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    Many View Kyle Rittenhouse As A Hero, BLM Increasingly Unpopular

    August 27, 2020
    Kyle Rittenhouse. Image: YouTube

    Remember the first iteration of Black Lives Matter? It culminated in five police officers killed and another seven wounded in Dallas at a BLM event. Disgraced, the group effectively went on hiatus afterward. Time passes. The sun shines. People forget.

    Along with its slightly whiter variant Antifa, BLM is back and bigger than ever. It now has an academic wing, pushing "anti-racism" in public and private schools, whereby anyone not actively fighting racism is considered to be racist, no matter how many black friends they might have. It has all the funding it could want. Its founders have openly admitted to being "trained Marxists" and no one on the left objects.

    As the deaths mount, voters have started to take notice. The myth of organic rallies popping up around the country has worn thin as community after besieged community takes note: the agitators aren't from around here. Some predominantly black communities have even stood up to and ejected BLM protesters.

    The narrative is failing, even for Independent and Democratic voters. As Don Lemon said the quiet part out loud yesterday, "The rioting has to stop...It's showing up in the polling."

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    That's as close to a confession as you'll find in politics. Subtext: The rioting is hurting Biden because he is seen as aligned with BLM.

    Funny how months of passively and actively supporting the protests will do that. The media is complicit as well, with new gaffes committed daily. See the CNN chyron below:

    "Mostly Peaceful..." Image: YouTube

    The summer-long George Floyd-inspired riots have gone on for so long that they rear-ended the unfortunate Jacob Blake shooting. Chaos ensued in Kenosha and continues. Now, a slow trickle of news items are making the police officers' dilemma more understandable:

    In addition, the popularity of BLM is falling precipitously in the states where it has sought to raise awareness by demonstrating and rioting. The all-important Rust Belt states have seen some of the biggest moves, especially among working class whites.


    All of which set the stage for what we saw on the night of August 25, when Kyle Rittenhouse from nearby Antioch, IL was driven twenty-five minutes by his mother to help keep the peace in Kenosha. During the day, he helped clean grafitti from local buildings and picked up trash. That evening, he was assaulted. He fired back, killing two men and wounding a third.

    The more we find out about his BLM assailants, the less there is to like, and the more Rittenhouse emerges as a victim, not a killer.

    Given what we know about BLM and Antifa, it should come as no surprise that their followers are angry young men. James O'Keefe's Project Veritas exposed the degree of rancor and communist belief-set of this particular cohort when his team placed an undercover operative inside the Sanders campaign. Of course, it is truly the Sanders agenda that has become the Biden platform.

    So, with the media inextricable from the Democratic Party for many years, and the Democratic Party indiscernible from the socialist agenda since Sanders teamed with Biden, along comes Rittenhouse.

    When he fought back against his gang of attackers, he shot three, then stopped. He could have shot many more as they retreated. He did not. He surveyed the scene, then moved toward the advancing police with raised arms.

    What are the chances that all three victims were felons? That one held a handgun? That one was a convicted pedophile? All Rittenhouse did was scratch the surface. The various backgrounds of those shot only strengthens the beliefs of groups like QAnon, who allege that pedophiles and traffickers are legion on the far left. That two BLM members have been killed and one of them is a pedophile will do little to dissuade those opinions.

    To the rest of the world, at least those paying attention, the past two days look like an unmasking of the falsely virtuous BLM. The hero--as some would have it--the one who unwittingly pulled back the face mask, isn't even old enough to own the rifle he used. Yet he was cool under duress. He took a few hits, got knocked down, got his bearings, shot his attackers from an awkward leaning/seated position, then got to his feet.


    This afternoon, Joe Biden baselessly claimed Rittenhouse is in a "white supremacist group," joining the ranks of Rep. Ayanna Pressley, who said the same earlier. Perhaps Rittenhouse will end up like Nick Sandmann and sue. At the rate he's going, his supporters wouldn't be surprised.



    CDM Staff

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    this kid should get a medal for what he did. every American adult should be ashamed of themselves for not doing what he was brave enough to do. it's time for adult men to stand up and repeat what this brave kid did.


    Damn right he's a hero, there should be zero tolerance for anarchy and terrorism and the pathetic do nothing state/local governments are gutless pussies!! Vietnam Vet/Military Retiree


    I look at Mr. Rittenhouse as a hero. A gutsy young man who did the right thing. No remorse for me about dead anarchists/rioters/ looters. Cancer removed.


    We saw the animals descend on Rittenhouse in their own videos. Americans have a right to defend themselves against terrorists.


    Child-hero that opened the eyes of those Patriots that were tired of watching their Country being destroyed by TRASH. He took out the TRASH. Time for all patriots to do the same. LET'S TAKE OUT THE TRASH

    Road Dog

    A few questions: Did his Mom know he had the rifle before she drove him to Kenosha?
    Or did another person loan it to him that night? It's obvious he couldn't have bought it legally living in Illinois. (FOID card issued by the State is required) Were there other men protecting that location with him? Where did they go when Kyle was in the middle of the attack on the business? Who are they?

    I admire the guts the kid showed but I question the decision to arm him and turn him loose on his own. The attack was predictable when the mob realized he was alone.


    Yes they do and more citizens will have to be armed to survive these Nazi Democrat Brown Shirts.


