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If You’re In The Military, Spreading Chicom-Inspired SJW Critical Race Theory, You’re A Traitor To The Uniform

If You're In The Military, Spreading Chicom-Inspired SJW Critical Race Theory, You're A Traitor To The Uniform
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What is the best way to destroy military unit cohesion? Racism.

This is what is happening inside our military right now, today. It is a cancer that has to be cut out, before it destroys the greatest fighting force the world has ever known, from within.

Yes, that includes flag officers who have sold out to the Chinese Communist Party.

How can a black woman officer who is taught to hate white men, lead white male soldiers in battle? How can a white male officer in combat trust female soldiers whom he knows have not been held to the same physical standards as men? How can a unit survive with members reporting ‘micro-aggressions’ up the chain of command?

How can a military that is taught America is bad to its core, defend her?

It can’t.

Critical race theory (or reverse racism for short), destroys a military team, a unit, a command. It destroys trust. It causes envy. It belittles others so others can take control.

This is destroying our armed forces faster than any foreign force could ever dream of. And, it’s coming straight from communist China.

If you are in the military, pushing this Chicom-inspired (straight from Mao and Lenin) garbage, you are part of the problem. In fact, I’ll take it farther. You are a traitor to the uniform, and you should take it off; you don’t deserve the benefits, respect, and historical honor it provides.

Civilian-control of the U.S. military is a hallmark of our Founding Father’s genius. Today we have senior flag rank officers openly defying the President of the United States. This is unacceptable, dishonorable, treasonous.

We used to shoot people for less.

Take a stand by God!

We need new leaders in the Pentagon…a complete purge of the Obama socialists, whose allegiance is not to the American people but to a Marxist ideology. These people need to be court-martialed…after they are removed from power, preferably immediately.

Many of us who have worn the uniform are tired of this charade, this communist infiltration, this abhorrent behavior. We are massing together. We are going to confront this evil

We took an oath and will uphold it.

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Amy October 22, 2020 at 12:46 pm


Biden Said YOU AIN"T BLACK October 29, 2020 at 9:22 pm

Well, you start by handing out the silver star to a desk jockey in Kuwait, like Beau Biden, who never saw combat in Iraq, then if the coke goes too far to the brain and spoils your plans…try recruiting another plant by swearing in with Vice President Powers, your other coke addicted son.
If that fails (even better) wait, wait, wait, wait, 47 or so years and find a rapidly mind deteriorating tool to run as your president. So then the military can be totally compromised and patronized at will for your communist/fascist ambitions.


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