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Small Business Is The Target Of Chinese Coronavirus

Small Business Is The Target Of Chinese Coronavirus
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We at CDMedia have attempted to help readers see the bigger picture on what happened in the country during the criminal Obama administration and subsequently what is happening now during the Chinese coronavirus lockdown. The Obama cabal was simply nothing more than highly organized crime, which is still pushing its agenda today.

We have written that we don’t believe in coincidences, that this pandemic coming in succession right after the failure of the Russia hoax, the Mueller investigation, and the impeachment sham, simply does not pass the smell test.

The obvious target is Trump, but America as well. What makes it so obvious this was done intentionally is the coincident lockdowns the blue state tyrant governors are forcing upon us.

The aim of this effort is not just POTUS, and preventing his re-election due to a collapsing economy, but specifically, the target is also small business.

Small business is the engine of America. It creates most of the jobs in this country. It is our economic backbone. It is the keeper of our economic freedom.

Owners of small business are by nature self-reliant, not dependent on government…in other words…free.

They are also mostly conservatives and Republicans as they know what it takes to succeed in business and they want the government out of the way, not a handout. This is a completely different constituency that the Democrats hold, those that depend of handouts, pushing universal basic income. In effect, they are pushing for communism.

So what better way to destroy the conservative Trump base than to destroy their income, destroy their families, destroy their ability to practice their religion, destroy their independence from government. Presto…a pandemic…and stay at home orders!

This is why blue state governors want the lockdowns to continue. One thing you can say for the Left, is they are nothing but coordinated and focused on their efforts to destroy America. All you have to do is listen to the same Leftist talking points spewed across the corrupt media daily to understand that. This coordination extends to local and state governments as well as judges, educators, et cetera.

Instructions on the lockdown have beed issued to the foot soldiers and junior officers of the communist party in America. This is why they have no problem jailing a mother in Texas for the crime of feeding her children.

People ask me — so what can we do?

I tell them it is time to stand up. It is time to confront this evil everywhere you see and hear it. If it’s in your family, confront it. If it comes from your children’s mouths, confront it. If it appears in your local school system, confront it. If it appears in your local government, confront it. Don’t accept even one part of this charade, because it you allow one thing to change for the worse, it will never go back to what it was.

The Chinese Communist Party, which is behind much of what is happening in America, plays the long game. If they can use this crisis to install mass surveillance in America in any substantial way, they have won the battle. If they can change the way we think about freedom, and what we allow, they will have won the battle.

If they can train your children to speak like good communist Young Pioneers, they have won a battle.

Eventually they will win enough battles to win the war.

America has to rise up in the streets about what is happening in this great land we love.

We at CDMedia will do our part; we hope you will join us.

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