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    Trump Supporters Have To Use Economic Power

    January 25, 2021

    No More Buying From China, Those Who Want To Destroy Us...Ever Again

    Trump Supporters Have To Use Economic Power
    The Bombay Chronicle, July 30, 1921

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    The most robust strength Trump (actually America First) supporters have is their numbers. A dedicated movement 80 million strong has real economic power.

    America First supporters must use this power to reclaim the republic.

    It can and will work but it will require dedication, a loss of some convenience, and economic sacrifice.

    Some people are on a fixed-budget, and this will be difficult. However, we must try as much as we can to not give money to those who want to destroy us and our nation. Just think of yourself as in the landing craft storming the beaches at Normandy.

    This is a recent conversation we had with a reader...

    Since before the plandemic, I closed my Amazon account and committed to buying American made only...even if it costs 10x as much as Chinese made products. It’s my belief that if we are going to properly combat the DNC/CCP, we need to put our money where our mouth is. For example, I saw a workout mat at a friends house and liked it. Did some research and found that it is made in Colorado. Yes, it costs more than most workout mats on Amazon and you can even buy this mat in Amazon but the best thing to do is buy it off their website instead of Amazon and of course not buy some Chinese made mat for cheaper.

    People just need to stick to it

    It’s very tempting to buy the computer monitor wall mount made in China on Amazon for $34 vs doing some difficult research and buying one from an American company that costs $300. I know because I bought the American made one.

    But, the American one will last forever. The Chinese-made mount will fall apart in days.

    We all know this, but we buy the cheaper one anyway. This has to stop.

    CDMedia will be developing a registrar of America First companies for reference and will be releasing a constantly updated list in the coming days.

    As the Americans who died on the 9/11 flight to Washington, DC said as they stormed the cockpit...

    "Let's roll..."

    CDMedia is being targeted and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here!    



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Matthew Moulton

    You forgot the part where you remind everyone to check their 401ks to make sure they're fully divested from Silicon Valley stocks.


    I'm not sure how many watched Fox News last night (Sunday - Jan. 24, 2021). The Steve show did a very interesting take on Dr. Fauci and the Covid-19 Virus. Lots of shown facts.
    Steve brought out facts that Fauci has been incidental in this virus development and came to life prior to 2011 (2011 is the year Obozo Administration Defunded the virus research in the U.S.). Just so it is brought out for the little it might be worth - someone in the Obozo regime knew of the danger of this virus.
    Fauci at that time was in the government position that he was in when President Trump came into office. There are some other players at this time to, such as the CDC Labs. There are some other interesting takes (my thoughts) on events after 2011 they are as follows:
    (1) The development/ research of this virus continued post 2011 and was moved to China's Wuhan Lab. during this time frame under the direction of Fauci. (2011 - 2014).
    (2) In 2014 Fauci managed to get $3 million plus dollars funded towards the ongoing research/ development of this virus (either through U.S. tax dollars with Obozo/ Biden approval and/ or private funding (Clinton Foundation/ Soros/ Gates/ or others).
    (3) Development continued with the Fauci & W.H.O. driving the continued efforts.
    (4) The desired end results was to develop this virus as a biological weapon and/ or a disease to obtain some sort of mass control of the local/ world population.
    (5) Fox News has the documented evidence of Fauci's involvement from day one.

    The remainder is my thoughts on the events that have put us to where we are today.
    (1) Fauci and his co-hearts/ comrades continue to further develop this virus with Biden/ Gates/ Amazon/ Soros/ China/ others driving the funding.
    (2) When Former President Trump levied high tariffs on China's products, the effects were hurting the China/ Communist economy.
    (3) China through collaboration with various other players decided to "accidentally" release this virus through various human contacts.
    (4) The collaborations from the U.S. side in my opinion (I do not have the ability to research the actual facts) is broad.
    a) China could release this virus alone, but could not induce the spread without help they needed outside help. Although it was aimed at the U.S. & Trump, it was needed to be covered up such that it wasn't singling out just the U.S.
    b) In the U.S. the starting key players were Fauci (no need to worry about this virus - it is nothing more than a new Flu virus). Pelosi (we are celebrating China Town festival - no difficulties here). DNC -- Biden and others (condemning then President Trump's actions to curb the spread to alleviate public's immediate concerns). Various State Governors sending Flu (Covid-19) infected patients to senior health/ care facilities to easily infect/ spread the virus as quickly, without any check, as possible. CDC assisting China, DNC, State Governors, and others by inducing fear through Main Stream News Media the death/ infection rates. CDC paying off Hospitals/ Health Organizations $77,000.00 per patient's claimed Covid-19 deaths and $35,000.00 plus per Covid-19 hospital treatment case.
    c) China along with other (in the U.S. Government ranks) were not able to inflict enough economic damage to the U.S. with just the virus spread elected to collaborate with DNC/ Biden/ Harris/ Various Governors/ Others including Antifa (foreign organization) BLM/ Dominion software generator decided financially and physically to create voting irregularities in the U.S. 2020 election to remove the "China/ Other heavy-handed tariffs/ sanctions".

    With the above being stated, in my opinion, all the U.S. Constitutional/ Rule of the Law/ America is Great believers need to stand together, investigate and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any and all the bad players in this Covid-19 Development, Research, Distribution.
    Starting with Doctor Fauci.


    Your editorial is spot on. I posted something similar on another site to the extent that everybody needs to make a list of all the offenders and one of all the businesses you want to support. For years I've heard conservatives say that boycotts are not our style, all the while the left was using it to strong arm everyone and everything they saw as a threat, and believe me they cast a wide net.
    Now they are going out trying to destroy anyone who doesn't tow the line they prescribe. Enough is enough, it's time to use the exact extreme measures they use. Not to do so would be plain stupid and culturally and politically suicidal.


    We are on board already. Wayfair being a favorite shopping site as well as Bed Bath and Beyond. Sent emails telling them to close our accounts and why. 6 months of serious with holding will cause corporate CEO's a lot of earnings grief on next qrtly reports


    This may sound weird but maybe if we tried to choke the income from media advertising that they depend on may
    knock the hell out of their bottom line. How? example:,start with ABC tell the CEO'S of major advertisers that you
    will only buy from their competitors until they show us that the media organization will change to stop supporting
    the left admin. Every states republican voters need to sign on if this is to strangle the revenue stream.

    Sound impossible? Perhaps but if the ball got rolling you could move on to CBS etc. etc.

    Inform the CEO'S that a national drive is underway to create a council that the voters will indeed support to
    monitor the results.


    Has to be more than notbuying Chinnese. How about boycotting US lefty businesses too? Starting with Nike, NFL, NBA, Coke, Ford, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, MSM, etc etc etc etc etc etc.


    Awesome list. Thank you very much. Will reference it EVERY TIME I make a purchase. I'm so tired of this corporate pandering! It's disgusting and its time to hit them where it hurts. Their bottom line. We have the power, we can do it. It might be a tad inconvenient and a bit more expensive, but in the long run, its not. You are literally saving your way of life!! Lets do this.


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