pentagon and the Executive Branch to face the fact that we are in a war with China, a hot shooting war. This is problematic because Obama installed many traitors in the Federal government who are preventing this realization, and could be agents of Beijing.

    Second, we force pain on China in return.

    A strategic default on the approximately $2 trillion we owe China through our sovereign debt would be a very good place to start and would begin to soften the financial blow to this country.

    We have to also rapidly become self-sufficient in certain industries. This needs to happen immediately.

    I don't want my children to live under communism.

    I Repeat. This Is Not A Drill.



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Two things have to happen before Trump gets backing for 2020.
    1) Prosecute high level Deep State like HRC, before elections.
    2) Dismantle the CCP in China.

    Greg Pierce

    Zoomies, I was an exchange student there from Woo Poo U back in 1971. Looks to me like some of you types “toughened up” since then and I am glad to see it. Carry on.



    AmericanPatriot, For the sake of our country and its founding principles, I hope you would reconsider your position about supporting president trump in the upcoming. On the other hand, your goals are admirable and I support them!


    Greg Pierce: As a grad, please 'like' our Facebook page -- Service Academy Grads for Change



    The writing was on the wall over a month ago. Trump (the US) is being attacked from all sides. In reality 911 never ended, it just went undercover and is just now , again, rearing their ugly heads. Death to traitors. No prisoners at all.


    If our Top Military Guys don't know it's war, Then they all need to be Replaced Immediately.


    I agree completely. China defeated the UN and the US in North Korea, thus making North Korea a continued threat to world peace almost 70 years later. The US still maintains a military presence in South Korea. China defeated the US in Vietnam, making Vietnam a communist country. China has waged industrial and military espionage in the US for decades. China convinced the global socialists (Soros, Gates, et al) that it should become an economic power equal to the US by pretending it was transitioning to "free enterprise", a complete lie. Clinton, Bush, and Obama played directly into China's ploy. We've been at war with China since Korea, and President Trump is first President to realize it and take a stand.


    There is a war between the rich and poor,
    A war between the man and the woman.
    There is a war between the ones who say there is a war
    And the ones who say there isn't.
    There is a war between the rich and poor,
    A war between the man and the woman.
    There is a war between the left and right,
    A war between the black and white,
    A war between the odd and the even.Why don't you come on back to the war, don't be a tourist,
    Why don't you come on back to the war, before it hurts us,
    Why don't you come on back to the war, let's all get nervous.
    Leonard Cohen 1974

    Marshall Gill

    Yeah, let's nuke em!! Or invade!! What could possibly go wrong in a land war in Asia? A virus as deadly as the flu came from there, lets kill thousands or millions!! Or wait, even better, lets make it where all the things we use in America are produced by over paid union employees!!! That two dollar toy you put in your child's Christmas stocking will now cost $30! But hey, WAR on CHINA!!! Or I know, maybe we can sue them!!! Maybe we can make billions for some attorneys and the government!!!


    This article is the absolute truth and presents a very concerning fact: The globalist deep state is very much alive, healthy, and ready to wreak havoc on planet earth through satanist schemes. We are puppets to them. Meaningless nuisance organisms.


    If nothing else, China at best was guilty of gross criminal negligence. If it deliberately spread the virus, whether from a lab, initially by accident in Wuhan, then that is a form of biological warfare. The President seemed quite tired yesterday at the Press conference, and I believe it was the knowledge that this was not a simple mistake...the investigation may be ongoing or it may be cover to give him time. Getting our nation economically back on her feet is the first thing that must happen, putting our military on alert in spite of the virus is another. Offering to hold joint combined maneuvers with Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea is a third, to the point of permanently basing forces again in Taiwan. Freezing all Chinese assets in this nation to pay for the enormous damage done is another measure. And then, we must focus on internal enemies such as the billionaires that have encouraged the destruction of US manufacturing, readiness, and have made such propaganda efforts against this nation. Soros, Gates, Bloomfield, should all have their wings clipped and their activities with NGOs, especially those influencing elections halted. Lastly, if the leftist radical press and democrats, once Chinese perfidity is known, still support China, then the party and media need to be abolished, arrested, and replaced with a more loyal watchdog and opposition. Chinese expansion and imperialism has been occuring for decades and now has reached a point where we may be hoisted by our own petard. This was similar to us selling the Japanese, oil and raw materials prior to Pearl Harbor and the outbreak of WWII. Si vic pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war.


