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    This Kraken Has Many Heads...Support The Legal Defense Fund

    November 26, 2020
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    This Kraken Has Many Heads...Support The Legal Defense Fund
    This is a contemporary depiction of The Kraken, a mythological sea creature said to have dwelt off of the norse coast
    Image by JukeJive

    Unlike the movie, this Kraken has many heads. Fortunately there are just as many sword wielding warriors.  At the end of the day on Wednesday, while Guliani and Ellis were educating Pennsylvania legislators, Sydney Powell and her team were filing a lawsuit in Georgia and Michigan on behalf of many American patriotic truth tellers.  The filings which are both available at Defendingtherepublic.org, are better reading than a fictional novel of international spy and corruption, although I don’t think an author could dream up a conspiracy with so many legs leading up to the top and every direction possible.  The web of tentacles is centered around software engineers that stepped over to the dark side, by putting their skills up for bid to the deep pockets of political corruption.  Once anyone is slightly on board, there is no turning back for them.  Like the mob, they are pulled into the tar pit of no return.

    The complaints filed by Powell, spell out the background of where the election machines and software came from, what they were designed for, and who purchased them for specific intentions,  ensuring the election results for a particular candidate.  The bidding for the 2020 election was no doubt high this time around as the system has been proven many times in foreign elections, i.e. Hugo Chavez, who allegedly gave demands to its’ capabilities before purchasing.  It is sad that such talented software engineers will sell out the freedom and democracy of billions of people around the world, for personal wealth.  Unfortunately overlooked by all involved, it takes many minions to make the machine of corruption work, and minions do not receive a share of the millions coming in. Hence their patriotic nature instilled in them years ago while standing for the flag and reciting the pledge of allegiance, comes forth.  The domino begins. To read the filings and donate to all the warriors saving America, go to Defendingtherepublic.org.



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