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    Pledge Allegiance To The Scrubs

    May 1, 2020

    The case for meritocracy has never been more necessary than it is today in a world filled with fear and the uncertainty of a pandemic sweeping entire nations. Close your eyes and imagine the working conditions of our front-line heroes risking their lives everyday to keep the Nation healthy and provide medical treatment and support to Communities ravaged by a pandemic. The healthcare nurses and doctors putting their lives on the lines for us

    But once you open your eyes and look at your screens you will see some mediocre-choreographed Tik Tok (Chinese company, by the way) videos of these heroes during work hours all while unemployment claims have reached 30 million in a matter of weeks. 

    “Stay Home, Save Lives” is a message being delivered to us everyday by these overpaid, under-worked heroes. This message should, in a sane reality, resonate with the American public since medical error and malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., claiming more than 250,000 lives every year. 


    But why would such a small amount of the population that makes up the Medical Community be allowed to dictate the fate of our economy? What sinister reason might there be for politically motivated speech by a Community that is to serve to the best interests of the individual?

    Current news would like us to think of this time as a Time of War and for many Americans, it does feel like it is. Basic needs are still being met but that is a privilege that is afforded even to P.O.W. as per the Geneva Convention. Shelter in place and quarantine orders forcing businesses to shut down feels like a step away from martial law. 

    And yet, this deadly disease that our heroes-in-scrubs are fighting has a 97% survivability rate

    Any military man, even those armchair generals, would be able to tell you that these numbers would not be a cause for much concern during military operations. Comparing our Medical Community to the men landing in Okinawa or Normandy is a far, far stretch, but one that is being used by our Communist leaning politicians to prop up a group of undeserving marionettes who now, no doubt feel the need to be bestowed with a national monument or the Medal of Honor for their sacrifice of working overtime with inflated wages, while the rest of America goes bust and people lose their economic stability.

    In the last weeks, groups of Patriots have been gathering at government houses all across the country demanding the States reopen and the business restrictions be lifted. This has been met with much resistance from Chinese-paid media outlets and the handful of front-line C.N.A.’s who, after heroically completing double shifts at their Hospital Choreographic Centers, have altruistically found time out of their busy schedules to counter-protest the American people who only want freedom restored. 

    Dressed in their scrubs they have stood bravely, facing these monsters who would have “people dying” in order to be able to pay off their mortgage or the sinister plot to put food on the table for their families. If the rest of the Nation could only understand the plight of those making overtime and hazard pay (all the while managing the social media needed to be able to post messages from our “freedom-loving, working-class proponent” Governors and State Representatives in such a blind manner that would make the Soviet State apparatus proud), we could defeat the coronavirus and be back to our government-granted privileges in no time.

    There's one good thing that has come from this virus though, and that is that a two-year degree from a Community College can instantly transform you into a Nobel laureate “expert” economist in the opinion of our smartest news journalists. Our heroes have, through the course of this pandemic, been able to voice their opinions on the rest of us lowly, single-minded people who would prioritize putting food and a roof over our heads to an inconvenience to our medical community. How dare we demand that the economy restarts when it could mean that our R.N.’s would have a 50% decrease on their time spent orchestrating and performing their choreographic stunts, selfishlessly for our enjoyment. 

    This is the reality we are living in now. The new reality where meritocracy and hard work have no place and where a handful (not all) of the medical community can dictate that in order to kill the fly, we will need the most expensive sledgehammer. 

    There is a time and a place for someone to be considered a hero: a deed so worth remembering that it is passed onto future generations as something to be emulated. Misguided opinions of a handful of people - - who are not affected by this economy, is not one of those times, nor is being a mouthpiece for politicians that want to control and destroy your well-being one of those deeds.



    Taylor Day

    Taylor Day lives in New England where she enjoys being an outspoken anti-SJW, firearm enthusiast and writer. Her previous publications include The New York Times, U.S. Catholic and American Thinker with appearances on MSNBC and LocknLoad Radio.
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    Fun For Not Just the Elite!

    they get to dance like that I do not?
    millionaire elite athletes (just like China!) get to play all the baseball, basketball, football, but you and I are not allowed.
    Even in the face of the obvious. Elites doing whatever the f*** they want makes the scientific purpose of SOCIAL DISTANCING SEPARATION OF HUMANITY nothing but political.
    And even though COVID IS HIGHLY PREVENTABLE NOW, CURABLE OVER 90% Hospitalizations!
    We still run around with our masks of fear and shame like good little comrads in that Seinfeld episode "Soup Nazi".... cowering in fear in line, afraid to even move forward.
    refuse your mask NO GROCERIES FOR YOU!
    I cannot believe brainwashed millenials are buying into this fearPanic = Universal Health Care Mandated responsiblity for the fact that your next door neighbor has a miniscule chance of getting sick from you... If only you weren't one of the 99%healthy
    It's nuts fear panic and people just lay down like sheep

    Tatiana Menaker

    Two weeks ago I stumbled in the kitchen, fell and had concussion. Came to Emergency of the huge California Kaiser hospital on 1200 El Camino Real. I WAS ALONE in the Emergency and Radiology and in the Waiting room for three hours. Covid-19 entrance was totally empty.
    San Francisco had 31 deaths in this epidemic per 1,754 corona virus cases, that is 98.3% of survival. As Ben Carson said, we can not operate from hysteria. 32 persons per year are dying only in San Francisco in traffic accidents. Did the same amount of deaths move authorities to close automobile traffic in the city and to keep residents at home forbidding to use autos?


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