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    Trump Says 'We Had China Right Where We Wanted Them'...So Why Didn't Trump Save The Republic?

    February 18, 2021

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    CDMedia knows for a fact the evidence of foreign interference in the Nov 3rd election was presented to President Trump prior to January 20, 2021. We have experienced a massive cyber attack, an act of war, against our nation.

    The question that needs to be answered is -- why didn't President Trump, in the face of this evil, do what was necessary to save the republic for our children and grandchildren's future?

    Yesterday in an interview Trump discussed the situation and the current appeasement from the illegitimate Biden administration.

    When asked about President Joe Biden’s comments on Tuesday that appeared to repeat Chinese Communist Party (CCP) talking points used to justify its repression of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, Trump alluded to the controversy surrounding Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his dealings with China, reported The Epoch Times.

    “His family’s involved with the Chinese, certainly, a long time and a lot of money,” Trump said in an interview with Newsmax.

    “The whole thing is ridiculous: We had China exactly where we wanted them,” he added.

    The President had to know what has been going on behind the American people's back for the last four years with the Deep State oligarchy and its war against the American people. We understand he probably did not realize the scale of the cabal arrayed against him. However, why did he continually appoint globalists into positions of power?

    We are not trying to disrespect our former President, whom on our editorial pages, CDMedia has treated quite well. We are simply saying Americans deserve an answer to what happened from Trump himself.

    We know China attacked the United States. We know nothing was done about it, and now we have an illegitimate government installing Marxism for communist China, weakening our defenses, and robbing our children's future.

    Yes, some answers from Trump would be welcomed.

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    I agree 100%. Inquiring minds want to know what the hell happened. It seems like President Trump kicked the hornets nest....then bailed!


    Bad DOJ appointments, Bad FBI appointments and no one went to jail.
    Left our country to communists . Outside of that did great job

    Bill Halcott

    President Trump is correct as usual. He panicked the Chicoms. Probably why they released the China virus, which I suspect was premature in their strategy.

    Nancy Jane

    Trump had his EO 2018 and Insurrection Act. So why did Trump who had withstood all the slings and arrows for 5 years walk away? I heard rumor and it is rumor that his family and himself were threatened but if that is the case, he won't get far trying to put together a new Republican party or campaigning for Republican candidates. Once threats given, they will continue unless he muzzles himself and drops out. On the other hand Todd, perhaps it is time for the American people to see what is really going on and have it start affecting them. A George Washington alone would not have won the American Revolution. We all have to have a part in this, not just one man.

    John Evans

    Most presidents come to office like Biden, having been in Washington for 47 years or so and knowing the people they want in the administration. Trump, an outsider didn't have the associations needed to fill the thousands of positions in the administration and let Reince Priebus fill out the staff. Unfortunately that was a major mistake because he filled it out with saboteurs who only wanted Trump to fail. Rich Higgins came with Trump as part of the MAGA movement and wrote a memo for Trump indicating the undercurrent of saboteurs. Trump gave the memo to H. R. McMaster, one opposing Trump, who promptly found Higgins as the author and fired him. K. T. McFarland reports similar account of the opposition. Gen. Mike Flynn and she were set up by the coup and forced out. The Deep State in Washington is very deep and vicious.


    So many of the questions that have nagged at my own mind are mentioned here, I will just nod, yes, yes, why didn't he act when he had the power? Then I think about how totally he was surrounded by traitors. Up until the last betrayal by Judas pence, in that fateful hour on Jan. 6th, he clearly kept hoping the "Truth" would out and set his 2nd Term in motion. He couldn't conceive how wide and deep the evil has spread within the American system. Nor could we ! Last summer, as I sat with some p.m. tea, the scope and enormity of the Clinton Foundation corruption suddenly became clear. We kept asking, why hasn't anything been done about the Clinton's ? H.C., plainly using donations to their "charity" as a qualifier for an appointment with Secty of State. Why? Why does nothing ever happen to bring justice? Then, the enormity of it hit me. Logically, there can be but one one explanation.! Their ALL in on it ! Think of the web of people playing their parts in the Carter Page and George Papadopoulos set ups . DOJ, FBI, CIA -all were involved in the Christopher Steele frame up of Trump. They were altering facts on FISA applications ! And still we thought, surely someone will step up from inside our national security agencies , someone. ? And we waited. Sessions came and went. Barr arrived on the scene. Durham was appointed. Still nothing. Crickets . Why ? Because - they figured out when Bill Clinton was in office, everybody has a price. If not money, then something in their past that can be used to ruin them. Bribery, threats, extortion, seduction. The oldest levers in the world to aggregate power, but this time, global power. They have built a syndicate so huge that nobody could imagine it is true ! If you are going to "steal" make the heist so great , no one would believe it could be pulled off - "you must be crazy " they will respond. And that is what the criminals who intend to rule this world have done. The corruption is so wide, and so deep, nobody can realize it is indeed a world wide crime scene, with America as the prize.

