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This Is Why We Need A New Business News Outlet…CDMedia Is It

This Is Why We Need A New Business News Outlet...CDM Is It

With a Saturday morning perusal of the corporate business news, I found several infomercials of why a new, global, business news outlet is sorely needed in the West.

Corporate Marxism is now all the rage.

Creative Destruction is what’s coming. Creative Destruction Media (, that is.

Screenshot CNBC towing the globalist, Deep State line

At CDMedia we are growing a new global news entity, that has a big focus on business, markets, politics, and international developments. In other words, stuff you need to know, not ‘woke capitalism’.

The only thing that these corporate globalists respect is money.

Conservative America doesn’t have to take this junk being fed to them anymore. There are alternatives, that are real, impactful, and will bring you information you need to know to be successful in your business dealings.

CDMedia won’t try and feed you Marxism garbage.

Screenshot Bloomberg pushing the Marxist ‘lockdown’ strategy

We hope these legacy media outlets continue their idiocy, as it just eventually brings more customers to us.

Go to Bookmark and visit often. Tell your friends. Sign up for the newsletters, the push notifications.

We are growing and will have more to offer in the near future!

Be informed, not re-educated!

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