• American Bolsheviks Have Started Their Revolution...Patriots It's Time To Defend Our Nation From Communism

    May 30, 2020

    This Has Nothing To Do With Race

    Soldiers of the Red Army attack the island fortress of Kronstadt on the ice of the Gulf of Finland

    This has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with destroying the American republic with a communist revolution. As The White House is under siege, Patriots it's time to defend the country.

    This has been long planned. They have been building up to this for years. Now they are executing the plan and won't stop. As we wrote yesterday, Russia Hoax, Impeachment, Chinese coronavirus didn't work, time for the race war -- and massive violence.

    This is the American useful idiot Left, being pushed, funded enabled by globalists paid. off by the Chinese Communist Party.

    We must resist. This is what the Second Amendment was made for.

    As our famous columnist Baruch Pletner declared this morning - "Pelosi said that they can't allow Trump's reelection. She meant it.

    "They were complacent then [2016]. This year they won't be. They'll set the whole country on fire rather than lose... unfortunately.

    "The White House is almost under siege right now. Police stations in NYC are being taken over. It's the Russian Empire in October of 1917."

    American Bolsheviks Have Started The Revolution...Patriots Its Time To Defend Our Nation From Communism

    President Trump - stop being blindsided by these events. Get out in front of them. We need your leadership.

    Release the information you have on Deep State operations against America for the last four years. Our citizenry have the right to know.

    Communists storming the Tsar's Winter Palace During Russian Revolution

    In the words of 'Clash of the Titans' -- Release the Kraken!

    Patriots, take to the streets in opposition to what these communist thugs are doing to our beautiful nation. Yes, they will burn it down rather than allow Trump's re-election.

    Don't we have enough proof of that already?

    Let CDMedia be the new Paul Revere!

    The Communists are coming! The Communists are coming!


    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    I like the smoke and fire of your article.
    But I have to disagree with you in one respect ---it will be about race because the Democrats have set themselves up to be the Party Of Colour..
    One reason for the Democrat's inactions regarding non-white crime is that of politicians not wanting to pi$$-off their BASE.
    There are others.
    But then you see the same situation in European countries that shield Muslim crime.
    I'm surprised the Deep State hasn't made an assassination attempt.
    The DOJ must be causing a lot of concern among all the bad guys in the bureaucracy.
    Maybe the Deep State actors are saving "checkmate" until the night before the election.?
    The Left is stronger than the Right but not strong enough to generate a civil war.---yet.
    I don't think Trump will win in November due to massive illegalities by social media, fraud, and the generation of more chaos.
    Trump needs to be more PUTINISH..
    Mich McConnell has probably warned of Senate Impeachment if Trump tries to get authoritarian.
    He is the tail wagging the Dog--IMO.
    I think Trump is living in fear of something; but have no idea what.
    If there is too much chaos then it might affect the armed forces.
    I seem to remember riots on aircraft carriers back in the 60s.
    Their was a lot of racial tension in my airborne unit in Mainz Germany 1965-66.
    I can see China trying to take advantage and causing a general war.
    I think there will be at least a decade before there are race wars in US.
    The Democrats need time to establish total control.
    Then it will come because of economic war against white people--reparations, etc
    All This is disjointed because it is a stream of consciousness post!..

    Iam Lex

    Race is most certainly a part of this.

    The Bolsheviks were Jewish and hated the native Russians.


    They are Not Protesters. They are enemy Combatants. Treat them as such.


    There are TWO known assassination attempts at this time. One was a missile launched at AF1 in international waters, and one on video where a retard drives out of the woods thinking he'll damage the "beast". A Bin Laden was rumored to have been seen in N. Korea carrying a "suitcase".


    According to FBI stats We The People own over 500 million firearms and a trillion rounds of ammo...Also at this time in US history there are more combat hardened vets alive now then ever before who still hold their sworn oath seriously.The Commie left will die in less then a week if We The People deem it so


    This is not Revolution ... this is rebellion hoping to become a Revolution. In order for their to be Revolution you have to have at Issue the heart of the country. This is to disrupt the Election at all costs. DJT will Do what is Necessary be assured of it, he is not over reacting and in time this rebellion will be crushed!!!!


    The communists in China and elsewhere are calling the shots on these "protests" but it is Americans who are implementing the execution of the plan. Start with Bill Ayres and Bernadet Dorn, Obama and his minions. Antifa, BLM, Americorp, etc. Clower Privin, Saul Alinski.


    Considering the leftist spin in the mainstream media, 'taking to the streets' would likely be an optics backfire.
    First amendment protections including freedom to assemble and freedom of religion are under heavy fire.

