Defund The Police? How About We Defund The Universities

July 8, 2020

Defund The Police? How About We Defund The Universities
Image by Axel Tschentscher

Our universities have nurtured and foisted on America and Canada an extreme radicalism that vilifies American and Canadian history, society, and culture. This radicalism stems in the first instance from identity grievance studies programs, such as feminist and gender studies, gay and queer studies, black studies, Hispanic and Chicano studies, indigenous studies, and ethnic studies, which have adopted marxist theories popular in sociology and political science.

This far left ideology has diffused throughout the soft subjects of the social sciences, humanities, education, social work, and law. Far left radicalism has been adopted with enthusiasm by administrators and imposed on any laggard or dissenting students and professors by the many “diversity and inclusion” commissars whose salaries could have funded many scholarships and professorships in STEM fields...

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  1. Is Newsom buying arms from China? I heard from Natural News that he is. Lookup: communist china providing automatic weapons to antifa black lives matter
    Another article on the subject: Lookup: newsom wired half billion communist china face mask money laundering



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