    It would not surprise me if high levels of the democrat party wasn't working with China on this. A few million dead Americans would mean nothing to them if they could retain power and increase it by getting rid of Donald Trump.


    In a recent daily WH briefing, Pres. Trump let out that the national war against Covid-19 is essentially "a military operation", and he used those specific words.

    Alej Marcos

    April 19, 2020 at 10:03 am
    "AmericanPatriot, For the sake of our country and its founding principles, I hope you would reconsider your position about supporting president trump in the upcoming election."

    Only eight more months until you scream at the sky and cry again !

    prester khan

    You can agitate about this all you want, but the government absolutely needs proof positive evidence before it can make any statement supporting it.

    Remember, a Bio attack = a Chemical attack = a Nuclear attack as regards the scope of US response.

    John Whitworth

    Prester...We know for sure that the China released thousands of infected Chinamen into Europe and America. We don't know for sure that they planned this from the start .. nor are we sure that they bioengineered this virus as a weapon (although there are a few scientists including a Nobel Prize winning biologist that says it WAS manufactured as a weapon) .. all we know is that the Chinese KNOWINGLY sent infected people into the rest of the world..Far be it from me to use inflammatory rhetoric...but that is pretty close to an act of war.


    I have thought all along that this was an act of war by the Chinese Communist government. Thank you for expressing this so clearly. About the first thing we should do is expel all Communist Chinese students from North America. It is stupid to train those who wish to defeat us.


    remember the grunting judenrat, Kissinger.
    THAT, is a "good start".

    […] Update 9: L. Todd Wood: Pentagon Doesn’t Want To Admit It, But This Is War […]

    William Dorich

    Americans Become Robots in the ‘Military Industrial Complex’…
    The Destruction of Civil Rights...
    By Wm. Dorich

    As the author of 10 books, six on Balkan history, and a journalists in the Serbian press for 15 years during the break up of former Yugoslavia, I come from a highly suspicious mindset. Prior to the war beginning in 1990, U.S. Senator Robert Dole introduced a vindictive piece of legislation. Just 23 lines long and buried in the Foreign Appropriation Bill #101-513, this legislation cut all loan guarantees and aid to Yugoslavia when that nation was $31 billion in debt. This was in direct violation of the Helsinki Act which forbids "Any act of economic or other coercion " Senator Dole's bill, however, shockingly allowed continued U.S. financial aid to be directed to 6 Yugoslav republics, provided that they hold "democratic" elections within 6 months. This was an outrageous violation of the sovereignty of Yugoslavia, ignored by the United Nations as Americans played along with the illegal scam…
    Well-financed public relations firms were hired. The Bosnian Muslims spent $72 million and the Croatians spent $60 million to demonize the Serbian nation according to the Freedom of Information Act—a sinister plot to dismember and destroy a small nation using its own minorities. Ruder/Finn the largest public relations firm in Washington claimed they "were not paid to be moral," and they proved those were not idle words.

