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    Why Should President Donald Trump Pardon Julian Assange?

    December 19, 2020
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    There is no question that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden deserve pardons. The course both men charted brought the decades-long build-out of government and contractor treachery into the spotlight in a way it could not be ignored any longer.

    This public-private partner collusion took three consecutive two-term US administrations to evolve. That culture brought us to the point where the ODNI and the Democratic Party, with Republican RINOs and mainstream media, never stopped trying to take down a sitting president on rumors they conjured up. Rumors.

    Both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden knew what they’d be facing after publishing whistleblowers and becoming one. Imagine reaching a specific moment in life knowing if you take the next step, you throw everything meaningful to you away. This includes direct contact with the people you care about the most. Your dreams shattered because you make the choice to look in the mirror every day. 

    I don’t think it goes much beyond that thought for heroes like them. You don’t take on governments, agencies, and international media until you know there's only one way forward to be true to yourself.

    That defines Idealism.

    Donald Trump’s persecution is the bastard stepchild of the warnings that came from Snowden, WikiLeaks, and so many others before them. Those problems don’t go away by themselves. They evolve.

    It started with Russiagate which proved false. Joe Biden’s Ukraine was behind the 2016 election interference. The DNC hack was again the Ukrainians covering up the leak uncovered and detailed by VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity). Savagely obscene dossiers were traceable back to Ukraine. The Ukraine phone call, a non-starter, led to impeachment hearings. COVID magically appeared destroying a rebuilt economy and opening up election fraud, with an unrelenting media campaign against the president who worked to protect free speech.

    He’s bringing the economy back a second time during the lockdowns and is still blamed for the states’ decision not to follow a national COVID response and getting blasted in the media again.

    To live through all that and still keep fighting is miraculous.

    The question then isn’t whether Julian Assange and Edward Snowden should be pardoned. The only question is...

     Why should President Donald Trump be the one to do it?

    There is only one reason President Donald Trump should consider pardoning Julian Assange and Edward Snowden -- the same idealism that Donald Trump brought back to America. Donald Trump did what Democrats couldn’t do. Wouldn’t do. Will never do.

    He united Americans as Americans under the banner of we can do better. We can be better. Make America Great Again is a call to remember the ideals and ethic that made America great in the first place. Like Snowden and Assange, that vision starts with limiting how often you get to kick the can down the road for someone else to worry about. 

    Before you start pushing back with the juvenile fanboy accusations, if Donald Trump ran on the DNC ticket, the same people trying to destroy him would have declared him one of the best presidents in US history. 

    It’s high time for the grownups at the table to make that point. The all or nothing fight the Trump administration is in the middle of exemplifies this. This defines more than a generation. There's no place left to kick the can to anymore.

    While some progressive activists have been screaming Donald Trump should pardon Assange to spite Joe Biden, we’re supposed to forget spite was how Obama-Biden left office and look where four years of that took America. Barrack Obama and Joe Biden are directly responsible for the rift in America today. 

    According to Cassandra Fairbanks article on December 16, as early as 2018, President Trump’s attorneys quietly made a case in defense of WikiLeaks throughout legal filings responding to a lawsuit filed by Democrat Party donors who alleged that the campaign and former advisor Roger Stone conspired with Russians to publish the leaked Democratic National Committee emails.

    These same cynical writers who voted for Biden realize he never had their interests in mind. Otherwise, why ask the Trump administration? 

    Why would POTUS Donald Trump #freeAssange and #Snowden?

    Because he’s Donald Trump and he’s going to do the right thing. Outcomes be damned.



    George Eliason

    George Eliason is an American journalist living and working in Donbass. He provided some of the earliest news coverage at the beginning of the Ukraine conflict and some coverage from the frontline in the Ukrainian civil war as well as analysis of the conflict. Eliason was noted by the New York Times, 60 Minutes, and the Heritage Foundation's Foreign Policy Magazine as the earliest and a primary source of information about Ukrainegate, Obamagate, and the coup against Donald Trump. He has been interviewed by the New York Times, RT, Press TV, and the BBC. His articles on the Intel community and agency overstep has been noted by Project Censored as the second most important stories with national signifigancein 2018 for going beyond WikiLeaks coverage on the dangers private Intelligence companies present to national security and world peace. Eliason has been been published in Modern Diplomacy, the Security Assistance Monitor, Washingtonsblog Consortium News, OpedNews, and Zero Hedge among many other publications.
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    The illegitimate Obama/Biden administration wanted to keep him and Snowden quiet for as long as they could, this is why after 8 years they wanted Hillary to resume their corruption only to lose to Trump in 2016 which launched the fake Russian Hoax for 4 years only to hide Hillary's email scandal.

    Trump is revealing what the Obama/Biden/Clinton crime syndicate families have been doing since 2009.


    I agree! President Trump needs to pardon Julian. He has suffered enough. He's almost dead. Further, the Wikileaks dumped regarding Hillary helped Trump get elected. Also, Julian could confirm that the DNC server was not hacked. It was an inside job. Probably Seth Rich, which is why he was murdered.

    Eurie mSmkith

    there is a code among the left that looks like the code of th Mob. They are twins..

    When Trump saves these men and releases the classified info.. we will cheer the Hell that breaks loose.

    James Sabatini

    President Trump pardon Asante before he dies. He is a get man who says even that they never found anything on you Mr President
    You must do this now today or tomorrow before they kill him. I am one of your 1 percent in Financial support. Do it know if something happens to him I will hold you responsible and will never support you again. I am a 27 year combat SOC USMC


    If Pres Trump pardons Snowden, he will never get another dime or another vote from me. I suspect the vast majority of my fellow veterans feels the same way.

    Frankie Machine

    Sorry, no! Conservative sites are only promoting this idea because they think Wikileaks will help bring down the 'deep state' including Hillary and Bill. If and when the tables turn - and they will - you won't have any good arguments to support your outrage.


    I trust that he should


    He should be pardoned because he told the truth, something we all tell our children to do.




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