    Somehow these 'protests' (riots) are being sanctioned in the media. We must uphold our rights to defend our families and property, and also to worship without governmental restriction.


    St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter: "Every single person we arrested last night, I'm told, was from out of state."

    And odds are good that these rent-a-mobs are paid for by that piece of human feces Barack Hussein Obama, the DNC and George Soros. There is a reason assassination was invented.


    Indeed Iam Lex it indeed is being orchestrated by the Boshevik Communists which originated in NYC many years ago by Jewish bank owners. Then sent their Jewish emissaries to Russia to take down Russia, a Christian nation. To foment the revolution they armed their sycophants with rifles, shipped them to Russia on trains and turned them loose on the people of Russia.

    So it is here in America, and yes it was only a matter of time before they recruited the weak minded, who are nothing more than cannon fodder.

    However, let me say this. Look out Soros your will not be safe in the streets of America, you and your sons days as ruthless funders of collaborators is over. And should you be found walking from door to limo, you need to know your life will be a target. We the people are fed up, so go hide in your hole, because it will never..... never be safe for you.

    Beverly Gassen

    George Soros SHOULD BE ............

    Dunga Ree

    The Dem party has a long history of using "spontaneous" demonstrations to create the impression of overwhelming support for their positions. We know that racial division is very important to their positioning. They have various non-political subgroups that receive training from community organizers and funding from various sources such as George Soros. BLM, Occupy Wall Street and Antifa were used most recently. They are poised to pounce on any event that can be attributed to racial discrimination. The blatant disregard for the life of George Floyd in Minneapolis came at a most opportune time to distract from the release of documents illustrating the depth of conspiracy in the Michael Flynn and Russian Collusion cases, and the disclosure of more nursing home deaths by virus in Dem controlled states. We are in a very serious time with the Presidential election approaching. The GOP needs to control the White House, Senate and the House to be able to make the substantive changes. The Dems wil fight all the way. They do want to "Fundamentally Transform America ” .


    Many comments on this thread touch on the truth. Bubba (above) comes the closest to what's actually happening. Many factions are intracting, each for their own gains, but most with the common goal of socialism. It seems that every 3rd or 4th generation has to learn the same lessons all over again. We are blessed to have Donald Trump at the helm. The MSM are the propaganda agents for the current crop of U.S. Marxists (Democrats). Facebook, Twwitter, et al, are the monopolistic censors that need to be broken up like Ma Bell and Pullman. ... Meanwhile a race war might be shaping up. ... Hard times ahead. Most true Americans are sick of it and just want to get it over with.



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    Nanky Jane

    The anarchists that are showing up in various cities throughout the country are inciting the violence, looting and arson. They antagonize the community that has come out to see what is going on or who are there to legitimately protest against George's death at the knee of a brutal police officer. The anarchists are shipped in and paid by BLM, Antifa etc. which are organizations founded and funded by George Soros. Soros has bought off Dem governors, mayors, AG's. That is what all the releasing of prisoners during covid19 was all about. This is straight from "Rules for Radicals"/Saul Alinsky on how to bring down a nation. Intent, create chaos, fear, civil unrest and eventually, you topple the government and then the people welcome UN peace keeping force and they set up a One World Government. They can't allow Trump to win, but he must win. It is time for Trump to label BLM, Antifa, domestic terrorist organizations and go after them and all their little subsets.


    The Covid shutdown situation is highly reminiscent of the Bolshevik elimination of the independent middle class of those days, the small independent farmers in the Ukraine. Then it was the confiscation of their feedstock "for the greater good", to not only force them into the large kolkhoz, but to starve to death the ones who wouldn't submit. Today small business people and independent contractors are eliminated by these shutdowns and the corporate giants, who are supportive of the left, gain, while socialist governors implement these policies.


    boom... nailed it

    John Doe

    Definitely George Soros SHOuLD BE.............

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    5th Combat Def. Sq.

    I meant to add that Bubba is pretty much on the mark. But we must be ready at a moments notice if things get real. It is interesting to me that there hasn’t been anyone holding G. Soros responsible for much of the violence. Also that the Democratic Party hasn’t been called out as a subversive group since the DNC has proven to be a traitorous and treasonous org....slavery, civil war, kkk, Jim Crow, against the civil rights amend. They have been traitors. Always were and always will be.


    Photos show many of the rioters are not black.


    ANTIFA and it's funding source will be secured.
    Barr has been actively looking into ANTIFA and BLM.
    If we cut off funding, down comes the THUG arm of the socialist party.
    dsausa.org funds ANTIFA and dsausa.org gets paid VIA the Soros Charities.


