• Never Churchill

    September 17, 2020

    American Jews Ignore Reality And Vote Biden

    Never Churchill
    Protestors against United States President Donald Trump gathering on Parliament Square on the morning 4 June 2019. In the foreground is a bronze sculpture of Winston Churchill by Ivor Roberts-Jones
    Image by RL0919

    September 15, 2020. Today at the White House, a ceremony took place for the signing of the historic peace treaties between Israel and United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, brokered by President Trump. Despite this accomplishment, polls show that almost 70% of Jewish Americans support Trump’s rival Joe Biden in the upcoming election. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the peace treaty as “a distraction” while she and other leaders are considering a second impeachment of President Trump. Mostly ignoring the peace agreement, the mainstream media focused on articles claiming Trump misled the American public and does not have the character to lead America, fondly reminiscing about his presidential predecessor Barack Obama.

    July 17, 1945 (satire). Today, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met in Potsdam Germany with President Harry Truman and Soviet Prime Minister Joseph Stalin to plan the end of the war now that Germany has surrendered.

    Most of the world has dismissed the leadership of Prime Minister Churchill, noting that he is an obese oaf, ill-mannered, hot-tempered, and often drunk alcoholic. Churchill has been criticized in particular for his sexism, demonstrated by his regular insults of Lady Astor. In one famous incident, Lady Astor correctly berated him as a drunk at a meeting of Parliament. He admitted to his insobriety by responding, “And you are ugly. But tomorrow, I shall be sober.”

    World leaders like those of France, Italy, and Germany have often been embarrassed to meet with the prime minister, as Britain has lost their respect, particularly due to Churchill’s “Britain First” policies that imply a moral high ground and Britain exceptionalism. 

    The majority of the press are avoiding the Potsdam Conference, or giving it little coverage and relegating it to the back of the newspapers. Instead, the press has been focusing on Churchill’s flagrant deceptions toward the beginning of the war, particularly his grave mismanagement and dangerously foolhardy escapades at Dunkirk, which Churchill misleadingly called the “Miracle of Dunkirk” despite the loss of lives of thousands of British, French, and German boys. The mainstream press longs for the days of his more upstanding and proper predecessor Neville Chamberlain who had confidently kept England safe through peace treaties and necessary appeasement, a strategy that was working well until Churchill came into power and threw the country into turmoil.

    Jewish groups have come forward to protest the agreement between the three world powers at Potsdam. Many are sympathetic to the “mostly peaceful Germans,” most of whom were not Nazis and were simply upset about the devastation to the economy imposed on them from the unfair Treaty of Versailles. Most Germans never actually put a gun to a Jew’s head or led them into the gas chambers. It is clearly Aryanophobic to blame them for the atrocities committed by the Nazis.

    Furthermore, now that the war is about over, Churchill has turned his attention to the growing influence of Middle Eastern countries, fanatically and xenophobically claiming that the next great threat will come from Islamic religious extremists. Fortunately, Churchill will soon be leaving office, and his hateful, Islamophobe, will be easily ignored.


    Bob Zeidman

    Bob Zeidman studied physics and electrical engineering at Cornell and Stanford, and filmmaking at De Anza College. He is the inventor of the famous Silicon Valley Napkin and the founder of several successful high-tech Silicon Valley firms including Zeidman Consulting and Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering. He holds numerous patents and is the creator of the computer science field of software forensics. Bob’s secret life includes writing three award-winning novels and three award-winning screenplays. He earned an Opus Magnum Discovery Award from the Hollywood Film Festival for his novel Horror Flick, where he got to walk the red carpet with Hollywood celebrities. His latest novel is the political satire Good Intentions, a perfect read before voting in the upcoming election.
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    […] Never Churchill […]

    Michael F. Altfeld, Ph.D.

    Having been born a Jew myself, I am sorry to have to say this. But, Jews have a lengthy history of supporting Stalin, Socialism and Communism. The Rosenbergs were Guilty, Guilty, GUILTY of handing U.S. nuclear secrets over to the KGB. Another Soviet spy was the American born and raised physicist Ted Hall, whose REAL name was Theodore Alvin Holtzberg. Jewish lawyers were at the forefront of the "National Lawyers' Guild", a Communist front organization which, even today, retains the motto "Human Rights over Property Interests" and wants to abolish prisons. Jews' support for Democrats has been overwhelming. Even in Israel there is a Party called "Balad" which has denounced the normalization of Israeli-Sudan relations, stating that this normalization is "A stab in the back of the Palestinian People". WTF!!.

    How does on account for this insanity? I really don't know. But, it was one of the reasons I came to embrace Atheism.


    I can't believe how intercoursing Jews keep voting for the Demo-rats.

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