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    Scores Of Minority Youth Shot In Liberal Cities Last Weekend...Virtue Signaling Millennials Don't Give A Damn

    June 29, 2020

    17 Year Old Barndon Hendricks Won't Be Playing Basketball At St Johns This Fall, He's Dead...Where Are The Riots?

    18 Minorities Shot In Chicago Last Week...Virtue Signaling Millennials Don't Give A Damn
    17 year old Brandon Hendricks
    Screenshot Instagram

    18 minority kids died of gunshot wounds this weekend in Chicago. No one gives a damn. No virtue signaling Millennials are marching, rioting, looting, or tearing down statues. No Marxist Black Lives Matter leaders are calling for investigations, cultural reforms in the black community, or are even mentioning the deaths.

    Why? Because these deaths don't help gain political power in America. So, their black lives don't matter.

    18 is much more than the average of around 10-14 unarmed black men that are killed by police each year, less than whites statically by the way. This was in ONE WEEKEND in Chicago.

    17 year old Brandon Hendricks was shot by a black shooter in New York City this weekend. He was was to play basketball at St. John's University this fall on a scholarship.

    Hendricks was about to live the American dream. He didn't deserve to die. But, he was shot by a black person, not a white police officer, so he's cancelled.

    He won't be going to St. John's to play ball this season. Brandon Hendricks is dead.

    To the 'woke' liberal crowd, Brandon Hendricks' black life doesn't matter.

    Your Millennial daughters, when they virtue signal about George Floyd, and other black men killed by police, are lying, most likely lying to themselves.

    Please explain it to them, even if they act like they don't want to listen. Force it through the forcefield of denial. You're a parent; it's your job.

    If your daughter was taken by a cult, what would you do? This is no different.

    They are what Lenin called 'useful idiots', helping Marxism come to power in America.

    They will be shot first; Marxists don't want agitators left around to threaten their rule.

    We are tired of hearing conservatives whine on Twitter. Twitter is the enemy.

    If you care about your family's future, you will do more than post on social media.

    You'll get angry.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    […] Scores Of Minority Youth Shot In Liberal Cities Last Weekend…Virtue Signaling Millennials Don… […]

    Bakka Janai

    Black Lives Matters is Controlled by White Leftist Communists?

    This is why BLM doesn't give a hoot about Barndon Hendricks.

    Black People Stand up AGAINST Black Lives Matters. You are being used by BLM.


    You can't fix stupid:

    In May of 2019, Jacob Frey the mayor of Minneapolis authorized $825 thousand taxpayer dollars for added security in "The Towers" then in December 2019 he took $43 thousand dollars from the police budget to pay for social programs for the Somali population.

    Then in May 2020 he was shocked by a study by the Star Tribune that crime in Little Mogadishu had increased in 2020 by 56% over 2019!

    See the problem isn't the quality of the people and their culture, it is just that the liberals have not spent enough tax dollars.



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