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    US Air Force Academy Betrays Its Honor Code For The Lies Of Cultural Marxism

    December 8, 2020
    Cadets at the U.S Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., exit classes under a wall with the Cadet Honor Code: "We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does." (U.S. Air Force photo/1st Lt John Ross)

    Guest Post by Rod Bernsen who lives in Monument, CO and is a veteran and retired LAPD Sergeant.

    The honor code at the United States U.S. Air Force Academy states:  “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.”  However, recently the Air Force Academy and Air Force leadership have carved out an exception to the honor code -- False, woke political correctness is permitted.

    In July, the Academy football coaches produced a three minute video that is posted on an Academy website featuring head football coach Troy Calhoun speaking about racism.  In the video Calhoun and other coaches repeat the phase black lives matter seven times, they speak about “racism, Jim Crow laws and police brutality.”  Some half truths, the rest outright lies.

    Black Lives Matter is an avowed radical Marxist organization whose intent is to overthrow our democracy.  BLM protesters, read rioters, are responsible for millions of dollars of damage this past summer; they blocked traffic chanting “death to the pigs,” and famously “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon.”  As a retired Los Angeles Police sergeant:  I am outraged and every American who cherishes this great country should be as well.

    My next-door neighbor, USAF Lt. General Rod Bishop, retired, USAFA Class of 74, is leading an effort to get the offensive and false video removed from the Academy’s website, thereby removing the impression the Academy endorses Black Lives Matter.

    Lt. General Bishop is joined in his efforts by other graduates of the Academy, all retired senior and general officers, and a number of deeply concerned citizens (including me).  Dozens have called and hundreds of emails have been sent to the former and current superintendents and others in the Academy leadership.  Their plea originally was -- just take the video off the internet.  To a man and woman, we condemn the evil of racism, something all of us have fought against in our daily lives. 

    BLM claims to advocate for African Americans, yet they have done nothing to stop the killing of African Americans from babies to the elderly in Chicago and other major cities.  Any suggestion that the Black Lives Matter organization is endorsed by the USAFA is intolerable (“…nor tolerate those who do.”).

    Our common sense objections fell on deaf ears at the Academy.  Ultimately, a formal complaint written by a USAFA graduate and attorney was submitted to the U.S. Air Force Inspector General.  The concerns were first reviewed by four former Air Force lawyers who all were in agreement -- the BLM video violated Department of Defense regulations prohibiting political activity, “…even the appearance of…”

    The USAF IG found no merit to the complaint and therefore the appearance of the USAFA endorsement of the radical and violent BLM remains available to all on a USAFA website; unbelievable.

    Consider the very real danger to our republic -- woke, politically correct lies are supported and even being taught at the USAFA.  

    This is not only a clear violation of the honor code, but can only lead to further divisiveness— something that can destroy “good order and discipline” in our United States Air Force.

    Finally, you would think that those who teach leadership to our warriors would at the minimum lead by example and not surrender to cultural Marxism.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Michael Bullerman



    Here’s a problem: how do we send in our sons to the academies when they are betraying our trust?

    Show me

    BLM won by intimidation and support of the media, and likely the military academies are going to have to admit a majority of everyone but white from now on.
    While college and professional schools as well as corporations actively recruited non-whites previously, that approach has been trashed as has achievement based admissions and advancement and from now on, such programs will be based strictly on race, meaning admissions and advancement and salary structure based strictly on race, or face discrimination suits and felony arrests.


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    Kevin Bearly

    Why would we be surprised that the academy that had a lesbian married to another woman as its head would promote hate for America?


    Go burn in Hades, troll. Begone.

    Michael Todaro

    Cadets are appointed by Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, AOC, Pelosi, Nadler, Harris, Tlaib...
    What a mess !

    C Landr

    The IG then is in cahoots with the insane, evil, WOKE, PC run amok in our nation.


    First I would fire ALL of the coaches. Those that disseminated the lies and then all, if any, who quietly went along or discharge anyone having anything to do with with it. Next I would fire/discharge any military personnel that had anything to do with this video and allowed this trash to be placed on the USAFA website. Next I would place a retraction on the website regarding the BLM and any political trash placed on the USAFA website.


    this is communist, to build up a cult of personality around identity. right now they are building up the idea that black people are worthy of worship. they are not interested in being equal, not marxists. blacks are superior, they are ideal.

    its all more mind f***ing that marxists always do. anything for power is what they do.


    The USAF has done a number of questionable things in their limited history but this is not even close to questionable this is against every precept of law, government actions or common sense.


    We lost the military academies years ago.


    So disappointing to discover the finest military Academy in America is corruptable, and has committed to this abominable racist position, I cannot believe it. They have lost credibility in my opinion and many millions of other American Patriots forever, I'm sure.


    Rod, the US Naval Academy disobeyed and is still disobeying Trump's order to stop teaching critical race theory. Nope, they're called Diversity Teams whose aim is to end racism. One of the activities of these Diversity Teams is to get white Mids to confess their white privilege and confess their racist sins to the group. You know, the way Polpot ended all hatred of his Marxism via confessions then a nap in a killing field. The mid kicked out because he made an innocent comment over a video sent to him by his two LA County cop parents where an LAPD helo had a video of a BLM riot is a mere sleight of hand compared to what the service academies are doing in their after-burner embrace of Marxism.

    Cool Senior

    Senator McCarthy, Where are you when we need you???

    Beach Babe

    The Air Force Academy sold their soul a long time ago. Not the same place it was when it had patriotic standards.

    Alej Marcos

    This isn't the same country I was born in. Not even close.

    J Trudo

    I'm a retired enlisted member of the USAF. We used to live in Colorado Springs, my wife worked at the Academy dining hall there for years, and we hosted cadets on occasion. Today's Air Force is not the Air Force I knew, with their 'pride parades' and nauseating fealty to PC. Everyone could see this kind of thing coming when they removed the "Bring Me Men" motto in 2003 and replaced it with a bland corporate slogan.

    Brett Short

    Use to respect the AFA, but no longer. Corruption abounds at the academy and the officers in charge need to answer for the shitt going on there. We do not lie, steal or cheat nor do we tolerate anyone among us who does... just so many words nowadays that have NO meaning whatsoever. What a scandal by very weak administration!


    Overthrow our Republic. The USA is not a Democracy.


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