    Madeleine Albright and Richard Holbrooke managed to convince President Clinton to bomb Serbia in 1999—I was shocked to discover that Brown & Root began construction of Camp Bondsteel on the very first day of bombing—the largest military base in the world built since Vietnam, before there was any outcome of the bombing. I then discovered that 15 retired American generals from MPRI in Alexandria, Virginia went to Croatia to serve as ‘mercenaries’ training Croatian forces and planning “Operation Storm” in 1995 the largest “Ethnic cleansing” of any population since WWII of 230,000 Serbs from land on which they lived since the 7th century. The so called “Arms Embargo” was the biggest lie and deception as was the fabrication of “50,000 Rapes of Bosnian Women,” the “Markale Market Massacre by Muslims on their own people” as moronic Senators like Joe Biden called the Serbian people “Illiterates, Degenerates, Baby Killers, Rapists, Cowards, Aggressors, Invaders, Terrorists and Nazis” in a five-minute interview on August 1, 1993 on CNN. Thankfully he was not afforded more time…I still wonder how this moron believed the Serbs could be “invaders and aggressors” on their own land? Were the Los Angeles police 'aggressors and invaders' during the Watts Riots? YET, MOST AMERICAN ROBOTS BELIEVED. While President Clinton claimed “Neutrality,” our Military Industrial Complex made secret weekly flights into Croatia to supply them with illegal weapons.

    These events and the $100 Billion in illegal bombing damage done to Serbia in 1999 against allies of Americans in two World Wars, was an eye-opening event that make the overview of the past 4 years come into clear focus. I never gave the “Deep State Concept” much thought until Donald Trump was elected President. The outrageous behavior of the DNC who manipulated the election by betraying Bernie Sander’s voters was matched by Hillary Clinton in that last debate in which she challenged Trump of “not accepting the outcome of the election”—only for her to refuse the results of the election in which Trump receive 304 Electoral College votes against Hillary’s 227. For the first year she made a complete ass of herself like a petulant child refusing to accept reality while throwing continuous media temper tantrums as the world’s biggest sore looser!

    Things got ugly with Trump firing James Comey quickly followed by the Robert Mueller’s phony investigation of 'Russian Collusion' spending over $40 million on this concocted fraud by Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and their ilk. But the Democrats refused to give up the ghost of getting rid of Trump and the nation was then treated with the Ukrainian Phone Call hoax and the yet to be identified “Whistleblower” that led to the impeachment of the 3rd president in American history, another fraud costing the taxpayers millions spending precious time in January and February on the impeachment when this Wuhan outbreak of the Coronavirus was setting the stage for this pandemic… and Trump was vilified for stopping travel from China…

    Now we are faced with an instant “Pandemic” where in three months the total cases represent 311,000 of which 8,400 Americans have died in a nation of 330 million, a country where the annual rate of death from the flu is 0.1%, the coronavirus is 10 times greater or 1%. I simply do not believe the projected numbers of “250,000 to 600,000” could die in this pandemic when we compare the Flu Epidemic of 1918 in which 700,000 died under more primitive medical circumstances...are we pretending to still have a primitive medical system?

    I can’t escape the feeling the Government knows more than they are telling us... China either did this intentionally, or screwed up BIG TIME and decided to hide it. Either way, my suspicious nature about my country and the evil underhanded things we have done in recent years changes nothing. I recognize that it is in fact Constitutional Doctrine that, at times, war does trump rights (no pun intended). Lincoln's suspension of Habeas Corpus, or the Japanese internment camps of Manzanar where the American government forced 110,000 Japanese citizens to leave their homes to be imprisoned during WWII in fear of their betrayal...these were aberrations brought about by extraordinary circumstances but many of our elected officials have become expert at betrayal… give them an inch they take a mile and trample on the Constitution turning it into toilet paper.

    Bringing down the economy indicates the cure may indeed be worse than the disease. Many families will never recover from this shut down and both parties were too eager to take advantage of the crisis…Just like President Obama brought on a banking and real estate crash in which millions lost their homes and their savings that took years to build… how does a 75-year-old retiree replace $200,000 of their 401K savings that took 50 years to accumulate? Again, the cure was worse than the disease being convinced the banks and major corporations “were too big to fail”…those banks and corporations created the crisis by giving mortgage loans to millions to low-income people they knew from the outset were incapable of repaying. We can blame Rep. Barney Frank for this reckless financial bull shit in which his bill forced banks to give those loans.