    I've been ahead of Mr. Todd on most of the issues, including calling for all patriots to arise as one force, in order to protect our great country and constitution!!! This call to unite patriots must continue, so to all you pundits, bloggers, and patriots - keep this issue front and center!!! Vietnam Vet/Military Retiree


    As soon as I saw the baldfaced cuckservative lie: "This is not about race"., I stopped reading the rest of this guy's
    phony baloney.

    Thanks to the 1965 White Race Replacement / White Genocide Immigration legislation (Hart-Celler) that the virulently anti-White and primarily jewish Frankfurt School trained Cultural Marxists managed to get passed - and they had to LIE to the White majority population of America and tell them that 'it would not dramatically change the demographic makeup of the country' - when these subversives knew that was the intent of that legislation from the very beginning. The objective was to reduce the White European majority and founding stock of America to a minority inside the country that was built by, and bequeathed to them, as the direct posterity of our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers and then subjugate Whites to being permanently ruled over by the likes of who we all now see rioting, looting, and burning down major cities all across the country.

    FedupAmerican is 100 percent correct. The same enemy who seized absolute control over Russia in 1917 are behind what is now happening across America. And, Mr. L. Todd Wood should suspend any further editorializing until he has sat down and read the book: "Culture of Critique" by Kevin MacDonald and then get himself up to speed on the history and origins of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism - who's stated goal is the deliberate and malicious destruction of White Western

    It is about race. It is ALL about race, Mr. Todd. Complete the two homework assignments I have just given you and you will improve your perceptions by leaps and bounds.

    Bill Halcott

    I started 50 years ago.


    This is the turmoil that the Democrats want. Keep your powder dry.


    I swore an oath to defend my country from all enemies both foreign and domestic....Nobody ever in-swore me.


    Race is just the pretext.

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    Mystical 1

    The Storm is upon us, Patriots. Be safe, be smart, and be ready.


    Black Sheep

    Why are you saying Trump is being "blindsided" by events? Do you think he can see the future? He was ahead of the curve on the Wuhan Virus and he's handling this terrorist attack with skill. What would you have him do? Declare Martial Law on a nation already deeply frustrated by the virus lockdowns and restrictions? Why do you think so many people were willing to get involved in these riots? They've had enough of being held down.

    Your opinion is merely that. An opinion, just like mine is, and neither of us is in charge. Instead of criticizing our President for not doing what you think he should do, start praising him for what he is doing. We Americans don't need yet one more negative voice, especially from a site that claims to be Conservative and Pro American. Are you, really? If so then act more like it. That's my opinion.

    Dana Brigham

    Beginning to look like the Communist caused Russian Civil War storied in the movie Dr Zhivago https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...
    This time the rebels are a mix of folks like those in Jamie Glazov's book "United in Hate" and are like those in J.Edgar Hoovers book "Masters of Deceit"


    These rabid bolshevic animals need to be put down, NOW! And it now turns out that that "innocent black man" was CAUSING the police to escalate their tactics when he was in the back of the cruiser after being placed under arrest. https://www.the-sun.com/news/909927/new-george-floyd-video-cop-car/ MAKE IT GO VIRAL. He committed a felony and got caught. If he would have just gone into custody PEACEFULLY, he would still be alive today.

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    Let's be perfectly clear about something: If ANY of you were going to make a move, you would have long ago. You'd have dragged the pedophile Bill Clinton from office. Bush would have been tried for war crimes, and Obama convicted of treason.

    Why do you "patriots" continue to allow a government that so clearly is defiant against God and the people of the United States to run amok? Again, if you were going to do anything, the absolute latest would have been 9/12/01.

    Show me

    When community police are either eliminated, or even defeated, as in Minneapolis, when the rioters burned down the police precinct, the Trump administration needs to be able to respond with a military reserve unit trained in community policing and civil administration, since some cities may be close to a government shut down and a city council led take over with mob violence rather than police enforcing the local governments mandates, essentially a city autonomous zone.
    That may be what Seattle and Portland have actually become.
    The city governments have come out opposing their local police and essentially forcing them into the street, and then letting the mob have at them.
    The city police forces are not military, but are established to stop crime and maintain the police. They were never intended to withstand an insurrection, but that appears to be what they're facing with I think 56 days of daily rioting in Portland and a recurrence of rioting and looting in Seattle, mostly around the area of the autonomous zone, but apparently the police can't really respond.
    The police forces are entirely capable, but the city governments are in favor of the rioters and have prevented the police from responding.
    If it is determined that the city governments are issuing unlawful orders, essentially violating the civil rights of citizens in their communities, there likely would be legal justification for Federal Government intervention with government police agents, such as FBI, Marshalls Service, Border patrol to restore the civil rights of citizens of those communities.

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