    Marialice Haney

    All good comments. So many people who are not brainwashed by the BIG Media, know how bad the corruption is even how interlinked it is through the country and in the court system who refused to take up the cases before and after the election which questioned the legality of what these states were doing. I think what the election and what has transpired since Biden was placed in office is now showing the entire country and world just how corrupt our system really is. Let's face it, anyone with an ounce of sense (granted voting democrat class has virtually none) who watched the CNN town hall this past week saw the corruption. No longer hiding, it's right there in plain sight.

    President Trump is an optimist, I do think he was bamboozled by some. Let's face it these traitors have been at it for a long time bluffing so many people. Just when he thought he was one step ahead, there were 10 more pulling him back fighting him every step of the way. How many times did he call for documents to be released that never were?


    I have wondered this myself. I also wonder why he didn't release the Obama-gate documents and many more.............

    Pablo 808

    There is no doubt duly elected President Trump was facing an assasination or a Civil War by further provoking the Deep State. DC is vile and corrupted and this is a much bigger fight than one man can take on without a solid security force and 100% backing. God have mercy on the US, without Him were toast.


    DJT had a brief window from 11/4 - 12/15 (give or take) when he was virtually guaranteed a victory over the evil that surrounded him IF HE ONLY HAD THE COURAGE TO FIGHT. But he was afraid to pull the trigger and took the 'easy path' of relying on others (congress, etc) to fight the battle on his behalf. He was given bad advice from people close to him who were not his friends, while he shut out his true friends. By the end, I suspect he literally had no where left to turn. After 1/6 when the congress accepted the BS electoral votes, even the military option was gone as the military could scarcely act after that point.
    DJT "may" have meant well, but in the end he was a coward whose failure will cost America dearly.


    Sorry Jim but to call anyone who went through what DJT went through, and never back down, is not a coward. Unless you are calling 99.9% of the American people, who would have quit after the first week of relentless media onslaught and having friends and even family members turn on you and your businesses attacked. I don't know why he failed to act, and I don't excuse it, given that he signed up for it, and I certainly can't explain his appointments, however cowardice is not the problem.

    Know 1

    If Trump tried to "pull the trigger" who would he order to do it? The anti-Trump FBI, the anti-Trump DOJ , the anti-Trump courts, the anti-Trump military Chiefs of Staff, Mitch McConnell? Who? Trump had few friends in Washington and none in the halls of power. It would have been far more dangerous for Trump to give an order to an agency head who would declare the order unconstitutional and flat refuse to obey it while declaring Trump's order an attempt to seize dictatorial powers to prevent the installment of the new President. Trump was in a no-win situation and I am tired of know-it-alls claiming he lacked courage when he acted as rationally as possible under the circumstances. It was the government in the form of the deep state that controlled all the elements of power in Washington. They selected Joe Biden and there was no counterbalancing power to contest their action.

    Trump's great error was thinking that after he was elected the bureaucracy would give him its loyalty as the President. Instead they pursued him relentlessly and subverted every action he tried to take. It is a miracle he accomplished what he did. Now, with the courts pursuing him and leftists attacking his businesses and his family you could even say Trump sacrificed his "life" for his country.
    If you say Trump should have done more, I say why didn't you do more? Trump gave more in time, prestige and treasure than any of the harpies discrediting him.


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