    I still suspect this “Pandemic” is an ugly power grab as each passing week our individual freedoms are being destroyed …almost like each is a test case to see how far each side will go without causing revolt or riots in the streets. The panic being generated by the media that somehow people in Iowa with "11 deaths" is comparable to New York city with "5,500 deaths" is fear mongering at its best while moronic Governor Cuomo refused to order “15,000 ventilators in 2015” instead spending the funds on the New York State Lottery, or his investment of $700 million on a worthless Solar project that went broke. But that might just be my inherent distrust of any government including my own state of California in which we spent $87 million on a bullet train to nowhere and are spending $28 Billion a year on illegal immigrants and robbing the state’s Pension system creating a $90 Billion short-fall that anyone retiring in the next 5 years might receive half of what they were guaranteed.

    If we honestly look at the behavior of the United States that suffers from its abuse of power from time to time like dropping nuclear bombs on Japan, invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam and Syria or bombing Yugoslavia—a hideous violation of the UN Charter, the Geneva Convention and the Helsinki Accords, even violating the NATO Charter that is based on a ‘Defensive Treaty’…(Yugoslavia did not attack any NATO country) it was defending itself in a Civil War against outside forces and the threat of U.S. troops occupying Yugoslav territory much like the Nazis did on Palm Sunday in 1941 when they killed 17,000 Serbs in one day! Bombing Serbs because they refused our embrace was stupid foreign policy pushed by our Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright at a time when less then 80,000 were killed on a three-sided Civil War. Our government and our media lied to us for 7 years that over “250,000 had been killed,” it became a media mantra. In President Clinton’s last inaugural address, he upped the ante to “300,000.” When the war ended and the truth was known from human rights organizations it was a combined total on three sides of “96,400 victims,” less than the auto accidents in the U.S. each year…

    Lord Acton had it right when he said... “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” However, we rarely hear the rest of his quote “…and great men are seldom good men.” I prefer President Truman’s statement that "You can't get rich in politics unless you're a crook." We have hundreds of millionaires in the House and Senate!

    One only needs to check out Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s behavior in adding her wish list to the $2 Trillion Economic Relief Plan the shocking amounts of $10,000 per person for student loan bailouts, $15 Million for Veterans Employment Training…(isn’t the GI Bill enough?) $300 million for Migrant and Refugee Assistance, $300,000 for Public Broadcasting, $500,000 for Museums and $25 million for Cleaning Supplies for the Capital Building (I kid you not, it’s on page 136)…none of these bailouts has anything to do with protecting the nation against the Coronavirus.

    But given the chance to flex their police powers, House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn has already admitted the Democrats will not “let a good crisis go to waste to fulfill their agenda”…as dishonest Senators Richard Burr and Diane Feinstein sell off millions of their stock holdings just days before the crisis hit utilizing insider trader information that sent Martha Stewart to jail…meanwhile governors, mayors, and other 'executives' are grabbing on with both hands and dragging all of us into the abyss from which we will all suffer the consequences.

    Few of us will ever be made whole with the loss of our business—my 34-year-old publishing company will not qualify to receive a single dime in this government bailout program as my workers are all ‘independent contractors,’ editors, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators, not employees …we cannot simply pay people to stay home for months on end without destroying this economy completely and setting into motion a DEPRESSION worse than 1929…but this would make a lot of Democrats happy as morons in our entertainment business like Bill Maher is “Hoping for a crashing economy” to achieve their goals of getting Trump out of office. If the stupid bastard gets his wish the film industry, the Stock Market and thousands of small businesses will crash under such immoral thinking…we already see the impact of such thinking as last week 10 million Americans filed for unemployment!

    In my nightmare I envision the stock holders in the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ smiling from ear to ear, just like they did after the gains of BILLIONS in stock profits after 78 days of bombing of Serbia when 50 years of weapons storage was empties onto the heads of the Serbian people and all those weapons had to be rebuilt and restocked…AND LIKE OBEDIENT ROBOTS WE BELIEVED!

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