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    It's Time To Have That Conversation About Insurrection With Your Kids

    June 5, 2020
    The Truth About Trump’s Vow to Label ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization https://cdm.press/3u

    This was sent to us by a concerned parent who wishes to stay anonymous.

    Thank you for your text. You know I have always supported you in your right to believe what you want to believe. I appreciate your comments on the United States, and your support for the good work police 'often do'. However, recent events have crossed the line in this country, and I'm not going to be silent.

    You say you were just protesting against police brutality. And I believe you. However, you are only protesting against a certain kind of police brutality - that against blacks. In actuality, blacks are not statistically killed more than whites, in fact, its the other way around. Police officers often hold back against blacks for fear of being called 'racist' which is a cowardly tactic when you don't have an argument. In short, per capita police kill more unarmed whites that blacks. Don't believe me? Would you believe Harvard?

    No Racial Bias In Police Shootings, Study By Harvard Professor Showed

    You say you care about blacks being killed, but you only care about blacks being killed a certain way, by white police. You don't care about the thousands of blacks dying in the inner cities every day. You don't protest that. You don't do anything to mitigate that. So your outrage is false.

    Unfortunatlely, the truth about young black men dying is due to cultural issues, not racism. The dependence on goverment, fostered by socialists, like yourself, who say they want to do good, has destroyed the black family. 70% of blacks children have no father. Boys without fathers rob gas stations. This is a result of the policies you support. In the 50s and 60s, during Jim Crow (an abomination) the black family was stable. Now their community in the inner cities is a gangsta paradise, all due to the Great Society you say you want. You don't care about that. You are only virtue signaling, so others around you will like you, or for some other reasons to do with you, not the health and safety of black people.

    The recent economy had the lowest back unemployment rate EVER. People had hope. The people you are supporting destroyed these businesses in their communities during the riots. Now that hope is gone. So who is racist? Trump? I'd love for you to argue that.

    You say nothing about the two elderly white parents who were visiting their son's grave last week and were shot to death by a black man with a sniper rifle. You say nothing about the young black man beating elderly white nursing home patients in the face. I'm sure you saw the video. You say nothing about blacks being 15% of the population and committing over 50% of the violent crime in the US. Police tactics and racial profiling have nothing to do with race, but everything to do with culture. If you were a cop and most black men you met were violent thugs, wouldn't you behave differently? If you want to make a difference, tell the black community to look inward and change their culture. But I think that will be too hard. It's easier to go hold a sign, and post BLM (a violent , and yes racist against whites organization) on your Facebook page.. Again, fake, easy outrage.

    George Floyd's death was wrong. The police officer has been arrested and charged and will have his day in court. That is our system, not mob justice. At the end of the day, his death had nothing to do with race, and most likely to do with drugs. The cop and Goerge knew each other for years, most likely a hit job. Again, a crime, but not racism.

    Black kids were burned to death in the riots because 'peaceful protesters' blocked the fire trucks. Where's your protest about that?

    Frankly, I think you need to become more intellectually honest with yourself and those around you. You say you are a critical thinker, but that is NOT what you are doing. You are ignoring facts, to fit your narrative. That's called a cult.

    The violence was staged, by antifa and BLM. Dynamite is being used. Cops are being killed. Pallets of bricks were placed around protest sites in advance. Guys in limos with power tools showed up. A 70 year old black man was murdered defending his business. War memorials were defaced, which enrages me.

    This was all planned, to come after the Russia hoax, impeachment, COVID, and now race riot. What's next? dirty bomb? to get trump from office? assassination? Are you proud of all this?

    This is an insurrection against the country I fought for and my friends died for. I will not let it happen, to my dying breath. This country has brought more freedom and opportunity and wealth to the world than anything in human history. The West freed the slaves almost 200 years ago. There are still slaves in Africa today...right now, in Islamic countries. You're not protesting that.

    By the way, I told you Biden was a criminal. But you support him anyway. I can show you reams of evidence. He is involved in organized crime, and so was Obama, still is. But you ignore that. That is not critical thinking. It is a religion, where you need no proof for what you believe.

    The military I knew had no racism. No one cared about the color of your skin. We just watched each other's back. Now, the military is filled with black on white racism. It is sickening.

    Now you have white kids filled with self hate, and becoming slaves to blacks. What the Hell is that? Is that justice? It's sick. No one alive today has ever legally owned a slave. Blacks have received trillions in dollars in transfer payments. We had a black president. 700k white men died in the Civil War to free the slaves. Black kids have advantages getting in schools over whites.

    Everyone has problems in life. Until the black community looks in the mirror, there will be no change that you say you want.

    This is long, but I am getting it off my chest. I love you. If you want to discuss, I will do so rationally.

    Again, I fought and my friends died so you could protest your beliefs. However, now we are talking literal treason against my beloved America. I won't let it happen.

    I love you very much and my home is always open to you.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    If your kids were "educated" in public schools they'll likely turn you in to the Thought Police after you try teaching them about the insurrectionist.

    […] It’s Time To Have That Conversation About Insurrection With Your Kids […]

    […] It’s Time To Have That Conversation About Insurrection With Your Kids […]


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