    The more videos that come out start to show a clearer picture. Kyle was attacked by these three felons, period. The young man was there all day volunteering to help clean up graffiti left by the lefts brown shirts, blm and antifa. They destroy, he was trying to help mend. They have over charged him. Actually there should be no charges since it is clear as day that he shot in self defense. GoFundMe shut down the account raising money for his defense but let the others continue to raise money for the three antifa felons. We need to find a way to help Kyle with his legal expenses, not just abandon him.

    Bruce Pestell

    Is it a surprise to see violence in response to violence? Citizens defend themselves when abandoned by law enforcement? No law abiding patriotic citizens wants to shoot people. Sometimes they have no choice.

    Sound Voice

    wait wait wait... I'm as conservative as they come, but Kyle a hero? No.
    Let's get a few facts straight here:
    1. he was out of state
    2. he out against a police imposed curfew
    3. he was in possession of an illegal firearm
    4. he was "defending" property that was not his
    5. He shot and killed someone.

    He broke multiple laws and murdered people. Plain an simple. Suggesting he's a hero suggests we should all disregard "law and order" and take matters into our own hands. You're calling him a hero just because we disagree with the politics of his victims.


    Self defense is NOT murder. His attackers were from out of state. His attackers were out after curfew. There was nothing illegal about his firearm. He defended himself against three felonious thugs. Yes, bad things happened, but Kyle is not a murderer.


    What kind of commie cop arrested him? He should have given more ammo. He has the absolute right to defend himself. It does not matter where he came from, where were police arrests for curfew etc. What crap and drivel from the apologists.


    He is viewed as a hero because he is.

    NYC Attorney

    What his attackers do is NOT justification for Kyle's actions and is NOT s defense that can be used in court.
    He was 17, in possession of a fire arm. Shot people. Illegal, illegal, illegal.

    His defense will never hold up in court and thank god I don't have to be his attorney because he's screwed.

    Praising him as a hero is just giving fuel to the anti-2nd-amendment crowd. Please don't put this guy on a pedestal.


    As for those expressing "concerns" about the "legality" of him possessing the firearm need to realize that ALL Americans are entitled to their god-given rights, regardless of age and unlawful legislation that reads otherwise is unenforceable except by treasonous tyrants.

    Sic semper tyrannis


    Go Fund me is accepting money to aid BLM/Antifa Coalition and blocking any aid to Kyle Rittenhouse .
    Go Here to for donations to the Kyle Rittenhouse fund https://givesendgo.com/GUCZ
    Share the link


    Legally speaking, in this day and age what he did is not considered "self defense" because they weren't attacking him with 'deadly weapons". He had no sure reason to beleive they were going to KILL or MAIM him, therefore he is not allowed to defend himself with deadly force. You can't shoot someone to prevent yourself from getting beat up, not in 2020 America. Only if they are threatening to seriously injure you. Not saying I agree with this, but that's how it is.
    Of course in reality he had plenty of reasons to fear for his actual safety, even if the attackers were unarmed. A mob of unarmed people can easily beat a person to death, or leave them seriously crippled. It happens all the time. And since he DID have a firearm, he could not allow a person to close with him and seize it, perhaps to use on him or someone else.
    I think he used poor judgement in being there, considering the state of law in the United States. I agree with his motives, and I personally think he was justified, but he's probably screwed, especially since they want to make an example to stop anyone else from taking action against the rioters.
    Never mind that the police refuse to do their jobs (or are prevented from doing it), you are not to try to resist them yourself. Apparently the only recourse law abiding citizens have is to hunker down and hide and hope the ruoters get sick of it. You can be sure that only a fraction of them will be arrested, and only the worst of the offenders will actually be charged with anything. So if you want to go out on the street and riot and commit arson and looting, that's fine. You want to do it carrying a gun? No one will stop you. If you get arrested, you probably won't be charged. But if you pick up a gun and go out and try to resist the rioters, and are actually forced to use it due to the dangerous nature of the situation (which is exactly why you are armed...because there are rioters armed with firearms and weapons running everywhere), they WILL throew the book at you. You'll be in trouble for being out after curfew, for carrying a gun, for defending yourself. "If you hadn't been out in the riot, you wouldn't have had to defend yourself. Therefore it is murder". Never mind that the police sure as hell won't do anything about it either. To stop the riots they proclaim a curfew....and then wait patiently for the rioters to get sick of it and go home. Meanwhile


    Think of all the little old ladies in walkers that have been spared from being slammed on the skull with a skateboard by the brave SJW Democrats that Kyle took out.
    Patriots are welcomed to protect my family and property anytime.
    There should be a 911 number to call for Patriotic Americans to come to your rescue when Democrats show up at your home or business to ' burn it down'


    6. He saved the taxpayers thousands on thousands of dollars in court costs that would end in them walking the streets again
    and killing and maiming those same taxpayers. Kyle Rittenhous
    7. He removed from the face of the earth those vile vermin that have preyed on law abiding citizens of this country. Thank you Kyle Rittenhous for doing what law enforcement and politicians can not do - protect us and our property.
    8. Will the next Kyle Rittenhous step up? We can only hope, for they will protect us from those who are supposed to protect and serve us. Thank You Kyle Rittenhous!


    FYI did you take notice "Sound Voice", you should !


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