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A Second Internet Is Needed For American Survival

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f you want to build a home, you go to a carpenter. If the carpenter refuses, you go to another carpenter. If all refuse to provide service, you can try to build the home yourself. And if a hardware store refuses to sell you wood, nails and glue, you go to another hardware store. But if all refuse, well, you’re homeless.

Data centers, servers and programs for building applications are the internet’s wood, nails and glue. They are the supplies needed to partake in democracy, be involved in community, engage in commerce and support a family. In short, they’re the necessary supplies for existence in the 21st century. Alas, they’re controlled by several powerful corporations bent on denying service to—in essence, exiling—half of the country.

For more than a decade, big tech has been fashioning addictive echo chambers to sort us into easily marketable cohorts, corroding our relationships with friends and families in the process. Rather than enlighten users and facilitate mutual understanding, it weakened our ability to reason by appealing to tribal instincts with sophisticated and difficult-to-resist techniques. Our social media feeds only let us see what suits us, what comports with our preconceived notions, what makes our brains feel good. And we never stop gorging…

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pc_PHAGE February 26, 2021 at 4:03 pm

an outside-the-box point of view.
A reason for the social media censorship and eviction of different[conservative] points of view is that the Masters of the Universe want to control the narrative in the coming chaos when the Right finally gets fed up.
The social media giants don’t want different points of view corrupting the the official talking points.
The mass exodus of the right to other platforms purifies goggle, twitter, facebook etc.
During the next crisis the Leftists will be able to guide their base while the conservative platforms will be shut down.
This will give the Left an overwhelming advantage and leave the Right blind.
This is why we need a second internet and perhaps a third.
The current internet should be split up into autonomous and independent sections??


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